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Welcome Aboard

Posted on Tue Nov 6th, 2018 @ 12:08pm by Captain Jamie T. Kirk & Chief Warrant Officer Lohki [PNPC - Byrnes] & Lieutenant Commander Joshua MacClaren MD

Mission: Sovereign: Containment
Location: Various
Timeline: current


Kirk had received word that Chief Lohki and a Doctor bar Dror were beaming aboard so, setting a relief at Conn Jamie stood and left the bridge. By the time she got down to transporter room 3 the operator was ready.

"Locked in the pattern buffer, Captain."

"Have all safeties been applied?"

"Aye, Sir."

Kirk gave a nod but kept her eyes on the transporter pads. "Energize." Within moments two figures shimmered into existence and then solidified. "Welcome back, Chief Lohki."

Lohki, for his part, gave a hint of a grin. "Thank you, Captain. Permission to come aboard?"

"Granted," said Jamie, the two men stepping down off the raised platform for the pads.

"This is Doctor bar Dror," explained Lohki. "He is the administrator for 429."

"Ah, the famous Captain Jamie Kirk!" bar Dror said with a pleasant smile. "Thank you for having me aboard your lovely Starship. Now that I'm here--what can I do to make you go away? I have important work to do groundside..."

"Doctor bar Dror," said Kirk firmly, but not aggressively. "We are here to contain a virus that is, as we speak, threatening the lives of millions. I am not going away, by order of Starfleet Command, until this situation is resolved without further loss of life." Clearing her throat politely she adjusted her voice to a more friendly tone, but one that was meant to express that what she was saying was not to be taken lightly. "This is my realm, Doctor. We will resolve this as we see fit, no matter how long it takes. Your assistance, and that of those working with you, will expedite that with your cooperation." Kirk gave a pleasant expression.

"As I already have stated we are willing to cooperate fully," the Doctor replied. "The Virus was released due to carelessness on the part of one of my associates: that individual has been punished to the maximum has been allowed by Federation Law. Young Dr. McClaren figured out the cure by reverse-engineering my virus design and he has provided it to your Lt. Cdr. D'Agustina." His gaze shifted to Lokhi. "Since I was EXPECTING your visit I took the liberty of loading a PADD with all the information you would require. May I have permission to hand it over?"

Lohki gave a nod, his expression stoic.

Kirk, giving a slightly cynical grin as her eyes glanced at Lohki before coming back to rest her gaze on the Scientist, holding her hand out. "Apologies, Doctor, Mister Lohki takes his duties very seriously." Once the PADD was in her hand Kirk flipped it around for reading, glancing at the open app provided. "Thank you, Doctor. This will aid in our own investigation. Pardon any inconvenience but, we are a ship that likes to be thorough."

"So I've been told," bar Dror replied. "If there are any questions you might have feel free to ask: as I have said repeatedly I am willing to cooperate."

Jamie gave the Doctor a genuine smile. "Apologies for all the hubbub. When we are tasked by Starfleet Command to find answers, we do so. It is not our intention to cause undo stress, or to interfere in your research...unless it is illegal. Please, feel free to move about the ship, Doctor bar Dror, but understand that certain sections are classified."

"If you truly wish to be accommodating Captain send me groundside," bar Dror said. "I'm sure the people you sent down are highly trained--even the Clam Head! who would have guessed?"

"Also--let me save you a great deal of time and trouble by telling you how this is going to go down," he went on. "You and your people will follow my research up the chain of command until you reach a point where even YOUR security clearance won't grant you access. A few token scapegoats will be sacrificed and then the research will carry on. So--maybe we can just skip all the preliminaries and you can decide how many people need to be arrested. Then you can go back to the IMPORTANT work of being a Starship Captain!"

Kirk didn't take to his tone very well, and being talked down to was not helping his case. But, she maintained the facade of the pleasant Starfleet captain. "Please," she motioned toward the transporter. "Since you have nothing further to offer then I have no choice. Chief Lohki, please inform Starfleet Command, and the Federation Council, that Station 429 is now under quarantine and that no one will be allowed to leave or enter." Jamie then stepped into the Guest's personal space. "Clam head, that's what you said. I do not take kindly, Doctor bar Dror, to bigotry and racism, and the very fact that you are a scientist for my beloved government sickens me. We will beam down, we will ascertain what we came for, and when it is all said and done I will do everything within my power to shut you down." She glared into his eyes.

"You're already too late Captain," bar Dror replied mildly, not the least intimidated. "We knew you were coming so we moved everything relating to Operation Honey Trap to another location. Torturing me will do no good--nor will a mind probe by your pet Vulcan or interrogation by her Romulan sisters. I can't give up what I don't know!"

"And your devotion to your Pacifican Doctor is charming," he went on. "But how well do you know the culture? Those people were given a Paradise Planet and they devolved into a race of naked SAVAGES who mate indiscriminate and hunt for sport! For all his intelligence and ability McClaren has only managed to rise to Lieutenant Junior Grade in twelve years--his previous commanding officers have realized he's barely fit for Star Fleet! MY project is finally putting them to doing something useful! Your SUPERIORS appreciate that even if you don't! McClaren will help create a generation to wipe the Borg clean out of our galaxy!" There was a light of fervor that bordered on madness in his eyes as he spoke.

"But, by all means Captain--lets go down..."

Kirk realized this man was insane. How could one species be more important than another? It was not the Starfleet way, nor the Federation. Torturing people through illegal experimentation to wipe out another species was absolutely heinous, in her opinion. "As it stands I have no other recourse than to take you at your word, and that you can provide some form of proof. Chief Lohki, assemble a tactical away team to escort the Doctor back down to the surface. I will contact Commander DiAugustina myself."

Lohki gave a nod, then looked at bar Dror, motioning pleasantly toward the transporter pads. "Please, Doctor, find your pad." He then tapped his combadge and stepped away to speak quietly and order his team assembly.

Kirk saw the Security team enter, strapped for combat operations. She gave Lohki a nod of respect as they all stood on the pads.

Lohki, looking at all his party, brought his face forward. "We're ready. Energize."

Jamie watched them shimmer away before turning and leaving the chamber, heading back to the bridge.



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