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Lieutenant Junior Grade Matthieu d'Arlequin

Name Matthieu Alexandre d'Arlequin

Position Science Officer

Second Position Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human (with several strains of alien DNA
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 156
Hair Color Sandy blond
Eye Color Left Blue, Right Brown
Physical Description Built like a gymnast, Matthieu looks far younger than his 24 years. Born and raised on a frontier world his hair is somewhat longer and less-disciplined than Federation standard and his skin is rather tanned owing to an outdoor lifestyle.


Spouse none
Children None
Father Jacques d'Arlequin
Mother Lara Lindgrin
Brother(s) none known
Sister(s) none known
Other Family Will be developed if and when necessary

Personality & Traits

General Overview Born and raised on Outback, a frontier planet outside of Federation jurisdiction--the son of a major criminal and a Madame who operated the most successful bawdy house in the Capitol, he led a fairly normal life (for a child of Outback) until he began to develop telepathic abilities at puberty--which forced him into a life of rigid mental discipline.
Strengths & Weaknesses Smart and driven, Matthieu can become hyper-focused when he gets fascinated by something. He has a highly-legalistic mind which led him to excel in police work and the sciences but his process-oriented thinking makes him rather rigid. In addition, his untrained telepathic abilities have caused him trouble especially in stressful situations.
Ambitions At present his main ambition is to do well in Star Fleet and have a good time doing it.
Hobbies & Interests He is particularly fascinated with 20th Century Earth popular culture and will talk your ear off about music and fashion. He loves to travel, is a talented singer and plays several musical instruments (though he avoids classical music at all costs).

Letters of Commendation

Letters of Commendation Three Letters of Commendation from Star Fleet Intelligence

Letters of Reprimand

Letters Of Reprimand None

Personal History Born and raised on Outback, a fiercely-independent frontier world--Matthieu had a fairly-normal childhood for someone raised there. At puberty he began to develop telepathic abilities owing to ancestry from several telepathic ancestors (a Vulcan grandmother) a Betazoid great-grandfather and at least two other races. With help resources quickly exhausted on his home planet Matthieu's father stole a ship and took his son to Betazed and told them to FIX HIM but failed to wait around to see what happened.

Betazoid authorities tried (with limited success) to harness the boy's abilities and eventually got Matthieu to the point of not hearing every thought around him: they were also able to teach him how to pick up surface thoughts and read emotional states. He entered Star Fleet Academy at 15 and graduated with honors four years later where he went into Intelligence work where his youthful looks, mental abilities and sexually-omnivorous nature were all assets. After busting a major case (and having his face splashed all across the galaxy) he was sent to a quieter, out of the way assignment.
Service Record After graduating from the Academy Matthieu spent four years in Star Fleet Intelligence--mostly doing undercover work. His second tour of duty was far quieter as Science Officer aboard the transport ship USS Don Quixote.