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Meeting up?

Posted on Mon Oct 15th, 2018 @ 12:36pm by Captain Telkyk [PNPC - L'Mina] & Admiral Mark Janter [PNPC - Barks]

Mission: The Court Martials
Location: JAG office, Starbase 55
Timeline: after his conversation with Shack

Telkyk walked through the corridor of the ship towards the starbase. After getting the reports from Eclipse, he had been assigned by the JAG department as prosecutor of the case. Druing the trip here on the old Excelsior used as resupply ship, he had read the reports as well. He would have to speak with some people of Eclipse. Maybe he could work out some sort of compromise acceptable for all parties.

After getting the security procedures done, as he was carrying nothing more than a bag with some clothes and a case with his ka'athyra, which he first dropped off at his temporary quarters. Then he went to see the chief security of Eclipse and after that he went in search of Admiral Janter, who was the chief of JAG on the station. Checking with the computer he heard that the admiral was in his office so he went there and rang the chime.

Mark was looking over everything and see what was going on. He needed to work with the leads of each sides for the trail as he was going to over see as the judge.

"Good afternoon, Admiral," Telkyk said as he entered, "I'm Captain Telkyk and I'm assigned as prosecutor for the Eclipse case."

"Please come in, Captain. How can I help you?" Mark asked

"I just came in to introduce myself, Admiral, "Telkyk said, "and since you are, if I'm not mistaken, presiding over the case, I wanted to know if you had already decided on the particulars of how the case would be handled."

"Yes, I am presiding. I like to leave it up to the counselors on how they wish to proceed and give a ya or na. What is your game plan for this trail, Captain? What are you going to offer as proof for reason of the charges?" Mark asked looking at him.

"I'm still looking through all the logs, sir," Telkyk said, "but from what I can see they show enough evidence. And I will have a look at the list of witnesses of the defence team to see if I need to add any. Probably all the crew on the bridge and some people from sickbay will be called, either by myself or the defence team. I will also have to speak with Admiral Barks, as he brought the charges. And since this was a first contact situation, no matter how strange the circumstances, there is also a potential Prime Directive angle I need to look into."

"Good! It sounds like you have everything covered. Do you have any recommendations for punishment of the offenders?" Mark was curious to see what his fellow attorney was thinking to do.

"I didn't really thought about that yet, sir," Telkyk said, "but maybe a demotion. I wouldn't go so far as to remove them from Starfleet."

"Why, not, this was a curious point for him, a demotion seemed like a good step, but why do you feel that is sufficient?" He wanted to hear the explanation from the Captain.

"There was a lot of stress during that mission, admiral," Telkyk said, "and with Q involved, there might be extra stress. They also have no previous problems."

Mark smiled and said, "You make a good point, Captain. It was extenuating circumstances and no of the officers in question, have committed anything remotely like this before, which is important. I will consider this when it's time for sentencing after hearing all of the testimony. I appreciate your incite on this, Captain. Anything else?" Mark asked

"not at the moment, sir," Telkyk said, "I'll check with the investigators as well to see what they have that might help me."

Mark smiled and said, "Yes, discuss it with the defense and let me know what they think. I would like to avoid the trail, but if we can't then we will face it as we need to. Tell you what, talk with the defense and then all of us sit down and we will hammer this thing out. Have another suggestion, Captain?"

"That sounds good to me, sir," Telkyk said, standing up, "with your permission?"

Mark waived and said, "Go Go, Captain. Good job."

"Very well, sir," Telkyk said, "Live long and prosper."
Standing up, he left the admiral's office and went of in search for the defense council.


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