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Chief Warrant Officer Lohki

Name Lohki [PNPC - Byrnes]

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Second Position Security Investigations Officer

Rank Chief Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human Augment
Age 53

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 210lbs.
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Lohki is physically fit, with the body and build of an athlete and a strength trainer. He's a good looking fellow with piercing blue eyes, that on occasion seem to bore right through others.

**Simm notation**

The Augments are designed to be remarkably agile, five times as strong and twice as intelligent as a normal Human, resistant to sickness and with enhanced senses, possessing heart muscles twice as strong and lung efficiency fifty percent better. Their blood contains platelets capable of regenerating from any disease or toxin, which could be used to cure or revive medical subjects via transfusion. They also have twice the average lifespan. Even their resistance to directed energy weapons is improved, as it takes multiple shots with a particle weapon to stun one. They are even capable of resisting a Vulcan nerve pinch and mind meld. An example of their heightened senses is the fact that Lohki can hear a heartbeat from ten meters away.

*Personnel file*

Lohki is listed as an Augment in his file, but only for department heads and command officers. If anyone else tries to look at his file it will list him as Human without the proper ID and codes for access. A CLASSIFIED section having been added to inform those with access of his status. Lohki has been petitioning the Federation council to change that label, despising being called an augment. His DNA is completely Human, therefore he feels that the species designation of TERRAN would better serve him and his kind, and make others of his ilk less aggressive towards those who see them as a possible threat.

Starfleet knows nothing about his past as an adult, and he rarely speaks of it. That is behind him. His history as a child and what he went through is given, but he left out the part about killing his 'siblings' and the man who had 'awoken' him, and he never revealed that his sister Perzha is still out there somewhere.



Personality & Traits

General Overview Lohki is a man with a personality that has extra force and impact. He is a dominant person, and can sometimes be too aggressive. In an argument or a clash of wills it is usually his intention to ride right over the opposition. However, as a person of conviction, he will never take part in actions he deems as wrong. He is a clear, incisive thinker and can carry plans to their conclusion. Lohki has the Augment charisma trait that allows him to inspire confidence in others, without ever really trying.
Strengths & Weaknesses On the flipside, Lohki is a man of quiet determination and strength of character. People often see him as stable and reliable, for he is not easily deterred once he is set on a goal. He possesses an active mind and is keenly observant. Lohki usually deals with problems after he thoroughly analyzes them, before he acts. One thing that stands out about him the most is that he is not wishy-washy about letting others know where he stands; Lohki would rather confront a difficulty, instead of evading and worrying about it. Due to his Augment DNA Lohki has strong, deep feelings.

He is a man with an ardent and excitable love nature, and his sexual energy is high. With who he is, and the bearing with which he carries himself, the confidence, there is no shortage of lovers when he is around.

As a Human Augment, Lohki's physiology makes him, in every case, stronger and more physically resilient than his counterparts. This is a blessing and a curse. Along with their superior abilities, there was a defect in their genome: the Augments are aggressive, arrogant and ambitious, with a diminished sense of morality. One of the scientists behind their creation said, "Superior ability breeds superior ambition." Doctor Arik Soong later theorized that a defect in the genomes of the Augments created a malformation in the base-pair sequences that regulate the neurotransmitter levels in their brains, causing them to be highly prone to aggression and violent behavior. Lohki knows this about himself, has used it in the past, and now works diligently to not fall prey to these urges.
Hobbies & Interests As would be expected of a person who lived a rough and ready life, Lohki likes the dangerous and thrilling as a means of entertainment. Physical activities are also favored. Since being in the Academy, and making friends with numerous people, Lohki has taken up practicing singing and playing certain instruments such as the guitar, both electric and acoustic, as well as playing drums. He has become quite talented with it since there was always downtime between classes, and not a lot else to do since his intellect often times had him finish 'homework' assignments before he even left the classroom.

