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Things gone by!

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Lt jg. French had only been on board for a few days. The Sovereign looked to be a fine ship. And apparently had a great Captain, though she had not yet met him, the Admirals name was known throughout Star fleet. She grabbed a hand towel and went to the sink. Though her room had a sonic shower, she had become accustomed to using water on her last assignment.

She had been assigned on an under cover mission. It all began with rumors of a human slave trading operation near Risa. Being a member of the Defense Force meant some of her group had to check it out. What they uncovered, was staggering. Up to 2.5 female humans on average were being taken a week, this could not stand.

All of this had taken place over two years ago, but it still haunted her.

The thing that haunted her most, was the relationship with the leader of the Pirates and the level of affection she had held for him. And the way he died. There was no avoiding it, she was duty bound and he didn't give her any choice. She had unwittingly fallen in love with him, but what he was doing was wrong on so many levels, and he was hurting members of the Federation and this could not stand. When she met him, sparks flew from the start. His Charisma and coolness just blew her away. He also had the talk to go with his swagger.

She bated her hook in a well known traders bar called Trader Vic's on Risa. Her cover was simple. Ex Star Fleet, kicked out on a technicality and disgraced. But with a body like hers and her charisma, finding new work would be spit in a bucket......... as the saying used to go. She had been told that when he arrived, there would be no mistaking him and they were right. The moment he walked in, she knew who he was.

Seregon played it cool, sipped her drink and avoided eye contact. But the moment he saw her, it was almost as if she could feel his gaze rip into the back of her head. What she had done was simple and the oldest trick in the book. As he entered the bar, she looked directly at him and then quickly looked away, causing her Long Red Hair to land on and cascade down her shoulder obscuring her features. Any man would have been craning his neck to see what she looked like. This Orion was no different.

But he was cool. He took a step into the light of the dimly lit meeting place and surveyed the room. After seeing what looked safe enough for him, he moved slowly and methodically in her direction. Once he reached the bar where she sat, he ambled up next to her.

"Ok." He began, and once he was sure she was listening, he spoke further.
"Either the Heavens have a hole in them and you fell threw and landed here by accident, or you're a good girl gone bad, and landed just where you should be, my back yard!" Said the very charismatic gent.

Seregon smiled and tilted her head slightly, turning to make eye contact. Then she spoke.
"Is that the kind of banter that works on Risa in a place like this?" She asked and then raised her glass to her lips.

"No, not really. But it got us talking, and that's all that really matters. But I do think you're an Angel of some description, so it looks like we're both blessed tonight. My name is Kaiser Sosay. It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm a criminal and Privateer. You got a problem with that?" He asked

"I never have a problem with a man that knows how to make money. Especially if it's me he is spending it on. But don't get it twisted, this is not my professional position in life. I was a goodie two shoes Fleetie. But I had bad tendencies and it got me kicked out of Star Fleet. You got a problem with that?" She asked

"Love, we all have to start somewhere. And end up somewhere else. You and I, just happened to end up here at the same time. I call that fate." He stated matter of factlly!

Seregon laughed.

"Seregon French, at your service." And she turned a little more, revealing a partial frontal of her silhouette, and stuck out her hand. Her nails were painted Black, she was dressed in a Black Cat suit with a silk multi colored Sarong wrapped about her upper half and nothing but the shape of her body to carry the bottom half of the outfit. Her shoes were of a wedge variety giving her about three to four inches added height. Which apparently was enough for him and every other male species in the bar.

He took her hand. Raised it to his lips and gently kissed the back of it. An unexpected pleasure was the sensation that rode the nerve path ways to their endings of her body. She knew at that moment this assignment was going to be dangerous and possibly very emotional. She was bonding with him already and they had just met. As he looked up at her. The cold being in the back of his souls eyes showed itself for only a moment. And a chill went down her spin.

"Would a booth be more comfortable for you?" He asked

"Actually, I think it might. And I'm a bit famished, something to eat maybe?" She asked as they moved to the nearest booth. He watched her move, identifying every nuance of her body. Her training showed through, but it did not seem to bother him.

"Without a doubt!" And he waved for the waitress. "A bottle of your best Earth Champagne or Wine maybe and a couple glasses and the menu." He said

The waitress tapped the table at the booth and the menu lit up on the top. They both looked impressed. As they perused the menu, it looked to anyone that didn't know better that they did this sort of thing all the time!

A meal, five days and a wake up later and they were inseparable. She was in. Now to find out everything about his operation. At first he was content to just have her as a lover. Then word would reach him about changes she had made on board the Cardassian Gelor Class ship he was using to commit his crimes. Changes that made sense and began to streamline his operation. Most things he held close to his vest, like what they were transporting to whom and where. But as the days went on, he began to share things during pillow talk that was vital to bringing him and his crew to justice.

It took three months before his operation fell. But fall it did. As they kept returning to the same bar on Risa, Seregon was able to establish a dead drop in the bar. Two operatives had already gotten jobs and had been placed on the staff at Vic's. So when they would arrive, things would kick into motion. Signs and signals were set. A scout ship had been mobilized to track them when they left Risa based on info given to the team by French.

His routes were now being monitored and they even managed to slip another female operative in as a kidnappee. Things were running smoother than expected. Until one of the captures escaped. The woman was brought to the brig of the Cardassian ship where she was shot in front of the crew. The escaped woman was a member of Seregon's team. She had no way of knowing and she could not stop him in time. After it was done, Seregon went back to their quarters and waited for him to return. When he did, she asked him why it was necessary to kill the woman. He told her that she was a spy and that was the best way to deal with her.

Seregon's emotions took over. She walked over to a panel and began typing. Once she sent the message her whole demeanor changed. The next time he looked at up from what he was doing, Seregon stood in the middle of the room with a phaser in hand. "By the authority vested me by Star Fleet Security, you are under arrest for murder and several counts of kidnapping, and so many broken laws, I can't even count." She said through tears!

He moved in her direction and she shot him. Phaser set to stun. When the stun only seemed to piss him off, she changed the setting to high stun, and he moved again toward her and she shot him again. This time knocking him on his ass.
"You can't be serious. You couldn't find what me and you have if you visited one thousand Bars on a thousand Risas." He stated boldly " now give me the phaser and we will forget this mess. I love you." He said and he got to his feet and came toward her again. She never moved. She just flipped the switch to kill. And through tears of grief and pain, she ended his life. Somewhere deep down inside of her she knew he had to die. And though he had never laid a hand on her in anger, he hurt her more than any physical combat ever had.

She sabotaged the ship so that they were dead in space. The scout ship got her message and arrived to take the crew into custody. When they found her, she was in what might be called a sick bay holding the hand of her fallen comrade. They got her to let go and took her to be debriefed. But something had snapped. It had talked over a year to repair the damage that Kaiser had done to her.

Still on the mend, she decided to take an assignment. As she looked into the mirror, she wiped away what she hoped would be the final tear that she would shed for him.

She hoped!


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