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Saying Hello

Posted on Sun Dec 9th, 2018 @ 1:58pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Billi & Admiral Chris Barks

Mission: The Court Martials
Location: quarters
Timeline: current


Chris was done with the trail for the day, he wanted to see his love, he haddened been able to do so for a while and missed her. He wanted to smell her and see her, he couldn't believe how long it had been since they could at least talk in private. Her plea deal didn't make it possible to really talk to her and brig was monitored. He asked the computer and found that she was in her quarters and went to her door and rang the chime.

Billi, lounging back in one of her chairs for her small dining table was wearing a pair of Starfleet blue ladies boyshorts undies and a white tank top, her body freshly scrubbed from the shower, her hair still damp and hanging in strands in front of her face and cascading over her shoulders and down her back. A tumbler of Kentucky Bourbon on the rocks sat on the table next to the bottle it had come from. She had just set the dermal regenerator to heal the gash on her left side along the waistline, but had yet to apply the device as the chime sounded. "Fuckin' great," she hissed to herself, under her breath, not expecting a visitor.

"Come in," said Billi, pulling the hem of the tank top up enough to begin to use the DR to heal her cut epidermis. It was an ugly cut, which was to be expected from a shard of broken glass and not a proper blade. She winced as she held the skin together to better aid the laser beams in the mending process.

Chris walked in and saw her and smiled and said,"I see I caught you at a bad time. I just wanted to say hello and maybe just be together for a little bit. I'll come back another time." He turned back to the door.

Billi stood up, which caused her to wince. "Chris, I'm working through destroying my career. Show some fucking compassion. After all, it was YOU who filed charges."

Chris was confused and said, "I am trying to be compassionate, I just wanted to say hi and just see how you were."

Billi's anger was subsiding as fast as it rose to the surface. She gave a sigh, her eyes welling with tears but not running over, and she clutched her side. "I love you, and it kills me that I embarrassed you while trying to do what I was taught to do at the Academy. Bring an end to a bad situation without resorting to violence first..." Her voice cracked and she slumped down into her chair doing everything in her power to not cry. She scooped up the dermal regenerator with an angry motion and leaned back again, pinching her skin together as she began to mend the flesh. It kept her from crying as she focused on something else.

Chris looked at her and felt her sadness and said,"I'm sorry that I had to press charges, it was necessary, because, of the Q issue and the prime directive. I want us to be okay, I love you too, and I can't see my life without you. Maybe when you are feeling up to it, we can grap a bite to eat."

Getting her flesh healed enough to not be split open anymore, and using wet wipes to clean and sterilize her hands as he spoke, Billi set her tools aside and went to Chris. Standing on the balls of her feet to reach his face easier she gave him a quick kiss, a grin forming-finally-on her face. "We're okay, babe. Promise. I've become complacent, not enough training where it needs to be maintained the most. Physical activities over sitting in a damn flight simulator. I failed you, the crew, and Starfleet and...I have to live with that. Live with the fact that what everyone said at the Academy about Orions serving, was true."

"Orions can serve and have no issue doing so, please never think otherwise. I love you and I am glad we are okay. Please train as you need to, you are still a department head. I will let you get back to your shower. I'm happy this is getting behind us." Chris said He gave her a quick kiss.

Billi practically jumped up and wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly as she finally let the sobs go, her face buried in his chest.

He kissed the top of her head and said, "I'll let you get back to what you were doing. I just wanted to say hello."

Bringing her face up Billi kissed her beau, then, when her eyes went back down to his chest, she gave a half-hearted giggle and swiped at his uniform front. "Sorry, Babe, I left some moisture on your uniform." She looked up into his eyes once more. "I love you and I'm not going anywhere. Just...having issues dealing with my own dumbass decision. Beckett shouldn't have to face the gauntlet alone." She kissed him again. "I have to reconcile my differences with her. Let me finish my mending and then we'll go from there."

It crushed her heart to see him go, but he was being respectful in the knowledge that she needed time alone. Going to her bathroom Billi bathed and cleaned up to make herself presentable to the outside world.



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