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Settling In

Posted on Thu Sep 20th, 2018 @ 12:53pm by

I have found my new posting to be an excellent one. While it might seem on the outside that much of my work time is spent dealing with the petty issues of a crowded starbase, the situations give me an unparalleled insight into the cultures of the Federation.

Just last week, I had to oversee the reprimand of a group of cadets on shore leave. This was their first time out this far, and the time spent in close confines on one of the old training ships used by the Academy had set tempers high. When they arrived, they cut loose, as sailors from all planets throughout history have done. Brawling, pranks, even a lurid incident involving a replicator. In the Empire, these would have been understood as the fiery tempers of warriors kept too long from the battlefield expressing themselves and would have been treated as such. Here, I expected the more sedate Humans, and especially those icy Vulcans, to have demanded harsh punishment for these antics. But no, they surprised me, demanding only that the perpetrators receive a stern but unofficial reprimand, punishment detail, and a few days in the brig to see what it was like.

Proudly, the captain of the vessel asked that I use the incident as a "teaching moment" for the cadets. He wanted to reinforce the value of following regulations and protocol at all times. While I feel that the crew that was not punished learned their lesson from the example of their classmates and a few intense lectures on legal ethics and philosophy, more were reached through a practical demonstration of Klingon justice. A few bruises is a small price to pay for learning that the Federations grievance methods are often preferable to combat.

In the meantime, I have had ample time to enjoy my leisure activities. I have come to enjoy reading and playing the human game of chess while sitting at the civilian store that provides the energetic beverage coffee. I am told the scholar reading at the coffee shop is an oft-mocked trope in human culture, but I have not experienced such. Perhaps it is because none of the human scholars thought to carry a blade with them, while I, of course, would never be so foolish.


It seems the Eclipse has arrived back in the system . . . and that there was an incident that will require my full attention. This should prove most interesting.


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