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Cracking the Code

Posted on Mon Oct 8th, 2018 @ 11:00am by Lieutenant Commander Joshua MacClaren MD

Mission: Sovereign: Containment
Location: Dr. MacClaren's Office
Timeline: current


Half the battle of reverse-engineering a created virus was figuring out the pattern the designed used in its construction. In this case CDO Fogg-Saint George had given the Doctor a massive assist by providing a partial list of the creators. Josh decided to study their work, figuring this would go a long way in helping him understand the design philosophy and methodology they used. His mixed Betazoid, Deltan and Human ancestry had given the man a rare gift: he could process and retain information at an amazing rate: it didn't quite make him a human computer but his quirk helped him pound through an astonishing amount of deadly-dull data.

Simeon bar Dror was notorious for being a control freak so the Doctor concentrated the bulk of his efforts on him. It didn't take long for Josh to determine that indeed there WAS a pattern to the geneticist's work: the same sequencing designs showed up over and over again in bar Dror's creations. And why not? he reasoned: the man went with what he knew. Armed with this information the Doctor took a fresh look at the virus and discovered the same pattern in the New Lebanon Flu: the geneticist had thoughtfully included a "back door" past the many tricks and traps his team had installed. After all, he reasoned, the designers would need a way to quickly and easily cure the disease if someone one of them had been affected.

Synthesizing the cure was a long and tedious process but effective in the end--at least in computer simulations: there would be no way to tell if it would actually knock out the virus until the cure was tried on someone infected. Still and all, McClaren was pleased with his work. The Doctor prepared his notes and sent them off to CMO Kilo and Lt. Cdr. d' Agustine: Kilo would need to review the work before authorizing further dissemination and the Science Officer could no doubt use what he'd found in her own research. The Doctor briefly considered sending a copy of this directly to Captain Kirk but decided against it: whatever the fake Captain was doing here he didn't want to give her access to a weapon of this destructive power. Of course, that didn't prevent the Chief Medical Officer or the Science Officer from passing it on but that was a worry for a later date. He'd done his job--it was up to others to take the next step.


TAGS; Kilo, d'Agustine--if desired.


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