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Lieutenant Commander Joshua MacClaren

Name Joshua Kohonamoku MacClaren MD

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species human(ish) 1/4 Betazoid, 1/4 Deltan
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 235
Hair Color sandy blond
Eye Color gray
Physical Description A large, deeply-tanned man with wavy, sandy hair that barely skirts Star Fleet regulations. He has a number of tribal tattoos on his arm, back, legs and chest.


Spouse none
Children two psychically-bonded fawn Mastiffs, Bud Barkley and BeBe LeStrange.
Father Duke Kamehameha MacClaren
Mother Lelani Douglas
Brother(s) Marc, Keanu
Sister(s) Melania, Lili
Other Family Maternal Grandfather Malaan, First Speaker of Delta, Maternal Grandmother Tava'a, Federation Ambassador to Delta

Personality & Traits

General Overview Born and raised on the tropical water world of Pacifica, he tried out for the Star Fleet Academy on a lark after a tourist called him a "lazy clam-head too stupid to come in out of the rain." He surprised everyone (except himself and his family) by making it in and doing well. This is due to his Betazoid and Deltan heritage which gives him a phenominal memory and the ability to pick up new skills rapidly: he is psychically sensitive but has no full-blown psionic abilities.
Strengths & Weaknesses His greatest strength is also his greatest weakness, an ability to "go along to get along". Nothing seems to faze him but he doesn't seem to care that he isn't advancing. Coming from Pacifica many people consider him to be idle and lazy when in fact he simply does things the most efficient way possible. He is quietly resentful that others consider him a "clam head" or a "surfer boy" and loves nothing better than to embarrass them when he proves otherwise.
Ambitions "Ambition? Dude! Ambition is a trap! Let the waves of life take you man--you'll wind up on the beach where you're supposed to be eventually..."
Hobbies & Interests Surfing, travel, guitar, holodeck programming.

Letters of Commendation

Letters of Reprimand

Personal History Covered elsewhere
Service Record TOUR ONE: served aboard exploratory vessel USS Merriweather Lewis as Medical Officer, Veterinarian and Chief Diplomat.
TOUR TWO: Trill Diplomatic Mission
TOUR THREE: Medical Officer/Diplomatic Officer Deep Space Four.