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Commander L'Mina

Name L'Mina

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Caitian
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 1m75
Weight 67kg
Hair Color brown
Eye Color amber
Physical Description She's a black caitian (having full black fur) with dark brown hair. She's tall and lean, like most Caitians and keeps in shape with regular exercises. She has sharp claws which are normally retracted.


Spouse none
Children none
Father L'Ran, co-owner of L'Narr tours
Mother N'Dena, co-owner of L'Narr tours
Brother(s) R'Siel, ensign, flight control, USS Caesar
Sister(s) M'Loma, CFO of L'Narr tours
Other Family uncle: K'Van, commander, chief science, Starbase 14
great-great-grandmother: M'Ress (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview She's very curious and always willing to try something new, whether it's a new rock cliff to climb or a shuttle manouver. At the helm she is a daredevil and often loosely interpreting superior's commands. For example, the command 'Evasive actions' will have the ship go in all sorts of directions and speeds. Off duty she can often be found on the holodeck or in the gym. She doesn't like to become wet and will do anything to avoid it (sonic showers for the win).
Strengths & Weaknesses strenghts: low-light vision, enhanced hearing and smell, loyal, friendly

weaknesses: has been known to loosely interpret orders, can be quite hot tempered when someone calls her kitty or something similar.
Ambitions to fly with every type of ship and shuttle in the Federation and beyond. To pilot a starship in every quadrant.
Hobbies & Interests climbing, flying, hunting, racquetball

Letters of Commendation

Letters of Reprimand

Personal History L'Mina was born on the L'Narr continent of Cait, as the middle child of three. As the forest continent it was the least populated of the four populated Caitian continents. She was one of the rare black Caitians (only polar Caitians are less numerous). Her parents owned a transport/tour company, using atmospheric craft to give tourists a view of the jungles of L'Narr, dropping them from camp to camp on a safari and also bringing supplies to the few outposts in the area, often research facilities studying the rain forest. From a young age all children were allowed to join on trips their parents deemed safe if there was room on the craft. It was during one of these trips when she was six years old that she accidentally disturbed the nest of a Langor, a reptile a bit like an alligator. Only her fast reflexes and the ability to climb in a tree saved her from death. She did however had to spend about an hour in the tree before her parents came looking for her. One of the trips she often tried to get onto was a supply trip to a Starfleet research station in the jungle. The station commander had served with M'Ress, her great-great-grandmother, and L'Mina always wanted to hear more stories about M'Ress and Starfleet and the commander, an old captain, obliged. It became even better when her uncle, also a Starfleet officer, was assigned to the station for a couple of years.

When she was nine, she started to have a childhood crush on one of the mechanics employed in her parent's company. She started following him around everywhere and in the process she learned a lot about maintaining and repairing a whole range of vehicles and equipment. Gradually her childhood crush was replaced by a love for the craft themselves and after school she could often be found in the hangars, working on the various craft and shuttles or in the simulators the company had to train pilots. When she was 14, she also took flying lessons (with her parent's permission as she was underage) and she was quickly allowed to fly everything in the inventory of the company. As her age prevented her from flying with passengers, she quickly started doing cargo runs during school holidays and especially the Starfleet run as she called it. While her older sister was studying economy and was prepped to take over the company in due time, she went out with the flyers. She often took her younger brother, who was still too young to get a license, but who liked flying even more as she did (he soloed two months earlier than she did). And if over the jungle he got the controls, nobody would ever know. She still liked tinkering on the craft, but the natural grace and dexterity of all Caitians made her a good pilot and she almost exclusively flew the Starfleet run.

When her father managed to get his hands on two older Starfleet shuttles, he started doing runs to the colonies on Sotarr. Again, it didn't take long for L'Mina and R'Siel to get licensed in shuttles as well. By the time she turned 18, there was not a doubt on her mind about what she would do. So she went to the Starfleet exam on Cait and she managed to get through at the first try. While she had already a lot of contact with aliens in the Starfleet station and also the tourists her parents flew around (most Caitians didn't care for the jungle, preferring savanna), the academy was an eye-opener. The number of different races was simply overwhelming and there were also a couple of adaptation issues with pieces of furniture not adapted for tails and things like that.

