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The Darkest Nights

Posted on Wed Nov 7th, 2018 @ 2:35pm by Admiral Chris Barks & Commander Akane Nokitsune Ms

Mission: The Court Martials
Location: Volo's holding room

Akane had never felt as awful as she did at that moment.

She had failed to bring peace, despite all she had said. it hadn't been enough...and Akane couldn't think of what more she could have done. She had tried to reason and sympathize - but the people just weren't' willing to listen. Now, they were on the run, this Q creature was having a field day, and two very good staff were going to be court martial'ed for doing something they felt was noble. And Akane wasn't sure that she totally disagreed with them.

She also knew her fellow Japanese shipmate, Kirara, felt awful as well. She hadn't been very effective in her position. After the return and debriefing, she had disappeared, and hadn't been seen since. She wondered if a meeting with her was in order, but first, Akane had to pull herself up from the hole, which was much easier said than done.

Then a thought came to her mind - perhaps she should start with poor woman who was cut off from her home first. She waited until the woman with her meeting with Doctor Graf and then requested permission to approach the cell. "Hello, Volo? Would you mind speaking for a bit?"

She was still getting used to the amazing quarters and treatment that she was receiving from the ship and crew. She had finally gotten her room the way that she wanted. Volo heard the chime and said, "Enter, please."

Akane came in, looking very sheepish. But she gave the girl her best smile and put her hand on the woman's shoulder. "How are you feeling dear, given the situation?" She tried to take a seat next to the woman.

"I'm scared. I don't know anyone and I can't talk to my parents at all. I am hoping that someone can help me in the Federation? I have no idea what lays ahead. Do you have any suggestions?" Volo said obviously very scared.

Akane smiled "Just be honest.... tell the whole truth and nothing but. I know the people in charge here..and they're good people. They won't let any innocents get hurt if they can help it..." She patted her hand.

Volo withdrew her hand and said, "EVERYONE SAYS THAT! No one wants someone around that could eat them and enjoy it. I can't go back home and I can't even talk with my own kind. I'm so scared, I'll die alone!"

Akane nods...understandingly. "You're one understands you fully. Of course not. Just as you don't understand me..But...if ...listen..I know what it's be....different..I do.... Would willing to see something that is...different about me? It's a secret...But it'll let you see...I'm different too...and sometimes...It scares me too.."

Volo was intrigued and said, "Okay, what makes you different?" She really didn't believe her, but thought, why not see?

Akane checked to make sure there were no cameras to be seen pointing at where they were talking...and then looked nervously back at Volo.

Suddenly before Volo, there was not a woman, but a fox, a red coloured fox ...complete with a tail...and intelligent looking red eyes. However, it was only for a moment, before Akane was back in it's stead, standing there and looking at her.

"You're not alone in being different, dear."

Volo eyes widened and saw the transition of the counselor and was amazed. She could not believe it, she wondered if the doctors knew that she could the transformation. She then asked, "How long, have you been able to do that?!"

" whole life dear....My whole life. I'm an Angel Spirit...we are animal spirits - killed violently - returned to human form to right the wrongs of our past lives. You are...the only one... who knows about this. But let me tell you, it's not... easy. I never turn into this form. Ever. Because I know what others might think of me ...for not being open about what I am. But well..." She looks off. "Even in this day of great scientific achievements....there are some things ...they will still find hard to believe..."

Volo was still overwhelmed and appreciated it. She smiled and said, "I feel better. Thank you very much. I don't feel alone anymore."

She smiled. "If you ever need me, just ask for me..and I shall come to you, okay? Just ask them to call for me."

Volo smiled and confirmed that she would if ever needed to talk to someone like her.



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