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Captain Telkyk

Name Telkyk [PNPC - L'Mina]

Position JAG Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 65

Physical Appearance

Height 1m84
Weight 74kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description He's quite large for a Vulcan, but keeps himself in shape with running and climbing.


Personality & Traits

General Overview He's a typical Vulcan, hiding his emotions and searching for the most logical way to solve things. He's very good at seeing things from both sides and finding a compromise acceptable by both parties, although he can often keep arguing long after everybody agreed.
During one of his intelligence operations, he got stuck in a crate for quite some time and he has a touch of claustrophobia since.
Strengths & Weaknesses strengths: encyclopedic knowledge of rules and regulations, he's a quite strong psion.

weaknesses: loves to argue
Hobbies & Interests plays the Vulcan Lute

Letters of Commendation

Letters of Reprimand

Personal History Telkyk grew up on Vulcan, his mother a social scientist, his father a lawyer. They were a bit dissapointed when he decided to join starfleet, but turned around when he choose JAG and the diplomatic corps. His academy life was unremarkable, but as young ensign he managed to get some crucial information out of some local diplomats so the Federation was able to make a good treaty with them. As the contacts up until that point had been quite hostile, it was considered a very good thing and he received the palm leave for it.

Soon he was engaged in the grey area between legal, diplomacy and intelligence, even though he still took regular JAG assignments. Most often he would be posted on a big starbase from where he would officially be a JAG officer, but would also help with diplomatic missions and some intelligence gathering as well. He became well versed in intergalactic law and he was also a master of compromise, often finding a solution both parties could live with.

Since his promotion to captain, he's been assigned to a group of roving prosecutors, who go from base to base to tackle tricky cases.
Service Record 2364-2364: ensign, diplomatic corps, USS Trincolo
2365-2367: Lt. (jg), JAG/diplomatic officer, USS Trincolo
2367-2371: Lieutenant, chief JAG, USS Trincolo
2371-2376: Lt. commander, assistant chief JAG Deep Space 15
2376-2384: commander, chief JAG Deep Space 15
2384-PRES: captain, roving JAG group