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Closing Arguments

Posted on Tue Jan 15th, 2019 @ 3:08pm by Commander Nicole "Nikki" Beckett MD & Admiral Chris Barks & Lieutenant Colonel Mike Hatch & Lieutenant Junior Grade Lee Ziel & Admiral Mark Janter [PNPC - Barks] & Captain Telkyk [PNPC - L'Mina]

Mission: The Court Martials
Location: SB55 - Court Room
Timeline: Current


"All right people, I want to wrap this up and get this completed. I know that both sides, have done thier best, but this needs to be concluded." Admiral Janter stated

Nikki looked over her shoulder at Mike, needing a bit of encouragement. It had been a long day and her resolve was dwindling with her energy.

Mike gave Nikki a smile and reached out, putting his hand discreetly on her shoulder. He knew this had been hard on her but he also knew she'd be cleared, the testimony he'd heard effectively, to him, had disputed the charges against her.

Lee had put together his final argument, adding to that much of what Billi had written down and had been willing to say in her own statement. The Orion had recognized that this was about Beckett, so refrained from speaking.

Telkyk stood up. He had a PADD with what he wanted to say, but he was sure he wouldn't need it. He always delivered his closing arguments without a PADD.

"Admiral, ladies and gentlemen," he started, "we're here to answer one question and one question only. Did Dr. Beckett violate orders during the last mission of USS Eclipse, during the actions she took in locking herself and an alien named Volo inside a medical shuttle. While the initial locking itself had not been forbidden by her commanding officers, she was requested to end the lock, which she refused. It is clear that the whole command team of the USS Eclipse was under a huge amount of stress, due to the intervention of a member of the Q Continuum and the fact that they were thrown into a first contact situation without much of advance warning."

"However," he continued, "most of the rest of the senior staff did not disregard orders and the hierarchy. While I understand the stress involved and the intention to do what she thought was best, starships and Starfleet as a whole can't function without an hierarchy and if people started disregarding orders they didn't like, anarchy would ensui very quickly."

"Secondly, Dr. Beckett's actions prolonged a situation where the Prime Directive was applicable and put the lives of other crewmembers at risk. Without her lockdown, the situation could have been resolved a lot quicker and with a lot less danger to the ship and its crew."

"I do understand that these were stressful circumstances and for that I will not request the highest possible sentence, but the fact remains that Dr. Beckett disobeyed orders from her commanding officer."
With a nod to admiral Janter, Telkyk sat back down.

Ziel stood up, collecting his thoughts as he did so, the PADD in his hand used for fact reference, not for his argument. "Your Honor, ladies and gentlemen of the court." He gave nods to each as he spoke of them. One for janter, one for the assembled jury. "I find it curious that the Prime Directive continues to be brought up even though these proceedings are not in regards to that. This is about a Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Beckett, belaying orders given to stand down in an act of altruism towards a being who had obviously been suffering under the weight of her own government. Volo asked for asylum and it was granted, and that ladies and gentlemen, falls on the entire command crew of the Eclipse, not solely on the shoulders of my client."

Pausing a few moments Lee continued as he walked the rail before the jury. "Not one of you has ever seen combat and, trust me, I checked. You can read thousands of data streams of after action reports but, unless you've actually experienced it, reacting during combat is merely controlled chaos. There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long range risks and costs of comfortable inaction. Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction. Doctor Beckett may have disobeyed a direct order to surrender herself and her guest, and to open the shuttle they were in. But, at the same time, we all know that when it comes to medical matters that not even the Commanding Officer of a Starship or facility can override the directives put in place by the CMO. Commander Beckett protected her patient while Doctor Beckett saw to her medical needs, which according to the files, was dire."

"As well," continued Ziel. "Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. Doctor Beckett dared to fail miserably in hopes of achieving greatly, and I believe she was successful. You ask us at the Academy to not blindly follow orders, to think things through and be sure of your course. Yet, here is an officer who did just that and now her career is on the line. Why? Because she did exactly what she was supposed to as a physician?" Another pause to let his last bit sink in, with the questions behind them. "This should never have gotten this far. According to Starfleet regulations it was completely within the power of Admiral Barks to discipline Doctor Beckett aboard Eclipse. I would offer that Doctor Beckett receive a demerit on her record, for one full Terran year, and if she receives any further demerits, that that one becomes permanent. No loss of rank, or position and, that any further confinement be left to the Doctor's Commanding Officer. Thank you all for your time and consideration." Lee walked back to his seat casually and sat down.

" I have heard from both Defense and Prosecution, and both sides have presented excellent cases. I can tell that Doctor Beckett cares very much for her profession and has the compassion to go with it and tried very much, to keep the peace with both the new species and with the Q entity my verdict as as follows, that Commander Beckett, be given one year with a demerits and probation, keep her rank and position on the USS Eclipse and that all further confinement, be commuted. This court is adjourned.

Telkyk stood up, gave a nod to admiral Janter and then left the courtroom.

Nikki stood up and, vigorously, shook Ziel's hand. "Thank you, Lee," she said. She turned and flew into Mike's awaiting arms, hugging him tightly for several seconds. Then, arms around each other, they walked down the aisle, amidst Nikki's "fan club" and their congratulatory chants, and left the courtroom.



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