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Lieutenant Reid Rogers

Name Reid Middleton Rogers XII

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Second Position Damage Control Specialist

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 41

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 240 lbs
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Gray
Physical Description A big, beefy mountain man with auburn hair and a neatly-trimmed beard. His face is somewhat reddened and chapped by the sun and his hands and feet are somewhat on the large side.


Spouse none at present
Children none surviving
Father Jonathan Merrimac Rogers VIII
Mother Marycharlotte of Guthrie
Brother(s) Vaughn Hancock Rogers IV, Malcolm Reece Rogers X, Andrew Smith Rogers XI, Colby Hastings Rogers VI
Sister(s) Amandakate of Rogers, Stephanie of Rogers, Merry Ellen of Rogers, Laurel of Rogers
Other Family Plenty of in-laws and extended family to be named later

Personality & Traits

General Overview A mountain of a man with a gentle, well-bred manner that belies a thirst for adventure. Off duty he favors jeans and flannel and his distinctive accent marks him as unique anywhere he goes. His slow speech and stilted manners mask an extreme intelligence particularly in matters mechanical and mathematical.
Strengths & Weaknesses Smart but equally stubborn: fiercely loyal to his friends but cross him once and you have made a life-long enemy. He has a strong moral code and a legalistic mind which can sometimes make it hard to work with him--especially if you like to cut corners. People are constantly under estimating Reid because of his slow manners but he can be a silver-tongued Devil if he so chooses.
Ambitions Reid is content with a job well done: if he advances so much the better. If not--he still did the job right the first time.
Hobbies & Interests All things outdoorsy--hiking, hunting, fishing and camping--the more primitive the conditions the better he likes it. He plays the guitar and banjo quite skillfully and is a talented folksinger. During his time aboard the *Merriweather Lewis* his was introduced to surfing by Dr. Joshua MacClaren and he has enjoyed the hobby since.

Letters of Commendation

Letters of Reprimand

Personal History Born on the "Romantic Emigre" world of Ozark Reid was a middle child of the Rogers' Freehold Master and his wife. As was the planetary custom as marriage was arranged for him at age 16 and he wed Julissa of Womack: two children soon followed--Jonathan Merrimac Rogers IX and Avalon of Rogers. Reid might have stayed to live a quiet colonial life but for a freak accident. A Federation shuttle visiting Ozark collided with the family "Tin Lizzie" (aircar) killing Reid's wife and children and severely injuring the man. Since there were no proper medical facilities to treat the man planetside Reid was taken to a starship for treatment and his life changed forever.

Until visiting the Starship Reid had never seen such advanced tech (although his planet knew about it) and once he saw it he was hooked! He persuaded the Captain to take him on as an acting Ensign and apprenticed him to the Chief Engineer. After a year of hard work and study the Captain recommended Reid test for Star Fleet Academy: he was granted entrance and graduated four years later with double honors in Engineering and Mathematics.

Since then he has served Star Fleet in a variety of positions. His first tour was as Engineer's Mate aboard the exploratory vessel *Merriweather Lewis* where he became fast friend with Dr. Joshua MacClaren (also on his first tour). The bulk of his career was spent at Utopia Planecia Shipyards where he steadily gained responsibility and respect: finally growing bored he asked for a transfer to a Starship and was assigned the Sovereign.

Service Record TOUR ONE: Engineer's Mate aboard the *Merriweather Lewis*

TOUR TWO: Engineering Staff at Utopia Planecia

TOUR THREE: Chief Engineer aboard the Sovereign