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Looking Forward

Posted on Tue Oct 1st, 2019 @ 6:42pm by Lieutenant Commander Joshua MacClaren MD

OOC: 24 hours later and my post hasn't shown up.

So it seems the Sovereign is getting a complete refit--without the aid of my friend and the ship's Chief Engineer Reid Middleton Rogers XII. I don't imagine he's any too pleased about this and I am equally sure he'll have his team inspecting her from stem to stern as soon as he gets back aboard to make sure everything was done to his specifications!

As for me I am looking forward to the upgraded Sickbay: I understand we're getting all the latest bells and whistles Starfleet Medical has to offer including a 3D Bioprnter from Betazed. Since I've been promoted to Chief Medical Officer aboard I'll have to make sure the staff is qualified to use the new equipment that's coming aboard. I suppose I'll also have to meet individually with all my staff: I must confess I'm not looking forward to a talk with the former CMO Lt. Kilo: I can't believe's he's too pleased to find he's been replaced by a JG who was jumped two ranks over him into the position. At least I've been CMO in other situations before--thank the Maker!

We have a shuttle pilot/EMT aboard and I will need to speak with her about learning to fly. That should be a useful skill to have just in case...


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