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Petty Officer 3rd Class Sarah Delvaux

Name Sarah Delvaux [PNPC - L'Mina]

Position Structural/Environmental Specialist

Rank Petty Officer 3rd Class

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 1m65
Weight 57kg
Hair Color red
Eye Color brown
Physical Description A young woman with flaming red hair and an attitude to match. She has a large scar on her lower abdomen where she was wounded by a wolfen.


Father James
Mother Maria
Brother(s) John, Mark

Personality & Traits

General Overview She's very outgoing, and makes friends easy. But keeping them is another thing, as she has regular mood swings. She will never admit it, but the removal of her uterus has affected her a great deal. She has an aversion against Andrea Zertog and will do anything to avoid her, but she's confident that she can win a confrontation. She still has the colony's mind frame towards sex (they had to mix partners a lot during the first years to keep a valid genetic variety, and kept it that way), leading to confrontations in boot camp.
Strengths & Weaknesses strenghts: can work with older technology, innovative
weaknesses: sometimes a short fuse, promiscuity
Ambitions To design her own ship one day
Hobbies & Interests hunting, thinkering with stuff, ship design

Letters of Commendation

Letters of Reprimand

Personal History She was born as a third generation colonist on Daktara, a colony founded by the USS Columbus in 2289. The constellation class ship came to the rescue of an 'illegal' colony ship, but was badly damaged and unable to call for help. The amount of debris made the Federation believe the ship was lost.
The colonists under Zertog and the Federation crew under captain Edward Delvaux worked together and managed to get the colony going. She got a normal education, consisting of the normal lessons (reading, writing, science,...) as well as farming and hunting. Sarah was a good hunter, but she was even better at repairing rifles and also farm equipment.

From the age of 14, all children started their education onboard of the Colombus, still in stable orbit (cannibalising parts to keep other systems operational had left only 4 decks habitable). Sarah choose engineering. After 80 years, and without warpcore, they didn't have enough power to operate the much of the systems, so they had to learn with simulations. This was the first time she got her hands on 'modern' technology. Because they had only little technology left, mostly older stuff, Sarah also learned old fashioned blacksmithing and gun making.

She was the best in the engineering devision and the second best overall, after Andrea Zertog. There had always been some friction between Andrea and Sarah, speciall since they had a fight over a boy when they were both 13, and this didn't make things better. It came to a few violent encounters, mostly alcohol induced (they brewed their own liquor).

At the age of 15, while being part of a wolf hunting group (these wolves were doglike creatures, fairly intelligent, who had caused trouble during the first years of the colony), she was attacked by two of the creatures. She killed one, but the other one got her. She had severe wounds, but the others managed to get her back to the colony, where she was operated. She survived, but they had to remove her uterus due to an infection.

When she was 17, a nova class scout stumbled upon the colony, and contact with the Federation was re-established after 86 years. The colonists were surprised at the technological advances that were made, specially replicators and holodecks. New colonists arrived and Daktara III applied for UFP membership. Sarah, Andrea and some others left to go to starfleet. Sarah tried the academy, but failed the entrance exam. The only good thing was that Andrea failed as well. They both wanted to be in starfleet and enlisted, Sarah in engineering. A lot of the things she learned, she knew already, so she took things easy. But most things she knew were on older systems and she barely managed to get through the course. She was assigned on the Endeavour as Structural and Environmental Systems Specialist. She stayed there for almost three years, before being assigned to starbase 74 to build ships. She stayed there for another two years, before she requested a ship-based post again. She wanted to see things, not stay on a base. Now a petty officer 3rd class, she was assigned to the USS Eclipse.
Service Record 2383-2384: Boot camp and A-School (engineering)

2384-2385, crewman recruit, Structural and Environmental Systems Specialist, USS Endeavour
2385-2386, crewman apprentice, Structural and Environmental Systems Specialist, USS Endeavour
2386-2387, crewman, Structural and Environmental Systems Specialist, USS Endeavour
2387-2388, crewman, Structural and Environmental Systems Specialist, starbase 74
2388-2389, Petty officer 3rd, Structural and Environmental Systems Specialist, starbase 74
2389-PRES, Petty officer 3rd, Structural and Environmental Systems Specialist, USS Eclipse