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Admiral Chris Barks

Name Chris William Barks

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Admiral

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 43

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 190
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description A bulky man with broad shoulder and a goatee on his face


Spouse None
Children None
Father Carl Barks-Deceased
Mother Melanie Barks-Deceased
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Tiffany
Other Family Buddy-Beagle Dog onboard

Personality & Traits

General Overview Chris is a fun loving guy with an inner child. Very friendly. He is kind and patient and hard to make angry, but once you do he stays that way for a while. He enjoys a practical joke as much as the next guy. Fun loving and a people person cares about his crew and is an advocate for them. He will bring up any issue they have to the CO. Speaks his mind and will bend the rules if he feels that he needs to. Came from an engineering back round and tinkers with the engines of a ship.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Knowledgeable, likable, easy going and fun, patient, loyal

Weakness: Totally non-confrontational, gets a little too friendly with subordinates, but arrogant
Ambitions To do well in Starfleet and in his field. Looking for better ways to make a starship go faster
Hobbies & Interests History, cooking, old coins of any culture and Languages, Engines

Letters of Commendation

Letters of Commendation Lieutenant Junior Grade Chris Barks was instrumental in the recovery of a shuttle craft as well as saving the lives of several of his crewmates. He deminstrated courage under extreme conditions and I'm making him my Chief Engineering officer. It is in my opinion that Lieutenant Junior Grade Barks be given the chance to attend Executive Officer school and be promoted directly to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, he has more then learned his lesson from his incident at Utopia Plantia. He is one of the finest officers I have served with.

Captain John Ramsey
USS Carmen
Commanding Officer

Letters of Reprimand

Letters Of Reprimand Ensign Barks was negligent in his duties at the ship yard when mixing formulas for a new way of impulse exhaust. There was an explosion with several injured personnel. It is my opinion that Ensign Barks be re-assigned and put to the bottom of the promotion list.

Commander Heath Kilter
Ship Yards Overseer

Personal History Chris Barks is a simple man, he is kind and nurturing. He loved engines and starfleet. His family ancestry was very starfleet enriched, but his father, didn’t want or need starfleet. His father and mother raised him and his sister Tiffany until the age of 18 where they were both killed in a tragic accident, Chris had already been accepted into the academy at this point and he arranged for his younger sister to be taken care of by their Aunt Meldia. Chris loved playing with engines taking him apart.

As a plebe in the academy Chris was withdrawn, even though an excellent scholastic student he didn’t get along with his classmates well at all. He learned to do things on his own. He felt ever since his parent’s death that he would have to watchout for himself. In his sophmore year at the academy he easily aced the classes, but was still very withdrawn from his classmates. His professors told him to socialize more and made it an order. He attended several parties, but he didn’t fit in at all, once an upperclassman made fun of him and the two got into a fight. Chris had to deal with consistently people disrespecting him. In that moment he had enough of it. He as given a warning from that since it was so out of character for him. He finished his junior and senior year very well and was fourth in his class for the academy.

Due to his high engineering scores and intelligence, he was given the assignment of Utopia Plantia ship yards on Mars. It was very unusual for a fresh academy graduate to get that assignment, but he put his skills to good use and came up with several designs and theories, but he butted heads with the senior engineering officers especially Lieutenant Commander Ryan Douglas who told him that he was too arrogant for his own good, and that could be disastrous for a starship. Chris didn’t listen and there was an accident on the testing site, several people were injuried because of it. It was found out that Ensign Barks was responsible. Ensign was punished and assigned as an Engineering Officer on the USS Essex a Refit Constitution Class starship. He was also put to the bottom of the promotion list. Chris definitely learned his lesson and vowed to never make that mistake again.

Chris served on the USS Essex, once a great design and the forefront of the fleet the Constitution class was falling apart the ship itself was over 100 years old and everyday there was a project that needed to be done to keep the warp drive operational. The ship couldn’t do more then warp 7.8 unless an engineering officer constantly monitored the engines. The ship hardly left the Sol System and just made supply runs, the impulse drive was being overworked, because of this and Chris had to learn to be very efficient with the impulse engines.

