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Video Log :: Enroute to the Stardrive

Posted on Sun May 12th, 2019 @ 9:48pm by Ensign Kira Shiryankin


The following was entered into the USS Eclipse ship's central computer archive on the current stardate,

Kira Shiryankin entered the area serving as Main Engineering for the saucer section
of the USS Eclipse. The place was quite busy, with technicians and junior officers briskly attending to various tasks at the terminals, finishing up the job of making repairs to the various systems of the saucer, or getting things prepped for the upcoming events of the near future.

"Okay folks," Kira said, getting the attention of anyone not doing some vitally important chore. "Once we catch up to the stardrive, we will have a reunion of sorts. Now, that is a fairly routine operation except that it is not done too often, but it is nothing we can not handle. However, I want some of us to be working on making the preparations, so that the process is as smooth as possible."

"After that, I believe our command crew will be wanting to go find the Tholians and get the rest of our people back," Kira stated. "With that in mind, we need to be ready to give the Bridge anything they need to help them be successful on this. Be ready to do anything we need to, including cutting off life support, to give the Bridge what they want, and when they want it."

"Unless otherwise told from the Bridge, our priorities are engines first, then weapons, then shields. Anything after that is secondary and can be cut off to support our current requirements. Do we all understand each other?"

There was no response.

"Any questions?"

One technician raised his hand. "What about various projects and such using stasis fields or other things that need power to them in order to remain viable?"

"Each of those labs or projects should have a backup power generator to provide for their needs in case main power goes down. I am not saying that it is going to happen, but if the Bridge requires more power than we are supplying, then we will need to pull it from somewhere. If someone does not have a generator, they can borrow one of our spares ... not that I expect musch is going on in the labs, but you never know ..."

"Anything else?"

No one said anything.

"Alright then," Kira said. "I'll be signalling the Bridge that they will have whatever power they need at their disposal at will. I am sure everyone here will pull through on this."

With that, Kira headed over to a nearby terminal to assist in readying the power transfer circuits, so that when they requested power from a specific portion of the saucer section, it would be ready to go.


This post was brought to you by:

Ens. Kira Shiryankin
Engineering Officer, USS Eclipse
Ronin Fleet


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