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Lieutenant Lewis McChord

Name Lewis McChord

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age April 13th, 2347

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 165 lbs
Hair Color Brown; receding
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Caucasian male. Short hair, receding. Well trimmed mustache. Friendly, well mannered, highly motivated and eager. Has over twenty plus tattoos. Most of his tattoos are located on his left arm


Father Michael Edward McChord
Mother Elza Gross
Sister(s) Jennie K. (youngest)
Other Family Various on both sides

Personality & Traits

General Overview Friendly, well mannered, highly motivated and eager. Lewis has odd sense of humor and timing.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage

Well trained in different fighting styles and melee weapons. Trained to use of projectile weapons and energy based weapons.

Weakness: Alcohol, PTSD
Ambitions Explore the universe and help those with in the Federation and other non Federation worlds. Just to see what's out there
Hobbies & Interests Fishing, History, Sailing, geology, and movies

Collecting: Hats and coins

Letters of Commendation

Letters of Reprimand

Personal History The McChord family is a proud fishing and military family. The McChord family tree, starts off on the shore of Ireland. When he Great Famine stroked Ireland in 1845, the McChord family moved to the Small Rhode Island town of Jerusalem. During the time before the United States Civil War, the McChords, were a modest Irish fishing family from the green isle of Ireland.

The family, comprised of many small clans, near the city of Galway. Life was good for the Irish family, until the potato famine of 1845. Shawn Christopher McChord, decided to take his family across the ocean and settle in America. Which, he, his wife Rose Mary, eldest Andrew and Shawn Thomas packed up their worldly goods and traveled to America, to settle in a small town in Rhode Island named Jerusalem.

When the war between the states broke out in 1861, Shawn Thomas, enlisted into Union Army as a Calvary Soldier. The remaining family, supplied goods to the war effort. Shawn, served in several companies through out the south deep inside enemy territory. Life as soldier was well suited for the young McChord. When the American Civil war was at the end. Shawn, remain in service with the US Army for another two decades, before he retired.

Over decades and centuries after the American civil war, up until Earth's Third World War. The McChord, started a family fishing company. They remain an supplier for the U.S. Government food and generation after generation they had one or several men and women, serve in the U.S. Military. While some of the McChord, ventured out on their own to see the world.

When the last world war started, it divided the once proud United States into factions. Which soon boiled over into a Nuclear exchange. For years, the McChord family and many other families kept the town of Jerusalem, Rhode Island float over the twenty seven years of war. They saw Boston, leveled by terrorist's atomic bomb and many other cities be destroyed. Things started to improve after 'First contact'.

On April 13th, 2347, Lewis McChord was born. Lewis, grew up in the surrounding townships of Jerusalem, Rhode Island. Where generations of the McCord family lived and worked for over the last 500 years. His Family members served in the US Military and later in Starfleet. As he grew up, he loved reading about his favorite relative, Colonel Shawn T. McChord of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment. His father, Michael Edward McCord, President of the McChord Harper fish market company out of Providence R.I.

Lewis, adored the historical culture of the of the New England area. When he became a teenager, Lewis, discovered the fascination of law enforcement form watching films and programs offered by the school system of Rhode Island. At seventeen, Lewis, graduated from Jerusalem High school. He soon enrolled himself into the Rhode Island State University, while also joining the Rhode Island State Police. Lewis wanted to follow his passions of the sciences and for the next decade and half, the young man study different fields of science on his off time from being an police Officer. Lewis, stay with the R.I State Police for another six years.

However, during that time, most of his friends moved away or joined Starfleet. Which left the now thirty year old man wondering what to do with his life. Lewis didn't have to dwell on the subject and he was soon off to San Francisco to enroll into Starfleet. Lewis embrace himself as an Science officer on aboard a starship, Station, or colony world. Providing useful science based information for the crew in which he was assigned on. After four years, the newly pinned Ensign, graduated the Academy.

Lewis's first assignment was aboard USS Indianapolis, Oberth class starship, as one of the ship's Science officers. Exploring along side the crew, out in the expanse of space. He was excited to venture out into the cosmos, but chaos was fast approaching the Indianapolis or Indy as the crew called the Oberth class ship.

One year, two months, and fifteen days out on the USS Indianapolis’s five year voyage, the Indy had just made contacted with, an Tellarite cargo ship. The vessel was being attacked by an unknown vessel. When, the Indy, arrived at the last known location, the vessel with all hands were lost. The Indy, contacted Starfleet command. The Oberth class Indy was order to patrol the system and wait for other vessels to arrive.

An hour after contacting Starfleet command, the Indy, was attacked by the unknown vessel. Narrowly avoiding the destruction, the USS Indianapolis, had managed to limp her way to an near by Nebula and wait until re-enforcement arrived. The attack on the Indy, killed all the senior staff as well several others personnel. Leaving Lewis, the highest ranking officer of the Indianapolis. He was in command for three hours, until the Indy lost all power.

The remaining crew of the USS Indianapolis, managed to escape by the two shuttle pods and escape pods, leaving the Indy adrift with in the Nebula. It was later discovered that Unknown vessel that attack the Tellarite Cargo transport and the USS Indianapolis, was an Ferasans warship.

Days later, Lewis, was glad to be back on Earth. He was looking forward to be reassign, he was also promoted to lieutenant by Starfleet for his actions as during those hours after the attack. Those that lived after the Ferasans attack left the Fleet, few remain. Lewis was sent to Starbase 55 as one of the station's science officers, where he conducted himself in various studies, until the Tholians attack.

(filled in later upon posting as CSciO by sim CO)
Service Record Education:

Rhode Island school system

Rhode Island State Police Training
Rhode Island State University
-Various science fields
-earned Degree: Masters

Starfleet Academy
-Primarily focus: Science

Service Record:

Rhode Island State Police

Starfleet Academy

USS Indianapolis: Oberth Class
-Science Officer

Starbase 55
-Science Officer

USS ECLIPSE: Dreadnought Galaxy class
-Chief Science Officer