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Worrisome Details

Posted on Mon Dec 3rd, 2018 @ 5:27pm by Lieutenant Commander Joshua MacClaren MD & Lieutenant Junior Grade Phillipa Fogg-Saint George

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: Dr. MacClaren's Office
Timeline: current


CDO Phillippa Fogg-Saint George slipped quietly into Sickbay and tapped on the door to Dr. McClaren's office. Josh looked up and gave his friend a tired smile. She stepped inside and sat down opposite him. "You look like you've seen better days," she commented. "Any problems with the clones?"

"Physically they are all fine..." he told her, punctuating the comment with a deep sigh. "Emotionally? Not so much! Their situation is, at best, tenuous: not to mention the trauma they survived being human prey." Now it was the woman's turn to sigh. "They are all concerned with what their status is going to be in Star Fleet and back home. As of now nobody knows whether the originals are alive or if they've been killed. I mean--how would you feel if there was an exact copy of you running around out there somewhere?"

"I wouldn't care for it one little bit!" she admitted, "but surely you've assured them Star Fleet will make every effort to take care of them and integrate them back into society?"

"Will they now?" Josh replied, not bothering to keep a bitter note out of his voice. "According to what we know Star Fleet AUTHORIZED this little peccadillo we broke up down there! They allowed Fleet personnel to be subjected to illegal, or at the very least, unethical procedures! They allowed these unauthorized copies to be hunted like animals! How am I supposed to tell them that Star Fleet is going to take care of them with a straight face? For all we know they'll be quietly 'offed' once Sovereign has left the base!"

"Oh Joshua!" Now the woman was really beginning to worry.

The Doctor gave his friend a black look. "You were in the JAG Office," he said. "Do you think Star Fleet is just going to let those clones go back to their families? Once upon a time I thought I could trust the Federation but now I'm not so sure..."

"If word of this gets out it's going to be a public-relations nightmare for the Federation," she agreed. "It would be a major black eye for the Federation--doubly so if it isn't brought to a successful conclusion."

Josh nodded. "Betazed and Delta are going to explode once word of this gets out," he observed. "There are cracks simmering just under the surface and this could blow them wide open!"

"We're just going to have faith in the common decency of the Fleet," she said.

"That," Josh told her, "is something I don't have much of right now."



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