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Posted on Tue Oct 9th, 2018 @ 12:32pm by Lieutenant Commander Jennifer DiAugustina & Captain Jamie T. Kirk

Mission: Sovereign: Containment
Location: Captain's ready room
Timeline: after conversation with medical

Coming back from medical, Jennifer rang the chime of the captain's ready room.

Kirk looked up from her reading, lounging back in her chair with her feet up on the corner of her desk. "Come in."

"I have some figures from medical, sir," she said, then pointed to the projector "may I?"

At Jamie's nod, she turned it on and got the latest data from medical.
"it looks as if this thing can become a disaster," she said, "It's spreading quite fast at the moment, also on other planets."

Kirk's feet were pulled back to the floor, then she stood and came around her desk to stand next to her XO, looking at the holographic screens coming up. "I feared as much. It is quite tenacious, from what I am to understand."

"It has a long incubation time," Jennifer said, "it's almost like a sleeper virus. So people get it and travel without knowing. And that's not the worst of it. From the data it looks like it's made, like a bio-weapon."

"This facility 429 is our first, best hope of finding a way to either cure this thing, or contain it." Jamie's concern was written all over her face. "I'm just wondering if one ship is enough. And, if this Federation facility is responsible, how many roadblocks will be thrown our way to deter further investigation?"

"Probably a lot," Jennifer said, "the facility is the most logical starting place of this engineered virus, but I must point out the data is still preliminary, although their apparent refusal to help out don't speak in their favour. At least we already have one of four genotypes on the ship and I hope we can make at least a short trip to the planet to get samples of the other four. I've set up a joint task force between medical and science to try to find a cure, but I can't make any promises on timelines and such."

"I see your point, Jennifer," replied Jamie. "We will act within the parameters of our authority, nothing more. We will be going planetside, an away team with a Delta Flyer. I don't want to chance transporters since we had an officer come aboard and it wasn't recognized within her. As for this joint department idea, I am all for it. Work closely with the CMO and his staff. Doctor MacClaren discovered this thing so I'm sure he is researching as we speak, so make sure to include him. He will also be on the away team."

"That can be arranged," Jennifer said, "just one thing. I don't think it's a good idea if 'we' would go on an away mission. One of us should stay on the ship just in case, and you're the better tactician, while I'm the better researcher. Besides, if the planet is in the grips of a deadly plague, it's best to keep the away team as small as possible."

Kirk raised her eyebrows at that, not sure what DiAugustina meant. "Jennifer, are you suggesting that your Captain go down while you remain? I only ask because I know that Starfleet frowns upon such actions. You are my confidante, my one officer I can speak plainly with, but I also know you prefer to stick to regulations over personal command styles. If you wish to remain here, I will grant that. If you are saying I should stay here, then I will take that into consideration."

"I do think it would be better if you stayed on the ship," Jennifer said, "I can help on the planet to collect samples, maybe even do analysis on the surface if we have to. You can coordinate here and if someone shows up to complain, as I said, you're the better tactician of the two of us to keep them out. This is a dangerous virus and while we will wear protective suits, an accident can happen quickly and it wouldn't do to potentially expose us both."

Giving a few nods of understanding Jamie looked to her XO with a grin. "I can't argue your assessment of the situation, and yes, I agree you're needed more than I down on the planet. I disagree that I'm the better tactician, I would call us equal in our own way. Having said that," Kirk's grin faded as her face showed serious concern. "I need you to lead the team and get what we need. Containment or cure, I'll take either, or both."

"If you want containment we need more ships," Jennifer said, "we can't be everywhere and we need to focus on a cure. Or we do the containment and we call in a couple of Olympusses for the cure."

Kirk gave another grin, this one more devious. "I knew there was a reason why I changed out our shuttles with Delta Flyers. We can put a crew of two on each one, spread them out in an effective web, and we all work to keep containment. I will coordinate that and keep it going while you and your team go to the surface and get what you need. A Delta can also play wingman on the descent, then return to orbit for defense."

"We really need a runabout with different modules," Jennifer said, "so we could pack a lab in there. But we'll work with what we have. One question: can't we go a bit faster than warp 2? The faster we get there, the faster we can start working and the faster we have a cure."

"The Delta's have a full lab for science and medical, and a fold out biobed. Anyway," Kirk heard all she said. "I will increase warp to five, Commander. That will buy time to prepare, yet provide a faster approach to get on mission."

"Perfect," Jennifer said. She wasn't aware that delta flyers had labs onboard, but then again, she hadn't been around those very often to start with.
"Anything else you want to discuss, sir," she asked.

"Not at present," responded Jamie. "Let's get this over with and then we'll have time to talk. Carry on, when ready, Commander."

"Very well, sir," Jennifer said, nodding to the captain and going back to science. The bridge could do without her for now, but she might make a difference in science.


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