During her first year she struggled, as she thought she knew quite a lot about flight control (her major) and while she did, it was on older atmospheric crafts, and not state of the art starships. Her private pilot licensee however was validated after an exam by a Starfleet officer and except for fly under fire drills and evasive actions, which are not part of a civilian curriculum, she was exempt of most of the shuttle flying classes, although she did develop a way of flying which also involved sound, taking into account her greater hearing. She used the free time to pick up some extra first aid courses, something she found useful because at the end of the first year she had started to do some rock climbing and one could never know. This was a hobby where claws were very useful and she could often be found on the holodecks trying out various famous climbs, some of which she managed to do for real. Another hobby she had already taken up in highschool which she continued at the academy was racquetball. Here her Caitian agility and speed came in handy and she became her squadron representative in the racquetball competition at the academy, once even managing a semi-final.

During the vacations she went home if she could and there she continued tinkering on the atmospheric crafts in her parent's company, even improving them a bit with her newfound knowledge (she had taken engineering as her minor, specialising in shuttle craft of course). The shorter vacations where she couldn't go back home she did short term internships at Utopia Planetyards and other nearby shipyards where there were such facilities for academy cadets, or she went climbing various mountains on Earth or nearby planets/systems. While she did go to parties from time to time, she wasn't the party animal some cadets were, preferring to go to a pub with some friends and talk about things in a relaxed atmosphere. Often these debates were quite 'violent' as she had a very idealistic view of Starfleet, courtesy of the old captain at the jungle station on Cait. She had also arrived at the academy knowing most of the general orders by heart. During her last year, her brother has also started at the Academy, also in flight control, while her sister stayed with her parent's company.

After graduating, she was assigned to Starbase 74 as shuttle pilot, mostly flying shuttles to the systems in the vicinity of the big base. This was due to the fact that she almost killed someone while flying at high speeds through the astroid belt during an exercise in her third year. In 2412 she was doing a last run to a nearby system to bring some personel to the base, before going to USS Nova-C as flight control officer when she heard a distress signal. As good starfleet officer she changed course, while calling up reinforcements. She arrived at a shuttle with its drive system disabled due to an astroid impact and on its way towards a collision with another astroid. The collision had also damaged its long range communications which is why she had only heard it when she passed close by. As They didn't have time to beam everybody onboard and her shuttle wasn't equiped with a tractor beam, she did something she had only heard about. In what came down as a series of collisions, she simply nudged the other shuttle out of the way. She only managed in time and she severely damaged her own shuttle, but help arrived in time in the form of her next ship, the USS Nova-C. They brought everybody onboard and after a review of her actions she got the Distinguished flying cross and a promotion to lt. (jg).

She stayed on the USS Nova-C for two years, gaining a reputation for being able to get manouvers out of the small science ship that the designers couldn't have intended. At one point she managed to shake some rogue Klingon ships by doing the equivalent of a handbreak turn while at high warp. It did do some damage to the structural integrity field, but they did manage to keep out of their grip long enough for help to arrive. Due to her good record she was chosen in 2385 to become a test pilot at Starbase 74, one of the biggest starship producing bases in the Federation. Most of the time she was in one of the shuttles (mostly modified Danube runabouts full of sensors) following the new ships, she was allowed to take one out (the chief test pilot rotated this duty among the pilots under his command) even though she was the youngest and lowest ranking of the test pilots.

In fact, she was the test pilot to take USS Copernicus, a second generation Prometheus, out of the spacedock for the first time. When shakedown was completed, she was transferred to the Copernicus as assistant chief flight control and promoted to full lieutenant. Here she started to learn more about running a department, which was different from flying around in shuttles or even brand new ships. She had been on the Copernicus for about a year when she was transferred to the USS Eclipse as chief flight control.
Service Record 2378-2382: Starfleet academy
major: flight control
minor: engineering

2382-2383, Ensign, Flight control, Starbase 74
2383-2385, Lt. (jg), flight control, USS Nova-C
2385-2388, Lt. (jg), Test Pilot, Starbase 74
2388-2389, Lt., aCFO, USS Copernicus
2389-PRES, Lt., CFO, USS Eclipse

distinguished flying cross (with gold star)
Combat Action Ribbon
Starfleet Commendation Medal
Good Conduct Medal

2381: recless flying in a training exercise.