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Lieutenant Junior Grade Lee Ziel

Name Lee Ziel

Position JAG Officer

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 191lbs.
Hair Color blonde/light brown
Eye Color blue
Physical Description This is a man who likes to look good, but is no dandy. His stride and stance show this more than anything else, with his swagger and cocksure attitude.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Lee fancies himself a scoundrel. But he isn't. He loves freedom--for himself, certainly, but for everybody else in the galaxy, too. And time after time, he is willing to fight for that freedom. He doesn't want to know the odds in a fight--because he has already made up his mind that he will prevail. And time after time, somehow, he does.

Those who know Lee Ziel know that he is a rather tough-minded man. His clear-headed pragmatism and reason have been valued on multiple occasions, especially at the end of the Dominion War. Though he be a JAG Officer, Lee is also a soldier.

He is known for being extremely loyal the United Federation of Planets, and their allies, having personally crossed borders for clandestine operations. From being involved in investigations, fomenting resistance on worlds with tyrannical leaders, or simply being a marine, Lee Ziel has shown he prefers to fight directly for what he believes in. Fortunately, he is not blinded by his passions and is well-balanced.
Strengths & Weaknesses Lee has no patience for speeches or memorials, is allergic to politics and suspicious of causes. He also hates bullies and will never stand down when confronted with them.

Though commonly misjudged and underestimated, Lee's ability to blend in with his environment, his stoic professionalism, and ability to see and assess from afar, Ziel is often valued by his superiors for his ability to keep an eye on people and assess situations.

Lee is a humorous and often sarcastic person, and is able to not take things too seriously, especially in the midst of battle where he can sometimes be overwhelmed. For this he is seen as a jokester among teams, which is even seen in moments of pain, seriousness or conflict. Despite all this Lee is also a loyal, caring and dedicated person who would do anything for the people he cares about, when it comes down to it.

Lee Ziel is incredibly skilled with firearms, a prodigy. He is an outstanding all-around expert marksman, tremendously skilled in wielding both conventional firearms and archery with virtually unerring accuracy. Due to his superior eyesight and hand-eye coordination, Lee is capable of firing multiple weapons, strike enemies's weak points with extreme accuracy and directly hit small targets at great distances. He is ambidextrous, able to use bows and firearms with either hand in either place.

Lee is highly athletic and agile, capable of complex acrobatic manuevers.

Lee is a highly trained combatant and martial artist, capable of engaging and defeating several opponents at the same time. He is an excellent combatant, having been extensively trained in various forms of martial arts.

Lee Ziel is multi-lingual, able to speak over a dozen languages, and very good at discerning what a person is trying to say despite a language barrier.

Ziel is an expert pilot, able to fly small craft, vessels and even starships when called to do so.

Letters of Commendation

Letters of Reprimand

Personal History Ziel served in the Starfleet Marine Corps, as an enlisted who made it to the rank of Sergeant within the Special Forces. A routine combat mission during the Dominion War saw him rise to the leader he was meant to be. His Lieutenant had been cut down during the most intense fighting, with three squad leaders paying for soil with their lives. With a shredded platoon and their numbers dwindling Ziel took command of the unit with only 23 marines left. The Jem'Hadar were pressing the attack, trying to advance, when Lee decided to break his platoon down into fire teams. His team stayed on the front while he ordered the other two teams to circle around and flank the enemy. Half of them had already been wounded in some fashion but not one of them complained or sat back. They were all ready for a little payback. Ziel himself had shrapnel in his back and left thigh from grenades and vehicles that had exploded around them. Despite his pain and suffering, seeing the enemy troops advancing on his people, Ziel stood up and charged. His grunts followed him, firing as they went, rushing in to challenge the enemy with melee and hand to hand. During this onslaught Lee suffered further wounds to his back and torso, dropping him to the ground where he lay on his side and used his pistol to kill his foes. During the battle he had passed out from pain and blood loss.

When Ziel awoke he tried to sit up, discovering he was in a hospital room, not on the battlefield. His spinal injuries, among others, had him down, with time being the only factor to his healing beyond all the medical treatments he was undergoing. While in traction Starfleet Command showed up, presenting Lee with the Bronze Star for heroism, and the mustang rank of 1st Lieutenant. The promotion meant more to him than he let on, but at the same time, whenever he looked at his new insignia, or the medal to go with it, all he could see were the faces of all those marines who had died that day. Those who had given the ultimate sacrifice so that he could receive commendations. It left a hole in his spirit.

Three years went by while he recovered and went through extensive physical therapy to be able to walk again. His spine had been surgically strengthened, but it took time for the symbiotic implants to grow and recoup what he had lost. While recovering Lee contacted SFMC HQ, and Starfleet Command, requesting that he be removed from the Corps and placed in Starfleet, as a JAG officer, which is what he had been studying and taking the tests for while recuperating. He had passed his bar exam and was ready to take up the mantle of counsel. It was approved without question.
Service Record Lee Ziel began his career in the SFMC, Special Forces, Recon. His missions were black on black ops, designating targets and taking them down, whether it be facilites or personnel.


Took courses for minor engineering and mechanics to improve on what he already knew from his youth. Has improved through on the job training while conducting field operations and maintaining equipment within his assigned units.

Level 3 Security access and training, after completing the Security/MP course at the academy, and time aboard ships and facilities has provided some experience. To uphold the law, he needed to know the law from the Security perspective.

Resource and power allocation, taught by the academy and his time in service.

Tactical/communications officer for bridge duty.


Physics, chemistry, and any applicable scientific disciplines used for Engineering and Security. Learned in the field, over time.


Small arms training, level 5. Trained in Marine STA (Surveillance and Target Acquisition/sniper-spotter).

Personal explosives training level 3.

Has an eidetic memory which greatly improves his ability to learn and apply his skills.

JAG officer after completing private law courses and passing the bar exam.