He worked hard on the USS Essex and was forgiven of his arrogance and given an assignment on the USS Bings a state of the art Defiant class starship. He did well there and was able to get the engines purring like a kitten, the ship had to make some difficult maneuvers and Ensign Barks was able to get the engines to do them and that made the ship more maneuverable especially in tight spots. Due to the size of the class he was only one of three engineering officers on the Bings. Due to his great work on the Bings he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and made an impulse engine specialist on the Sovereign Class USS Endurance. He worked on the ship and her systems, there wasn’t much that could be done with her since she was a new ship, everything worked well, so he was often sitting around, he would occasionally work on things to try things to make the ship better. Due to his expertise he was needed on the USS Armstrong a Challenger class starship. Her engines were a mess and they were adrift in space, and needed assistance, so LTJG Barks was transferred over and was able to get warp online again to get to starbase. He was reviewing his record and due to his incident at Utopia Plantia he was being held back from being promoted to full Lieutenant and being made a Chief Engineering Officer. He served on the Armstrong usually without any supervision at all. He was able to get the impulse engines working without an issue, but the warp engines kept having problems. While in route to Earth to get it repaired the ship suffered a massive systems failure and Chris couldn’t stop it, the ship’s antimatter containment couldn’t be maintained and the ship was lost. Chris took it hard, as it was the first time since his first assignment that something was lost, in this case it was determined that it wasn’t his fault and a true accident. Chris was then re-assigned to the USS Carmen. LTJG Barks was given charge of a mission. The Captain had launched a shuttle and the ship suddenly experienced engine failure.

His team was called upon to transport down to a planet when a shuttle had crashed landed due to engine failure. The chief engineer had betrayed the crew and he was a member of Section 31. Chris was not able to save the shuttle, but managed to get the crew off of the planet. He informed the Captain and the CO decided to have Chris as his Chief engineer, which he continued his tour as. After the tour he was assigned to Deep Space 1 as the Chief Engineer. The space station was an old Cardassian “Nor” class. The food replications were a constant problem. Since he was new he would reach out to Chief Miles O’Brien on Deep Space Nine. He had to consistently manage the technologies between the two species, he managed to do well with it. The station constantly had incoming ships with repair needs and he had to learn about different technologies. After two years there LTJG Barks was reassigned to the Klingon Vorcha Class IKS Huma. The Captain Gok didn’t like Chris at all. He had to learn about klingon engine systems as well as other systems such as weapons. He managed to get the phaser banks 20% more effective. At first the crew of the Human didn’t like him but about after 2 months they warmed up to him and the crew ate together. They even made him a Klingon Uniform with the accurate rank equivalent for a Klingon Officer. After years of service they gave him a grand ceremony for departing and Chris was reassigned as the Chief Engineering Officer of the USS Grand Canyon an Oberth starship. He only have one engineering officer on that ship. He did well. He managed to get the ship through sticky situations and also got some more bridge command time. The Commanding Officer a Commander Right appreciated it and after two years award him a commendation. Chris then wanted to work with state of the art so he saw posting for an Assistant Chief Engineering Officer with a rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and accepted the position on the Prometheus Class USS Ares. After his assignment to the USS Ares as the Chief Engineering officer Chris, did something most aren't able to do he skipped the rank of Lieutenant and was made a Lieutenant Commander due to his high score of executive officer school and served as the First officer for the USS London, an Intrepid class starship. The ship ran survey missions with its extensive science labs, she was equipped with. The assignment passed without much incident. Chris did love the feel of now red uniform and being in the command structure of the ship. He also enjoyed no longer being a Lieutenant Junior Grade. He was that rank for 10 years. That is what happens when you arrogant in starfleet. Once that tour was completed Lieutenant Commander Barks was assigned to the USS Cochrane, when the CO resigned Chris took command with a promotion to Commander and then Captain.
Service Record Finished Starfleet Academy and
assigned to Utopia Plantia Shipyards-Ensign

USS Essex-Constitution Class(Refit) Engineering Officer-Engineering Officer

USS Bings-Defiant Class Starship-Engineering Officer-Ensign

USS Endurance-Sovereign Class Starship-Assistant Chief Engineering Officer and Impulse Specialist-LTJG

USS Armstrong-Challenger Class-Chief Engineering Officer-LTJG

USS Carmen-Excelsior Class-Chief Engineering Officer-LTJG

Deep Space 1 Cardassian “Nor”-Chief Engineering Officer-LTJG
IKS Huma- Klingon Vorcha Class-Chief Engineering Officer-LTJG
USS Grand Canyon-Oberth Class-Chief Engineering Officer-LTJG
USS Ares-Prometheus Class-Chief Engineering Officer-LTJG

USS Nova-Nova Class-Chief Engineering Officer-Lieutenant Commander

USS London-Intrepid Class-Executive Officer-Lieutenant Commander

USS Cochrane-Daystrom Class-First and then Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander, Commander, and then Captain

USS Eclipse-Galaxy Class-Commanding Officer-Captain/Commodore/Rear-Admiral/Vice-Admiral/Admiral