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Posted on Thu Oct 11th, 2018 @ 1:36pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Cahban "Kevan" Doolin

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: Eclipse
Timeline: current


A lone ensign in gold, part of the engineering crew aboard the USS Eclipse, made her way through a jeffries tube and maintenance access way. She heard the hum of electronic tools as she approached a four way, the sounds coming from down the right passage. Getting to the crossroads she looked right and saw the Chief Engineer hard at work on plasma conduits. The harness of finger-thick conduits currently in his lap were shut down and he was using a laser scalpel on the connector ends. Why on Earth would he be using a medical instrument?

So, being curious the ensign crouch walked that way. "Hello, Chief."

Doolin, shutting down his laser tool, glanced over. "Ensign," he gave a nod of greeting. Sitting lotus he looked back to the connectors on the conduits, an electronic box of some kind beneath the connectors and catching what looked to be carbon flakes from the lines.

"Is that a laser scalpel, Sir?"

"Aye, Lass." Doolin grinned at her surprise, continuing to use the lasers to get the carbon scoring off his power lines. "No need ta fret, Ensign. This one is mine, I dinna steal from Medical."

"We just cleaned all the EPS connections, Sir." The Ensign watched what he was doing. "There's still residue?"

"Always is," stated Doolin, in an instructing tone. "Da system is designed to keep 'em free of carbon dat may cause power fluctuations. So, since we're docked and I canna find anyting better ta do, might as well." He stopped working and looked over at her, grinning. "And, there's a bonus. See dat?" He motioned toward the item that looked like an electronic, metallic shoebox with a control panel on one end. He tapped a few keys on the small screen and the box closed itself up, then there was an intense electronic hum for a few seconds before the LED screen lit up that the process was finished. Tapping the box open and reaching in Kevan brought out what appeared to be a crystal clear glass sphere the size of a golf ball, handing it to her. "There ya are. Dat is 100% pure diamond. Compressed carbon."

"Yeah, not really all that special. The replicators can make diamonds." She shrugged and handed the bauble back.

Doolin put the bauble in his satchel with the others. "Aye, they can. But, these are made by me, so I collect em and make em in various sizes fer da children. Marbles that will never break. The reward fer a job well done. All the excess gets put back in da replicator system." It dawned on him. "Wait, what the devil brings you into the tubes?"

"Power fluctuation in a secondary console for auxiliary power. Going to check the isolinear chips."

Kevan gave her a pat on the shoulder as she maneuvered around him to keep going. "Be safe, Ensign, and see ya later." The salutation was returned and on she went. Doolin, with a distraction now gone, set back to work as if she had never come and gone.



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