Welcome to the USS Eclipse!

Welcome to the USS Eclipse! The Dreadnought Galaxy class is an Explorer and we will explore from the largest nebula to the smallest cell. We will explore everything that is out here. The story is set in the late 24th Century, being a Galaxy Class will give a chance to explore all of the Universe!

If you feel you have what it takes to join the crew of the USS Eclipse feel free. We are here to write and have a good time!

If you are applying for a Department Head position you will be given the rank of a Lieutenant Junior Grade so the bio should include enough for that rank in the department you are applying for. If a part of your biography is deemed classified then the command team may reach out for clarification, it most fit the character and position. If it's not then you will be given the rank of Ensign or equal and given time to update. All assistant Chief Positions will start at as an Ensigns or equal. Exceptions can be made are at the discretion of the Commanding and Executive Officers.

Latest News Items

» Awards

Posted on Wed Sep 19th, 2018 @ 2:11pm by Vice Admiral Chris Barks in General News

Mighty crew of the USS Eclipse,

The following crew members have been nominated by both Captain Quinn and Admiral Barks. The first three are from Captain Quinn:

The Executive Officer and Most Improved Player awards goes to Lieutenant Commander Akane Nokitsune for exemplary efforts on dealing with the an impossible chancellor, her efforts were very well done and thought out. She took great strides in the storyline. Excellent Work!

The next award is going to Commander Sean Byrnes of Plot development for playing an awesome female Q, they were excellent examples of how the Q continuum is and how they operate and act around humans.
Last but not least from our fearless XO Lieutenant Colonel Mike Hatch for his outstanding work for the technical aspects of the site!

From Vice-Admiral Barks come the following:

Our Chief Medical Officer: Doctor Beckett for keeping the plot moving and making things interesting.

Lieutenant Billi: For keeping Admiral Barks on his toes and the plot very interesting.
A job well done! I am proud of all of you!

Your CO!


Posted on Tue Sep 18th, 2018 @ 1:49pm by Captain Cassandra Quinn in General News

Eclipse will be starting her next mission (The Court Martials) at the end of the week. It will take place on Starbase 55. For this mission we want to ask for EVERYONE'S participation, whether you're assigned to Eclipse, Sovereign or the base. We need volunteers to fill in certain key characters. We will need a Prosecutor's assistant, the defense attorney's assistant and a panel of judges (led by JAG Admiral Janter). So let's have some fun with this.

Thank you,
CPT Cassandra Quinn
Sim XO

» Q Ceck Mission Notes

Posted on Sat Sep 1st, 2018 @ 12:16pm by Captain Cassandra Quinn in Sim Announcement

I have added Mission Notes to the Q Check mission as an outline of points we need to cover to complete this mission without it getting too far off the rails. They will appear when you open the mission JP. Let's try and color within the lines, guys.

Sim XO
CPT Quinn, USS Eclipse XO & Dr. Beckett, USS Eclipse CMO)

» Welcome Wagon

Posted on Thu Aug 16th, 2018 @ 11:38am by Captain Cassandra Quinn in General News

Please welcome our new Chief of Strategic Ops, LtJG French. She will be added to our mission JP so make her feel welcome.

» Ships' & Base's Alert Status

Posted on Mon Aug 13th, 2018 @ 2:27pm by Captain Cassandra Quinn in Sim Announcement

If you want to know the Alert Status of any of our ships and the base, just check The Sim page. I will try to keep them up to date as things change.

Latest Mission Posts

» Command Counseling

Mission: USS Eclipse - Q-Check
Posted on Wed Sep 19th, 2018 @ 12:33pm by Commander Sean "Shack" Byrnes & Lieutenant Billi


Billi was led back to the Brig, given her own cell, with Shack standing inside it with her.

"What the hell is wrong with you, Lieutenant?" He asked this while removing her restraints. "You're just making it worse."

