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1st Lieutenant Lenva Tal

Name Lenva Tal

Position Medical Officer

Rank 1st Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 65"
Weight 143#
Hair Color Ash Blond
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Once maybe considered pretty, her face and body are scarred from her numerous combat wounds. She has a slight limp from wounds received.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Tal Vandu
Mother Tal Crona
Brother(s) None Known
Sister(s) None Known
Other Family None Known

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tal Lenva is completely dedicated to the SFMC and considers the Corps her family. She is driven to succeed, competing against herself.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Loyal, dedicated, hard working.

Weaknesses: Physical injuries and scars have left her with a low sense of self esteem outside of her professional life. Her driven attitude has sometimes made it difficult to make and retain friends.
Ambitions To do better that she did before in any sort of endeavor.
Hobbies & Interests Flight and combat simulators, cards and gambling.

Letters of Commendation

Letters of Reprimand

Personal History Name: Tal Lenva
Race: Bajoran
Sex: Female
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Medical officer, SFMC
Rank: First Lieutenant
Posting: 1st Battalion, 1st Regiment, 1st Marauders
Former Posting: 2nd Battalion, 1st Ranger Regiment, Hell Dogs
Age: 33, Born March 27, 2356

Tal Lenva was born to givers but it was clear at a very early age that she was not going to be a giver, or not a normal one in any case. When she was four, her parents took her to the regional Shrine where the young girl was exposed to one of the powerful Orbs. The visions sent to her parents told them to prepare Lenva for a life as a Starfleet Marine. At age five, she was shipped off-world to a SFMC academy preparatory program, where she was tested for her best fit in the Marines. Three months of testing resulted in her being sent through the training for Special Operations (Spec Ops). Each three year training cycle built on the previous one and the young girl proved to be an exceptional student, excelling at every task. Her major failing was that she was so driven to succeed that she hated coming in second to anyone. This flaw was noted at every level of instruction, but it was allowed, since the Spec Ops team was looking for exceptionally motivated soldiers and there were few as motivated as Tal Lenva.

The girl never asked for leave to return to Bajor during breaks in training. She had come to consider the Corps as her family and chose instead to spend the time between cycles on training ranges and various simulators. She could easily have been accepted to the more advanced grades ahead of her age group, but her instructors decided to keep her at her level, finishing her Grade Four training at almost eighteen years old. She had a few real friends but only one relatively unsatisfactory sexual intimacy and was happy that it was that way as the sex had been uninteresting and unfulfilling.

She was transferred with the rest of her class to the Marine Academy and the rigorous training provided to every Marine recruit. Hell Week, the traditional crucible of pain and aggravation, is designed to weed out those of weak body, mind, and spirit and even Recruit Tal felt the uncomfortable desire to quit but came through the far side. In what her instructors felt was a rare show of leadership from the young recruit, she was instrumental in getting three other recruits through this difficult phase of training by keeping them pumped up. During the rest of the training, she expanded on her training, again excelling at every course from written reports to body armor technician to weapons specialist. By the end of the Academy training, she was running neck and neck for the position of Valedictorian with two of her close friends, both men. The final list had Recruit Tal a mere .003 points behind the Salutatorian and .010 points off Valedictorian, one of the closest races in Academy history. She was proud of her classmates but angry at herself for not doing better.

Her scores were still high enough that she was given her choice of assignments and she selected the elite 2nd Battalion (Hell Dogs), 1st Ranger Regiment and shipped out immediately after graduation. The Ranger regiments have long been considered the sharp end of the spear for the SFMC and the Hell Dogs were frequently thrust into the most harrowing of combat assignments. Four years changed Tal Lenva in many ways, some subtle and some quite apparent. The most obvious changes were her rapid promotion to Sergeant (SGT), the accumulation of five campaign service ribbons for action in combat against the enemies of the Federation, and several decorations for bravery. SGT Tal was noted in dispatches many more times than she was awarded decorations for and had developed a reputation for being absolutely fearless in the face of the enemy, often involved in some of the deadliest actions her unit engaged in.

