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Lieutenant Commander Jennifer DiAugustina

Name Jennifer DiAugustina

Position Executive Officer

Second Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 1m66
Weight 52kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description She wears her hair just above the shoulders in a simple, low-maintenance style. She's quite fit, but has more the lean look of a distance runner (which is one of her hobbies).


Spouse none
Children none
Father Jack DiAugustina, PhD, researcher in Yellowstone park
Mother Mary DiAugustina, PhD, researcher in Yellowstone park
Brother(s) Reginald DiAugustina, university researcher at MIT
Sister(s) Allia DiAugustina, PhD student

Personality & Traits

General Overview She's very smart, but she knows it too and she can be arrogant at times. If she can keep that part of her personality in check, she makes friends easily. She's quite good at thinking out of the box and proposing novel ways of doing things
Strengths & Weaknesses strengths: intelligence, out of the box thinking
weaknesses: arrogance
Ambitions Become head of Starfleet Science
Hobbies & Interests running, dancing, camping

Letters of Commendation

Letters of Reprimand

Personal History Jennifer was born in a small community on Earth, where her parents were living while studying the Yellowstone supervulcanoe. It was quite fun to be there, running around in the wilderness of the Rockies. They wanted her to follow them in science and she did, but she choose Starfleet, which was not to their liking. They had a big argument, but in the end she managed to get through the entrance exam and she went.

At the academy she was in the top of her class and doing very well, having lots of friends despite her sometimes arrogant nature. She did develop a rivalry with Nicholas Leopold von Lettow-Vorbeck, who corrected her a couple of times. The fact that he was right was even more annoying. But she managed to get back at him for that, especially when he proved to be zero-G intollerant. The fact that she had chosen law and JAG as minor meant she could also hit him with infractions on regulations.

After she graduated she was placed in a survey team checking on Kepler-40b III. She did very well there, even though she wasn't used to the desert heat on the planet and she got a massive sunburn. It was Jennifer who found the fungus which had some proteins which proved to help sufferers from Pa'nar syndrome. After this discovery she was placed on Starbase 175 to continue developing it into a full cure. She didn't succeed at that, but she did manage to make it more potent."

After she was promoted to lieutenant junior grade she was assigned to the USS Venture, a Galaxy class ship. There she worked for 2 years doing routing stuff, until the Venture was called to the planet Tularek. They had a virus epidemic on their hands, and had requested Starfleet assistance. The Venture was the closest ship that could handle an assignment like this, so they got the call.

Jennifer and some people from science and medical cracked the virus' genetic code, which was very similar to the Earth Ebola-Zaire virus. With that in mind they slightly modified the existing vaccine for this virus so it would be usable for what they called Ebola-Tularek. She and the other officers published two papers about their research in reputed journals. They also got the Preantares Award for Conspicuous Gallantry as they had saved a lot of lives by finding a vaccine so quickly. She also got a promotion to full lieutenant and assistant chief science out of the deal.

She stayed on the Venture for a couple of years more but when a new XO arrived, she and the XO didn't get along. She tried to avoid him, but as assistant department head, this was not always possible. In the end she simply asked for a transfer. When the chief science spot on the Sovereign became available, she jumped on it. It was not only away from the XO from Venture, but also a rise in position.
Service Record 2380-2384: Starfleet academy
major: Science
minor: JAG

2384-2384, Ensign, research team, Kepler-40b III
2384-2385, Ensign, Science, Starbase 175
2385-2387, Lt. (jg), Science, USS Venture
2387-2390, Lt., aCScO, USS Venture
2390-PRES, Lt., CScO, USS Sovereign

2387: Preantares Award for Conspicuous Gallantry

2384: 'The use of Sarcosphaera coronaria HRBX2 protein to aluviate sufferers of Pa'nar syndrome' published in The Lancet
2387: 'genomic similarities between Ebola-Zaire and Ebola-Tularek' published in Science
2388: 'using VP40-specific antibodies from Ebola-Zaire to target the VP75 coat protein of Ebola-Tularek' published in the Vulcan Science Institute Journal of Medicine