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Crewman "Panda" (true name unknown) "Conn" (real name unknown)

Name "Panda" (true name unknown) not known "Conn" (real name unknown)

Position Media Relations Officer

Second Position Encryption Specialist

Rank Crewman

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human (they think)
Age unknown (probably older than he looks)

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 225
Hair Color Salt and pepper
Eye Color brown
Physical Description This man looks and dresses like something out of a 1940s holo-novel with the exception of the nine rings he always wears. With the exception of the colored gems on several of his rings he only sports clothing of black, gray and white. He is always smiling and genial, the perfect host but he often gives off an air of knowing more than he is letting on.


Spouse none known
Children none known
Father unknown
Mother unknown
Brother(s) unknown
Sister(s) unknown
Other Family unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Conn is a Ninth-Circle Master of the Solemn and Secretive Order of the Panda--a group of interplanetary meddlers that has been around since before the Federation. Since they are usually on the side of "Good" (if not always the law) they have been tolerated--partly because they are useful and partly because any and all attempts to exterminate the group have failed miserably. When Conn showed up offering his services to Star Fleet (with the express request of serving aboard the Sovereign the offer was quickly accepted. He arrived along with a private communique to the Captain and Intelligence Officers to OBSERVE AND REPORT--find anything and everything you can about Conn and the Pandas he represents.
Strengths & Weaknesses Conn seems to be passive: he is always genial, the consummate host but occasionally the mask slips and it becomes obvious he knows way more than he's letting on. This habit of his doesn't foster trust from those in power. Who are the Pandas? What is their goals? Why do they operate the way they do? Are they fronting for an alien species? There are many questions Star Fleet would like answered.
Ambitions Conn seems to have no more ambition than to manage the best bar in Star Fleet.
Hobbies & Interests Drinking, partying, travel and entertaining.

Letters of Commendation

Letters of Reprimand

Personal History Panda Conn has been known for quite some time throughout the Federation and beyond. Invitations to his soirees are highly sought-after and many of the best and brightest in the Federation consider him a friend. He's the man to see if you want something rare and valuable or you have a "sensitive matter" that needs to be dealt with. Often investigated but never convicted he is the subject of much speculation and debate wherever he goes. It surprised everyone when he came to Star Fleet offering his services but they were quick to accept the offer since this was their best chance to get information on Conn and the Order of the Pandas which he represents.
Service Record This is his first tour of duty with any Star Fleet operation.