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Escaping to home

Posted on Thu Oct 11th, 2018 @ 7:30pm by Captain Jamie T. Kirk & Chief Warrant Officer Lohki [PNPC - Byrnes]

Mission: Sovereign: Containment
Location: Quarters
Timeline: current


Arriving at the Captain's door Lohki reached out and hit the chime for her quarters, being told to enter once done. Stepping inside and letting the doors close behind him, seeing his CO at her desk, the Security Chief walked over and stood close to the right front corner of her desk. "Captain."

Kirk was leaning forward, reading from a monitor on a laptop style PADD. "Good evening, Lohki. Something I can do for you?" She was being brief and straight forward, having her own things to do.

"Perhaps," answered Lohki. "It has been a while since we caught up. How are the eyes doing?"

Jamie gave a sigh of frustration, her mind now split between her research and her guest. It was useless to try and focus while someone was chattering in your ear. Dropping the file she had open and closing the PADD Kirk leaned back in her chair and looked at the Augment. "My eyes are fine, which should have been apparent with my reading," she made an off-hand gesture at the PADD. "How is the research coming on our virus?" She did not want to be the subject of the discussion.

Lohki came around and stepped in quick as could be, leaning over into Kirk's face, his hands on the armrest of her chair. "Who are you? You are not the Jamie Kirk I know!"

Jamie was surprised by the sudden move, with her Chief of Security now in her grill. This was an unexpected turn of events. So, she did what she thought was right--she decided to be truthful. "I'm Jamie T. Kirk, Captain of the USS Sovereign, appointed by Starfleet Command. Why? Who are you?" Her eyes went casual, staring into his, the gambler's countenance now active. Her impenetrable eyes and inscrutable countenance gave little away.

Giving a light growl in his throat and pushing off to stand up, he walked away a few paces, turning back to face her. "You are not the Jamie I know. Too many things don't add up."

Kirk stood up and walked over to him, facing him a pace apart. "I am Jamie Kirk. That is not a lie. The day I was injured there were fluctuations over here," she led the way over to her bedroom entryway. "In my doorway. I caught it out of the corner of my eye a few times, then watched it flicker as I stared this way. Once I caught sight of it again I came over and walked through, only to be caught up in some type of forcefield. I shoved my way through, the pain excruciating, landing inside the bedroom. When I spun around to face the door ag..."

There was a flash in the doorway, then an amber colored shimmering before it coalesced for a moment into a mirror image of the bedroom beyond--and a Kirk rushing in. Lohki took a half step back as the mirror traveler came through and tackled her clone. The shimmering was gone.

Both Kirks rolled across the floor, clawing and kicking at each other to separate and get to their feet. Lohki sidestepped over near the main door, to prevent either of them from running and escaping. "Captains, please!"

Jamie heard Lohki but was fixated on getting her double back where she belonged, even though both their agendas matched this time. Going to an open-hand boxing stance she stepped in and began her assault.

Kirk knew how to fight herself, anticipating every offensive strike--until Jamie suddenly switched to south paw in the middle of her assault, throwing Kirk off-balance just long enough to get an opening. As Kirk's lumbar region came in contact with her desktop edge she pulled her hands back to catch herself from going over it. With that fatal call of fight or flight Jamie closed her fists and gave Kirk two hooks in a combo with an elbow smash following up. Kirk's legs weakened and she now had to use the desk to remain standing.

Jamie punched Kirk once more, to keep her delirious, then grabbed the woman's arm, pulling-shoving her toward the bedroom, stopping suddenly. The quantum gateway had closed, she had taken too long.

"Captain, what the...?"

Jamie spun on Lohki when he spoke, cutting him off. "She needs to go through, Chief."

"I get that, Captain," responded Lohki, stepping in and applying the Vulcan nerve pinch to Kirk. He caught her and put her in a chair. "We've got a whole new situation over here you know nothing about. I could beam her to solitary and lock her down."

"I know about the damn virus, Lohki," Jamie T. Kirk was back where she belonged and acting accordingly. "We need to get her the hell out of here and back where she can resolve it herself." Jamie started to take off the Imperial uniform, going to her bedroom for her proper set, with vest variant.

Lohki followed her and watched everything she did. "She's an invaluable source of knowledge about the MU, Captain. We can't just dismiss this."

Kirk spun on him as she pulled the sweater down over her head and adjusted it around her neck as she pulled it down. "We're not dismissing anything, Chief." She began to tuck in. "The virus is twice as bad over there and being used as a bio-weapon by an unknown source. Hopefully, our leads will render the MU some leads. People are dying, Lohki, I don't care which universe they're from. It is my sworn duty to protect the innocent and I intend to do just that." Donning her vest she zipped up and then straightened her hair in the ponytail. "I want her gone."

Lohki's brain had been working overtime while he listened. "Let's take her to sickbay, beam directly to an isolation bed. I need to speak with Doctor MacClaren, anyway, and he knows about her." He thumbed at Kirk in the chair. "Wait." He pulled his phaser and set it for stun, then aimed at sleeping beauty and pulled the trigger. She would be out for another half hour. "He's also the physician who discovered the vi..."

"Yes, yes," Kirk gave an off-hand wave. "I read all that before I was switched. How do they keep doing this? It's obvious their Science Division is top notch."

"Intel is Intel, Captain." Lohki went and scooped up the double. Jamie stepped in next to him and put a hand on his shoulder. "Computer, site to site transport, sickbay, isolation room."

The hum began, phased out, then came back and faded as Jamie saw the room they wanted to be in appear before her as she was pieced back together. Lohki moved over and placed MU Kirk on the biobed, which activated.

Kirk looked at Lohki and motioned to the door. "Get the Doctor and bring him in here."

Lohki stepped out of the isolation, into Sickbay proper, to find MacClaren.



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