Letters of Commendation

Letters of Reprimand

Personal History A one-time Intel/science officer had come upon the original genetic recipe and matrix for the original Augments of Khan's era. Writing the information down physically, so there was no record of his recording it, this scientist then left Starfleet service, disappearing to a colony world to research and study the data. After twelve long years he then returned to Earth and collected DNA from the best and brightest of the Human race, both those in stasis, and those people currently living at the time. Another four years went by as this madman worked to collect what was needed to create his own Augments, like Doctor Soong had done in the 2150's. He wanted to raise a group of them as his "children", earning their love and devotion to have them protect him in return.

The first six were developed, each getting named by this Doctor Cassem. Perzha, Lohki, Sahl, Scot, Saxon, and Indona. With there being three males and only two females, there was an immediate onset of jealousy and competition to earn the eyes of the females. Lohki was never one to wait for anything, so while Cassem was gone he killed both Scot and Saxon, and in turn, so as not to share Lohki, Perzha killed Indona. This was, of course, in their adolescence. Cassem returned and became enraged over what they had done, having killed each other for dominance and position instead of loving each other like brothers and sisters.

Cassem went into his lab and began to create more, and while doing so for another year, would chat with both Perzha and Lohki. He expressed his concerns many times over the blatant aggression of the Augments, so had decided to change the genome on the next batch to make them less aggressive, but just as strong. After some discussion, Perzha and Lohki agreed the man had to die, because their original creators wanted them to be exactly the way they were, so why change anything and make the next generation weak and docile. What was the point of being superior if you shared the same convictions as those you meant to rule?

Knowing that the Augment program was illegal, and their very existance a threat to Humanity, Perzha and Lohki studied several virulent plagues, deciding on a very deadly one, and then set it on the colony, killing the entire populace to make sure that their true nature was never revealed. Taking all of Cassem's data they buried it away in a sealed case in the mountains and then took his computers to the power generator before setting it to overload as they left. Sahl had assisted them in all of this, Perzha using both males to satisfy her sexual needs, all the while keeping them from killing each other. She watched them both closely, judging strengths and weaknesses. Like the Norse god he was named after, Lohki proved his worth more times than Sahl, so it was decided that Sahl had to go.

After an ardent sexual encounter in an airlock, Perzha led the way out and back into the ship. Sahl, not expecting an attack after such a moment, got kicked in the chest and stumbled back as Perzha slapped the hatch shut. She grinned through the window, blowing him a kiss and then gave a small finger wave as she hit the hatch release, watching Sahl disappear into deep space as she closed the door the moment he was free of the ship. Problem solved.

Lohki and Perzha had worked together, gone their separate ways several times, but then always came back to each other. They worked with Sab a few times, aiding the man in his own quests for power and wealth, and then off they went to the next conquest. Both were used as bounty hunters, mercs, and assassins, as well as muscle for bodyguard duty. They earned wealth and prestige while there, but then always moved on, spending the wealth to travel around. Finding their way to Dark Harbor, Perzha and Lohki decided to pal around again while here. During the reign of Jeffren they had prospered with contract killings, and after Kinarra showed up that fell off dramatically.

Waking one day and finding Perzha gone, bored with where he was in life, Lohki boarded the first transport for Earth and arrived, turning himself in to Starfleet. After months of interviews and interrogations, and proving he was not out to destroy Starfleet and the Federation, Lohki was offered a chance to give back to society. Years went by after he accepted, aiding Starfleet and the Federation with technology, tactics, and just about anything else he could assist with. Once he had proven he could be trusted Lohki asked for permission to join Starfleet, and after a long debate by a Security Council, they approved his request. Six years later he is ready to graduate and be assigned, a marine serving in Security for Starfleet Criminal Investigations Service (SCIS).
Service Record SHIP CERTIFICATIONS: Level 4 Security Clearance.

Small arms recalibration, force field maintenance, damage control specialist.

SCIENCE CERTIFICATIONS: Proved masterful with forensic sciences, grades at the top of his class.

COMBAT CERTIFICATIONS: Due to his Augment status Lohki is no stranger to combat, both physical and firearms. Various disciplines.

PERSONAL SKILLS: Having been a merc and bodyguard, Lohki is a skilled pilot and navigator, versed in small craft piloting and fighters.