Her personal life changed dramatically, as well. She learned to work hard, play hard, and fight harder. She did her work with her usual efficiency and was very effective in combat, but she developed a party attitude during unit down time. She never did enough to warrant a court martial or even an official reprimand, but she did put the days of disliking sex far behind her.
SGT Tal’s last combat action resulted in one of those momentous events that prove to be life changing. During an approach to a hot Landing Zone (LZ), the assault shuttle she was riding in was hit by several ground-to-air missiles and brought down four kilometers short of the LZ. SGT Tal suffered a number of minor injuries during the crash, but survived in better condition than any of her companions. She pulled several Marines from the still burning shuttle and contacted her commander to report the failure of the shuttle to reach the LZ. Among the dead and dying was the team medic so she was talked through the procedures to stabilize the injured by a medical officer in the rear. As the senior able Marine, she also organized a perimeter defense that successfully held off three attempts by the enemy to overrun her position. Several times she personally led counterattacks to break an enemy position, facing superior firepower and suffering wounds to her arms and torso as she threw back the enemy and carried wounded men to safety. Her attention to detail, her ability to recognize the symptoms she was told to look for, and her combat sense resulted in her saving several lives that day. Due to the conditions of the location the shuttle had been shot down in, the evacuation shuttle took four hours to get to SGT Tal’s position. Upon landing, the relieving officer was surprised at the number of enemy casualties, some only meters from the Marine defensive positions. An arriving medical officer found SSG Tal sitting next to a wounded Marine, still attending to his injuries.

For her actions that day, SGT Tal was awarded a Bronze Star for Valor and a promotion to Staff Sergeant (SSG). She was also awarded three months of recuperative leave to recover from her wounds. The battalion commander personally presented her with the award and promotion and accepted her request to be sent to school to be trained as a combat medic, promising that she would be returned to her unit when she finished the schooling. Her experiences at the shuttle made her realize that she wanted to be trained to save lives and she had asked for the transfer. After recovering from her wounds, she returned to the Academy to attend the training for combat medic, again surpassing the expectations of her instructors and herself. SSG Tal returned to the Hell Dogs as a certified field combat medic and was assigned to Alpha Company. After two years, two more campaign service ribbons and a second Bronze Star for valor that was accompanied by a serious wound to her left leg, she was told that she was being sent to Officer Candidate School (OCS) for the good of the Corps.

Once again back at the SFMC Academy, this time Tal was at the opposite end of the campus, learning how to be an officer and specializing in advanced training to be a Medical Officer (MO). She fell in love with flying the shuttles used by the Corps and quickly mastered the ins and outs of the Angel Flight service, the medical evacuation (Medevac) team. Sadly, although her cumulative wounds were not serious enough to get her discharged, they were serious enough to keep her from returning to Spec Ops and she was assigned to a Marine Infantry unit. Her former battalion commander came to the academy to pin her Second Lieutenant (2LT) bars onto her uniform. He told her that he had personally recommended her for the promotion and that he knew she would do him and the rest of the men proud. He reminded her that she would always be a Hell Dog and was welcome to any function that she could get to.

2LT Tal performed her job very well, serving with distinction as she proved to be as fearless as ever, often flying her Angel Flight shuttle in the teeth of enemy fire to evacuate wounded Marines and their allies, as well as civilians caught in the crossfire of battle. The odds of doing this sort of thing without loss are minuscule and they caught up to 2LT Tal as she was conducting Angel Flight operations in her ninth combat campaign, when she earned her third Purple Heart and several months of rehabilitation for injuries received in combat. She was promoted to First Lieutenant (1LT) while convalescing and was assigned to Starbase 55 (SB55).

After three months on station, she was seconded to the USS Eclipse as part of the Marine unit stationed on the dreadnaught, assigned to 1st Battalion, 1st Regiment “Marauders”. The medical detachment (Med Det) consists of a commanding officer, an executive officer, staff officers for personnel and logistics, a senior NCO, five unit lieutenants, and twenty enlisted medics. Nominally, the Med Det is a battalion asset, but each company of the Marine battalion is usually assigned one of the lieutenants and four medics. 1LT Tal is currently dedicated to Echo Company. At work she can usually be found in a flight simulator or up to her elbows in grease as she helps perform maintenance on the unit’s shuttles. She also studies with the Eclipse’s medical section to keep as proficient as she can with current medical practices. Her down time is spent shared between working out on firing range simulators, working on her hand to hand combat skills, and the odd game of cards with some of the Marine and Navy officers.
Service Record Attended Cadet Academy from age 5 to 18, specializing in Special Operations training

SFMC recruit training

Assigned 2nd Bn, 1st Rgt "Hell Dogs" - Five Combat Campaigns - Promoted to Private First Class, Lance Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant

Assigned SFMCA for medical training

Assigned 2nd Bn, 1st Rgt "Hell Dogs" - Two Campaigns

Assigned SFMCA for OCS and Advanced Medical Officer training - Promoted to Second Lieutenant

Assigned 3rd Bn, 2nd Rgt "Wolfhounds" - Two Campaigns - Promoted to First Lieutenant

Assigned MCS Freedom at Starbase 55

Assigned 1st Bn, 1st Rgt "Marauders"

Awards/Decorations: Good Conduct Medal (5), Campaign Service Ribbon (9), Meritorious Service Ribbon, Semper Fidelis Cross, Bronze Star for Valor (2), Silver Lifesaving Star (2), Gold Lifesaving Star