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Stuff still needs to be done

Posted on Sat Oct 6th, 2018 @ 11:32am by Commander Nicole "Nikki" Beckett MD & Petty Officer 3rd Class Sarah Delvaux [PNPC - L'Mina]

Mission: The Court Martials
Location: Dr. Beckett's quarters
Timeline: right before arriving at starbase 55


While most of the engineering crew was not on duty, Sarah was. But that meant she was one of the first to get shore leave on 55, so she didn't really mind. She had been halfway her shift when a call had come in for an issue with the environmental control unit in one of the quarters. As she was the only one of the environmental unit on duty, she had taken the call and had taken a turbolift up. Only when she arrived and noticed the guard in front of the door did she realize that this were Dr. Beckett's quarters. She had heard the gossip in engineering, but as enlisted engineer, she hadn't been involved in any of the last mission, just making sure the ship kept running.

After a short discussion with the guard, she was allowed inside. She immediately noticed that indeed the temperature was set quite cold.
"Good afternoon, sir," she said, seeing Dr. Beckett, "I'm here to fix your environmental control issue."

"Oh thank you," Nikki said from her sofa where she was bundled in a blanket and reading a PADD. "I was wondering if freezing me was part of my punishment." As she spoke, vapors from her warm breath wafted out of her mouth and looked like smoke rising in the cold air. "I've never been much of a cold weather person. I prefer warm sandy beaches to snow capped mountains," she added, trying to make light.

"Yeah, me too," Sarah said, "I grew up in a jungle. Only the Breen can like this sort of temperature. Lets see where the issue is."
She removed a panel and started scanning the circuitry behind it.

Nikki looked at the ring on her left hand. Mike hadn't been to see her since she had been put on "house arrest". "Sarah? You haven't seen Colonel Hatch around the ship lately...have you?" she asked.

"Not really, commander," Sarah said as she continued to scan things, "but then again, I've been spending most of my time in engineering and marines don't tend to go there."

"Please, Sarah... don't call me Commander," Nikki said, quietly. "I won't be one for long. Just call me Doc. Everyone else does. What's morale like out there?" she asked, nodding toward the door. "The crew's been through an emotional rollercoaster ride."

"Well, co... doc," Sarah said, "in engineering we're quite happy. Nobody got hurt, the ship is still in one piece and we only have to do one shift every three days instead of doing double shifts trying to keep the ship operational until we get to Starbase 55. I'm not sure about the other departments, as I haven't had that much contact with them since we started back. Ah, here it is, you cheeky little bugger."
She removed a little rod, took a replacement and put it in.
"That was an easy one," she said, "now I just have calibrate the thing and you're good to go."

"Sarah....since you are the only person that has come to see me...could I ask a favor?" Nikki said, untangling herself from the blanket. "Could you check on Volo...the alien girl we rescued? I just want to know if she is doing alright."

"If they allow me in," Sarah said, "but I've heard from the grapevine that this new marine medic has taken her under her wings."

"That's good. I'm glad she has someone specific looking after her," Nikki said. She got up and walked over to the replicator and asked, "can I get you something to drink? I was just about to order a sandwich. Have you had lunch yet?"

"I first have to finish this," Sarah said while working the calibration tool, "if I don't do this right, I can come back in two days to do it again."

"To be honest I wouldn't mind the company," Nikki said with a bit of a snicker. "But I also am tired of freezing." To the replicator she said, "coffee black with sugar. Grilled cheese on rye." A few seconds later the coffee appeared and she took it off the pad. As she took the first sip her sandwich appeared and she carried both over to the small dining table and sat down, pulling her feet up under her as she watched Sarah.

"Okay... now this... and that should do the trick," Sarah said to herself, finishing up the calibration. Then she closed the panel and looked at Nikki.
"There we are," she said, "now you just have to set your thermostat again as it has wiped its memory and then the room should be fine again."

"Great. How about joining me for lunch then?" Nikki asked and stood up to go over to the replicator to place Sarah's order if she decided to stay.

"I still have to do some work," Sarah said, but her stomach betrayed that her last meal had been a while ago.
"Okay, maybe a tuna sandwich," she said.

"Tuna sandwich Beckett style," Nikki told the replicator then looked over her shoulder at Sarah. "Anything to drink?"

"Just some coffee," Sarah said. She wondered if she was actually allowed to do this but then again, it couldn't really hurt right?

Nikki completed the order and carried the plate with her special tuna salad recipe on whole grain toast and Sarah's drink over to the table. "I think you'll like this," she said proudly. "I programmed my own recipe into the replicator after I perfected it two years ago." She sat down and took abite of her own sandwich. She was glad for the company.

She took a bite from the sandwich.
"Not bad," she said, "I'll have to remember this one."

"So where's home, Sarah?" Nikki asked as she took another bite of her sandwich and washed it down with a sip of coffee.

"Eclipse mostly," Sarah said, "but I come originally from New Brazil. A lot warmer than it was in this quarters."

Nikki chuckled. "It's getting warmer," she said. "I have you to thank for that. Do you have family in New Brazil?" she asked.

"Yeah, although I haven't been back since I started in Starfleet," Sarah said, "it's a bit out of the way to get to easily. Do you have family somewhere?"

Nikki shook her head. "The closest thing to family...other than everyone an ex-husband out there playing covert ops games in Section 31. He decided that was more exciting than our marriage," she said. "Good riddance. He was totally not my type. I look back and wonder what it was I ever saw in him," she said with a laugh. It was beginning to get warmer so Nikki removed her socks. "Computer...set and maintain temperature at 75°," she said. She was about to ask Sarah a question about New Brazil but Sarah's combadge tweeted.

=^=Petty Officer Delvaux.... there's a coolant leak on Deck 38. Check it out and report.=^=

"Deck 38. That's Marine Country. All those boys in green flexing their muscles," Nikki laughed. "Try not to get distracted," she teased, wondering if Mike would be there.

"Oh don't worry," Sarah said, "I already 'sampled' most of them. Most are nothing to write home about. But now I have to go. Thanks for the sandwich."
Grabbing the object, she stuffed the rest of it in her mouth before she ran off. She technically was still on duty.

Nikki laughed but her laughter turned to sadness as she watched Sarah leave. She sighed as she looked around her lonely quarters.



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