Starbase 55

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The stories of the people assigned to Starbase 55

Things That May Never Be

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This allows you to tell stories of any universe or time.

USS Sovereign: At the Crossroads

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While dealing with an internal security threat aboard the ship, Sovereign is heading out for a shakedown cruise after a massive refit. Leaving Sol for SB 55, the ship will have to be ready as they will go from 55 directly into a First Contact with a recently discovered warp capable society on the world of HalaTor.


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After a few heavy missions, the Eclipse is sent for a simple mapping and planetary research mission. When they arrive they notice a ship in orbit and start first contact procedures. All goes well... at first.

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Sovereign-Rescue or First Contact?

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The signal from an escape pod from the Federation transport, USS Randall, has been detected coming from the planet Celea just beyond the Sautera System's furthest border and the Eclipse is called upon to check it out. The catch is that, although Celea is in Federation space and is inhabited, it has not yet acquired warp technology.

USS Sovereign - In Between

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The stories of the USS Sovereign in between missions.


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Taking a shortcut back to the base, the USS Eclipse comes across an abandoned Centuar Class starship with no crew.

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MCS Freedom - Rescue Mission

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After an overhaul and assignment of a new CO the Freedom is tasked with the rescue of a colony on the disputed planet of Aquarion 3. The Federation Colo was established a hundred years before and the colonists refuse to leave despite the threat from the Zybor, a cybernetic race whos territory the planet resides in. Now, it is up to the crew of the Freedom to find a way to either relocate the colonists or defend them from impending attack. Will they succeed?

Risa Vacation

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A vacation story line for Chris Barks and Billi's vacation trip to Rise. Do not use unless invited to do so.

USS Eclipse - In Between

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This is for character development. Things that happen in between the missions on the Eclipse.

USS Eclipse - Q-Check

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While on the shakedown cruise a Q member makes it her mission to test the morality of the crew of the USS Eclipse.

The Court Martials

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The USS Eclipse's CMO, Dr. Nicole Beckett, has been charged with Conduct Unbecoming an Officer and Insubordination and the Silver Eagles Group Commander, Lt. Billi, has been charged with Conduct Unbecoming an Officer, Insubordination and Reckless Endangerment resulting from their actions during the Q Check mission. Both are facing Court Martial on Starbase 55. Will this be the end of their careers?

Sovereign: Containment

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Sovereign is tasked by Starfleet to stop a super-flu from becoming the Federation's next plague. With vague information and privateers involved it is a test of wits for the crew of Sovereign. Can they out-think their opponents and have the wisdom to bring containment? Only time will tell.

Caught in a Web

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Constructing a bio-dome for Federation scientists on Biatov (the Class Y planet in the Sauteran System) is challenging enough but when Tholians lay claim to the planet........

Search and Rescue - USS Eclipse & USS Sovereign

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This is a joint mission. The Eclipse's saucer section has been captured in a Tholian web and taken. It is up to the Eclipse's Stardrive and USS Sovereign to find it and rescue those taken prisoner by the Tholians.


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The Eclipse is tasked to capture a fugitive of the Federation (crime to be determined) who has been said to be hiding out on a planet whose civilization mimics that of Earth's 16th century.

Rest and Re-Group

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Recovery from the previous mission