n general the goal of the Eclipse is to provide a fun and pleasant environment for players to write. To do this however some rules have to be outlined, below I will outline what we expect from you and below that I will outline what you can expect from us.

What do we expect from you?

1. To treat other members of the crew fairly, treat everyone as you would want to be treated yourself. Do not engage in any behavior that may be considered harassing.

2. To post content which fits the Eclipse's 16+ rating. While the full freedom to write whatever you want is of course ideal the reality is that some content needs to be cut off at a certain point so the other crew members will also enjoy themselves.

3. To develop your character and possible NPCs. On the Eclipse you are allowed to create NPC accounts and use these to post, it is best for everyone and especially possible new members to be able to have a clear idea of how the characters on the ship are. Regularly updating the biographies as your character(s) develop naturally over time also makes things easier for new people.

4. To post regularly and at least once a week and if you cannot meet this requirement due to personal circumstances to inform the CO and/or XO of such and potentially request an (E)LOA.

5. To contact the CO or XO if you face any kind of issues. Things happen, people get writer's block, they have trouble with other crew members, difficulties writing the story or just get so busy with things in real-life that they can't keep up with the sim. If you are facing a problem please contact either the CO or XO, we are here to help.

6. To have fun, we are all in this with our own free time to get the most out of it.

What can you expect from us?

1. To be treated fairly and without bias. On the Eclipse everyone is equal, whether you are the Commanding Officer or clean plasma conduits on the lower decks. You have the right under all circumstances to have consideration for your characters and to be heard in any possible dispute you may be involved in. (as long as it is done in a respectful and non-confrontational manner. Arguing just to argue will not be tolerated.)

2. To have an environment where you can develop yourself as a writer and develop your characters in nearly full freedom. While the Eclipse is of course a military ship with somewhat set missions you will be able to develop yourself and your characters fully. We will also do our best to involve everyone in the story so no one has to feel left behind.

3. To be part of a healthy and open community. On the Eclipse we nurture friendly relations between crew members and avoid disputes.

4. To receive fair consideration. Things beyond your control happen, if due to whatever reason you end up breaking one or more of the rules you will be contacted by the CO or XO to provide your side of the story and in case of inactivity you will be contacted to ask if you are still interested and if you need any help. Only if after providing your side of things or not responding at all it is determined to be insufficient you can and will be removed.

5. To have your character remain unharmed. You as a writer own your character, if you end up leaving by your own accord or due to removal you will be given the option to write the departure of your own character or to have it reassigned by other means. Under no circumstances will your character(s) be killed, significantly wounded or played without your express permission. (The exception to this rule is if you are in the middle of a major mission JP and need to go LOA, for continuity, your character may be written as having been injured and sent to medical for the duration of your LOA.)

Other Notes

The following races are not allowed on the Eclipse:

Jen Hadar
(Original races are to be submitted to the CO and XO for approval)

* Promotions and Awards are only given out at the end of a mission. The Command Staff respectfully asks that each player take the time to nominate a few of their crew mates for awards. (Awards page) when each mission comes to an end, that way we have a better idea about who the crew thinks is deserving of what award.

* IC...Only the CO, XO and Security Officers are allowed to carry sidearms while on the ship. During an Intruder Alert the Marines may arm themselves. No exceptions!

(all rules are subject to change at the CO's discretion without prior notice.)

For information on our posting guidelines see our Wiki at