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Loving and learning

Posted on Thu Dec 20th, 2018 @ 12:04pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Cahban "Kevan" Doolin & Ensign Leah Burns MD

Mission: The Court Martials
Location: USS Eclipse
Timeline: current


Lying underneath a console in a small lab, replacing isolinear chips, Kevan Doolin was as content as could be. Their stay here at 55 had allowed him to play catch-up with his patient, the USS Eclipse. Everyone else seemed focused on the court martial, and he could understand why, but he had work to do. What 55's engineers were not working on, Doolin had his people there and, that included himself. On his back, focused on what he was doing, he did hear the doors hiss open and shut. Not a surprise since this was a lab for both Science and Medical, he kept working. A pair of feet enclosed in Starfleet standard issue boots and black slacks appeared near to his own legs, with Kevan not able to see higher than their calves.

"Excuse me, Lieutenant but, have you eaten?"

Doolin found that to be an odd question, his ears hearing a familiar female tone to the voice, but with his upper body underneath the console the acoustics were slightly muffled. "I'm almost done. I'll have a bite after."

The legs moved around for a minute, then the arms appeared as the person went to hands and knees and, unsurprisingly, bore the blue of the sciences, just before they went prone on their belly revealing the smiling face of Leah Burns. "You better," she said with a smile. "Or, I'll rat you out to Doctor Beckett."

Glancing at that smiling face before his eyes went back to what he was doing, Kevan smiled in return. "Hiya, Love. I eat when I get hungry, small snacks all day to keep me goin'."

Leah rolled onto her back and then scooched up under the console next to him, taking up the case of chips and placing it on her belly. "I figured as much. Need a hand?"

"Sickbay must be dead," said Doolin, pulling a chip out of its slot in the console and scanning it.

"In regards to Sickbay," giggled Leah. "Yes, it is extremely slow with us docked. Dead, however, is not a word we like to use in the medical profession." She pulled a chip from the case and held it up to her face, spinning it in her hand to look at it from all angles.

Doolin chuckled. "Point taken." Seeing her hand holding the red colored chip Kevan reinstalled the one he had scanned. "Do ya know what to do with that, or where it goes?"

"Not a clue," Burns responded, letting the hand drop to her belly with chip in hand as her head turned to look at him. "I thought, maybe, the Chief Engineer would aid me in that endeavor."

"Be careful what ya wish for," stated Kevan, in a feigned, serious voice. "Dat guy can be a real prick. Just ask around."

Burns grinned, watching his hands now, to determine what kind of isolinear chip went where, and for what systems. It looked like a giant, unending jigsaw puzzle. "I've heard the rumors, both good and bad. I hear he's a workaholic and has no time for BS while working..." She was trying to be funny, to keep his mood positive, yet as she spoke she noted he just kept working, his mind able to split between his job, and his social, at the same time and not missing a beat.

Kevan, hearing her voice trail off, stopped what he was doing and turned his head to look at her. "You were sayin'? I'm listenin'."

"You heard everything I said?" Leah gave a slight grin, her eyes showing they were meant for this man, and this man only.

"A'course I did," reassured Kevan. "What good would I be if'n I couldn't work wit me hands and hear what was goin' on around me? I'm sure you can do the same in Sickbay."

"True," that beautiful smile appeared on her face and she stretched her neck to give him a peck on the lips. "So, show me what to do."

Doolin gave her another peck and then his head turned to face up to the work he was doing. With casual instruction, handing her the tricorder, Kevan began to explain what needed to be done. Scan one, if it is in any way deficient, even to a 1% margin, it needed to be replaced, in his opinion. His student cauight on fast, and as she scanned the bad ones she set them aside and then handed him a new one. Working together they ahd the console's chips replaced within the hour, getting out from under the console and standing before it. "Run a level 4 diagnostic, see if the station is acting accordingly."

Burns did as instructed, not seeing Kevan as her lover, but the CEO. They were both on duty and to think, or act otherwise, where they could truly be seen, would be bad form. After a few minutes she looked over. "This lab station is working as expected, Mister Doolin."

Kevan gave an inner wince when she said that, remembering in grade school being called Mister Doolin. Yes, they were on duty and it was a proper way to address him, but she could have used any other form than that one. "I had no doubts, Ensign."

Being Betazoid Burns had felt his internal cringe when she used 'Mister Doolin', which she knew he disliked, and had used it anyway to tease at him. "Gotcha." She smiled.

"What?" Kevan was confused by that. "Got me how?"

"How soon you forget, Kevan." Leah smiled. "I'm Betazoid, and my empathy detected your little wince at being called mister. I have my ways of teasing you, too, Mister Man." Another giggle.

Doolin smiled in return. "Tart," was all he said, teasing back at her, while putting everything in its proper carry cases.

"I am not a pastry," said Leah with a light laugh. "Wench will suffice." They both laughed.

"Alright, Lass." Kevan took up his cases. "Got a few more tings ta do. See ya for dinner?"

Burns nodded and grinned. "Ten Forward, 1900. Sound good?"

"Perfect," he said, going around her and headed for the door.

"Don't be late," she teased at his back, watching that fine backside. "I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave."

"Damn right," Doolin tossed over his shoulder teasingly as he left.

Leah, having spent quality time with her beau, and aiding with ship duties, followed Kevan out the door, turning the opposite direction to head back to Sickbay.



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