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Admiral Chris Barks

Name Chris William Barks

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Admiral

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 43

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 190
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description A bulky man with broad shoulder and a goatee on his face


Spouse None
Children None
Father Carl Barks-Deceased
Mother Melanie Barks-Deceased
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Tiffany
Other Family Buddy-Beagle Dog onboard

Personality & Traits

General Overview Chris is a fun loving guy with an inner child. Very friendly. He is kind and patient and hard to make angry, but once you do he stays that way for a while. He enjoys a practical joke as much as the next guy. Fun loving and a people person cares about his crew and is an advocate for them. He will bring up any issue they have to the CO. Speaks his mind and will bend the rules if he feels that he needs to. Came from an engineering back round and tinkers with the engines of a ship.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Knowledgeable, likable, easy going and fun, patient, loyal

Weakness: Totally non-confrontational, gets a little too friendly with subordinates, but arrogant
Ambitions To do well in Starfleet and in his field. Looking for better ways to make a starship go faster
Hobbies & Interests History, cooking, old coins of any culture and Languages, Engines

Letters of Commendation

Letters of Reprimand

Personal History n working really well. His team was called upon to transport down to a planet when a shuttle had crashed landed due to engine failure. The chief engineer had betrayed the crew and he was a member of Section 31. Chris was not able to save the shuttle, but managed to get the crew off of the planet. He informed the Captain and the CO decided to have Chris as his Chief engineer, which he continued his tour as. After the tour he was assigned to Deep Space 1 as the Chief engineer. The space station was an old Cardassian “Nor” class. The food replications were a constant problem. Since he was new he would reach out to Chief Miles O’Brien on Deep Space Nine. He had to consistently manage the technologies between the two species, he managed to do well with it. The station constantly had incoming ships with repair needs and he had to learn about different technologies. After two years there LTJG Barks was re-assigned to the Klingon Vorcha Class IKS Huma. The Captain Gok didn’t like Chris at all. He had to learn about klingon engine systems as well as other systems such as weapons. He managed to get the phaser banks 20% more effective. At first the crew of the Huma didn’t like him but about after 2 months they warmed up to him and the crew ate together. They even made him a Klingon Uniform with the accurate rank equivalent for a Klingon Officer. After years of service they gave him a grand ceremony for departing and Chris was reassigned as the Chief Engineering Officer of the USS Grand Canyon an Oberth starship. He only have one engineering officer on that ship. He did well. He managed to get the ship through sticky situations and also got some more bridge command time. The Commanding Officer a Commander Right appreciated it and after two years award him a commendation. Chris then wanted to work with state of the art so he saw posting for an Assistant Chief Engineering Officer with a rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and accepted the position on the Prometheus Class USS Ares. After his assignment to the USS Ares as the Chief Engineering officer Chris, did something most aren't able to do he skipped the rank of Lieutenant and was made a Lieutenant Commander due to his high school of executive officer school and served as the First officer for the USS Cochrane, when the CO resigned Chris took command with a promotion to Commander and then Captain.
Service Record Finished Starfleet Academy and
assigned to Utopia Plantia Shipyards-Ensign

USS Bings-Defiant Class Starship-Engineering Officer-Ensign

USS Endurance-Sovereign Class Starship-Assistant Chief Engineering Officer and Impulse Specialist-LTJG

USS Carmen-Excelsior Class-Assistant Chief Engineering Officer-LTJG

Deep Space 1 Cardassian “Nor”-Chief Engineering Officer-LTJG
IKS Huma- Klingon Vorcha Class-Chief Engineering Officer-LTJG
USS Grand Canyon-Galaxy Class-Chief Engineering Officer-LTJG
USS Ares-Prometheus Class-Chief Engineering Officer-LT

USS Nova-Nova Class-Chief Engineering Officer-Lieutenant Commander

USS Cochrane-Daystrom Class-First and then Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander, Commander, and then Captain

USS Eclipse-Galaxy Class-Commanding Officer-Captain/Commodore/Rear-Admiral/Vice-Admiral