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Needed Replacements

Posted on Mon Nov 12th, 2018 @ 2:27pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Cahban "Kevan" Doolin

Mission: The Court Martials
Location: Various
Timeline: current


Lieutenant Kevan Doolin was in his EVA suit, standing on a section of drydock braces and supports meant for personnel in exterior suits and workbees. The Eclipse was a massive behemoth before him, the starboard side no more than 30 meters from his faceplate while he stood on the drydock platform. He could not help himself as he looked up and about, seeing the exterior of the dreadnought with his won two eyes, the warp nacelles and the hull plating glinting in the light. Getting back on track, his awe now under control, Doolin tapped his comm. "Eclipse Bridge, Drydock three control, Lieutenant Doolin here. Time for Primary and Secondary hull separation. Eclipse, you take the saucer. Fifty-Five, take the Secondary under your care. By the numbers, people. Separate!" His brogue was less these days as he got it further under control, many times having people look at him for interpretation. So, to keep things clarified from the get-go Kevan had decided to train himself to enunciate better in the cursed 'English' language. At least these days they called it Federation Standard, which alleviated a lot of his angst towards the other people sharing the islands.

As he contemplated the language issue Doolin heard the release of the clamps on Eclipse, the saucer and Engineering sections separating without their own power, all of it done by docking arms and tractor beams. Slowly, carefully, the two sections of the ship were separated enough to allow workers to get in-between and handle needed maintenance. The crew had already been informed that traversing back and forth from the Primary hull to the Secondary would require either transporters, or shuttlepods.

"Mister Doolin," came the voice of the 55 lass he'd been talking to in the drydock tower. "Both platforms fully separated per your parameters, and now locked in at station keeping. You are cleared to proceed, Chief."

"Tank ya, Tower." Doolin adjusted his suit and equipment one last time, tapping his badge twice to switch up the comm. "Work team intercom, Computer." The comm warbled and then the computer told him he was on. "Doolin here, people. You know your assignments and you have your team leads. Get to it. I want this done in twelve hours, so prepare for a long day. Doolin, out." The comm warbled off. Kevan released his adhesion boots, free-floating, then activated his maneuvering thrusters in his jet pack. Slowly, methodically, Doolin approached the neck locks for Eclipse, a squadron of workbees and suited engineers following behind him like a meteor storm.



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