Once her wrists were free Billi raised them up and rubbed…

» Aiding and Abetting

Mission: USS Eclipse - Q-Check
Posted on Wed Sep 19th, 2018 @ 11:49am by Vice Admiral Chris Barks & Commander Hafrap Graf, MD [PNPC - Barks] & 1st Lieutenant Lenva Tal


After the departure of the CMO and Volo, Tal assisted the nurses in cleaning up the crewmen that had been on the shuttle. The situation so far had seemed a bit surreal to her, but Tal had been a combat marine for too many years to let it get…

» Having To Deal

Mission: USS Eclipse - Q-Check
Posted on Wed Sep 19th, 2018 @ 11:31am by Commander Nicole "Nikki" Beckett MD & Vice Admiral Chris Barks & Commander Sean "Shack" Byrnes & Lieutenant Commander Lori Coffee & Lieutenant Billi


Commander Coffee hated escorting fellow officers, but it was a necessity from time to time. She had two green ensigns and all of them were armed. She walked in front of the brig wall and said, "Lieutenant, Doctor, please get ready to come with me."

Billi got up and…

» Judgement

Mission: USS Eclipse - Q-Check
Posted on Tue Sep 18th, 2018 @ 12:37pm by Commander Nicole "Nikki" Beckett MD & Vice Admiral Chris Barks & Commander L'Mina & Commander Sean "Shack" Byrnes & Lieutenant Colonel Mike Hatch & Lieutenant Commander Lori Coffee & Lieutenant Billi & Lieutenant Junior Grade Cahban "Kevan" Doolin & 1st Lieutenant Lenva Tal & Commander Hafrap Graf, MD [PNPC - Barks]



Doolin had watched all of it, from beginning to end. The deception, the lies, and the advanced technology used to fool and thwart the planetary body. Watching all of Engineering, among other things, Kevan stood as the transporter logs crossed his eyes. "Admiral, ya canna do this!"


» Preparations

Mission: Sovereign-Rescue or First Contact?
Posted on Sun Sep 16th, 2018 @ 9:41pm by Captain Jamie T. Kirk & Chief Warrant Officer Lohki [PNPC - Byrnes] & Lieutenant Commander Jennifer DiAugustina & Lieutenant Reid Rogers XII & Lieutenant Junior Grade Joshua MacClaren MD & Lieutenant Junior Grade Phillipa Fogg-Saint George


The USS Pluto had arrived, taking possession of both the escape pod and its occupant. Any and all data in reference to the situation had also been transferred to the newly assigned ship. Once all that had been seen to Kirk returned to her Bridge, seeing her officers assembled…

Latest Personal Logs

» BioScience Station 429

Posted on Thu Sep 20th, 2018 @ 5:28pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Phillipa Fogg-Saint George

Imagine my surprise when I started researching BioScience Station 429. I was expecting some small, out-of-the-way facility on an asteroid but this is an entire PLANET! It had started life as an agricultural research facility but the world had become home to the Species Regeneration Project where scientists attempt to…

» Settling In

Posted on Thu Sep 20th, 2018 @ 12:53pm by Lieutenant Commander Drok Son of Qorgh

I have found my new posting to be an excellent one. While it might seem on the outside that much of my work time is spent dealing with the petty issues of a crowded starbase, the situations give me an unparalleled insight into the cultures of the Federation.

Just last…

» 94.118

Posted on Mon Sep 3rd, 2018 @ 9:01am by Lieutenant Reid Rogers XII


It's been a few days since I took my post as Chief Engineer aboard the Sovereign and I am happy to report that engine efficiency is already up to 94.118%! I am confident we will achieve the 95+% efficiency rating by week's end. Most of the crew…

» Things gone by!

Posted on Thu Aug 23rd, 2018 @ 10:43pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Seregon French

Lt jg. French had only been on board for a few days. The Sovereign looked to be a fine ship. And apparently had a great Captain, though she had not yet met him, the Admirals name was known throughout Star fleet. She grabbed a hand towel and went to the…

» A New Idea

Posted on Mon Aug 20th, 2018 @ 4:33pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Joshua MacClaren MD

Amid all the craziness surrounding the kerfuffle over my request to look into the Romulan DNA Message Virus I got an idea for a new Holodeck program. This one will be "brooksticking" on Mt. Wanahakalugi: it'll be challenging to re-create the feeling of taking a hoverbike (we call them Broomsticks…