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Posted on Sat Nov 24th, 2018 @ 9:11am by Admiral Chris Barks & Commander Akane Nokitsune Ms

Mission: The Court Martials
Location: Admiral’s Ready Room


Admiral Barks was in his ready room and he wanted to let his counselor know that he appreciated her and that it does get noticed and wanted to say so to her face. He wanted to make sure that he let his department heads know that he was appreciative of them.

Kitsuneno Akane appeared "Um...Admiral... You summoned me? I didn't know it was time for your regular counselling session.." She smiled jokingly...but then went seriously. "Anything troubling you?"

Chris smiled and said, "No, Counselor. How are things going? How is Volo doing? How is your department doing?

She smiled "Well..that's a few questions. Things are going okay. Just trying to calm things down in the face of the upcoming trial. It's got people quite stressed. I would like permission to speak to the two ladies concerned, if that's possible."

She pauses "Volo feels alone and vulnerable...which is understandable. We just need to help her to adapt to living in our standard of society..As for my department..." She smiles. "It's busy...but active..and that's good."

"I am fine, thank you for asking, Counselor. Thank you for taking on Volo, I am sure that she will need your services, as we now cannot take her back to her home world, and I would imagine that would cause a lot of tension for her. I appreciate your efforts." Admiral Barks answered

She nods. "I shared some of my life with her...and I tried to make her understand...we all are alone in some ways, but if we open our a different light, we've never been alone." She smiled at him. "Is there anything I can do for you, Sir? I'm worried about the toll the upcoming trial may be having on you, Sir."

Chris smiled and said, "Thank you, Counselor, I appreciate the concern. If I have an issue, then I will defiantly reach out for a counseling session. I remember when you first came arrived. You were very timid compared to now. I appreciate everything you do and I have noticed it. I want to recognize you."
He handed her a small wooden box.

Akane was surprised...but took the small wooden box out and opened it gently.

"Congratulations, Commander! Chris said You have earned it. I am proud of you and look forward to serving with you for more time to come." He walked over the pinned it on her uniform now showing three solid pips.

She gasped and just stood there, stunned. "Me? a Commander?" Akane didn't know what to think - she was always in the mindset of counsellor, - doing the best to help her team one person at a time - the idea of rising up in the ranks still very new to her. "" She repeated.

Chris smiled and said, "Yes, Counselor, you! You are qualified to show others how to be a Counselor and you have shown leadership! You deserve it." He walked over and pinned it on her collar. He then said, "Congratulations, Commander."

She was stunned. "Th..thank you...." She stammered. She then saluted. "I will do my best to do you proud."

She paused for a moment. "Um..sir...before I go...could I make a request? Could I ...let me family come up here to stay with me?"

"By all means, Commander, have them come stay with you. I look forward to meeting them. Request to be moved to larger quarters, on my authority." Admiral Barks stated



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