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Delivering "Good" News

Posted on Sat May 4th, 2019 @ 2:59pm by Captain Cassandra Quinn & Lieutenant Commander Joshua MacClaren MD & Lieutenant Junior Grade Phillipa Fogg-Saint George

Mission: Search and Rescue - USS Eclipse & USS Sovereign
Location: Sickbay


With the Bridge roundup complete Pippa made her way down to Sickbay to find her friend Josh McClaren attending to Captain Quinn of the Eclipse. He was being his usual Pacifican self--equal parts charm and sass. Some people found the combination a bit off-putting but the Captain seemed to be working well with him. This pleased her: still, she needed to deliver the news so she spoke up. "Joshua--do you have a moment?" she asked.

Josh looked at Cassandra. "I think Captain Quinn could use a few minutes rest," he opined. "Would you excuse me for a moment?"

Cassandra welcomed the break and nodded, allowing the nearby corpsman to help her back in bed and recalibrate the biobed's monitors. "Take your time, Doctor," she said with a wink and lay back against the pillows.

Once he had the Captain settled he turned his attention back to the new arrival. "You've got an--intereesting--expression..." he commented. "What's up Pippa?"

"I wanted to congratulate you on your promotion..." The CDO just let the words drop into the room and the whole Sickbay went silent as every one of the Medical Staff turned their attention to the conversation.

For his part McClaren just looked confused. "Promotion?" he asked. "WHAT promotion?"

So--this was the first Josh was hearing about this. Oh well--better spell it out. "Captain Kirk has promoted you to Chief Medical Officer," she told him. The Doctor soon found himself buried in a mound of med techs and nurses all eager to congratulate him on his good fortune. "It's a long time coming Joshua, but well deserved..." Pippa said once he was friend of the sea of azure.

Josh ran his his hand through his sandy hair. "Well this is going to be awk-weird..." he finally said. "A JG in charge of someone who outranks me? Oy this is going to be a mess..."

"Want me to tell Dr. Kilo?" Ensign Midori Yang asked. "I can't WAIT to see his expression when he finds out..." There was a certain air of unholy glee on her face that was matched by a number of others in the medical staff.

"Not one WORD to Kilo until this is confirmed!" he ordered. If he really was in charge of Medical now Josh needed to act like it. "If I don't hear from Captain Kirk soon I'll contact her and find out what's going on--but until then we're going to treat Lt. Kilo as if he's still in charge! Are we clear on that?" The rest of the staff nodded meekly.

"It's not like you haven't been running things down here for a while now..." Nurse Genevieve Goodbody offered. "Oh my God Joshikins! This is so exciting for you!"

"Girl--that's CMO Joshikins!" a male nurse quipped. "I suppose this means you're going to have to start cracking the whip and stop being our friend now?"

Josh gave him a level look. "Assuming Lt. Saint-George is telling the truth--and I can't see why she'd concoct a story like this--I don't see the reason to change things. Just realize that if you start slacking off--your ass is grass and my big foot is the lawnmower!"

"What's a lawnmower?" someone asked.

It's a lawn-maintenance device," Josh told him. "They use them to clip grass that needs cutting..."

The crewmen just looked more confused than ever. The Doctor's foot, while large, was blunt and couldn't "cut" anything. Maybe he was going to put a blade on his boot--that would cut! Still, Josh didn't seem the type for random violence--unless he'd been replaced by someone from the Mirror Universe! He found this quite troubling.

"You're over-thinking it!" Ensign Yang told him. "It's a colloquialism!"

"What's all the commotion?" Cassandra asked the corpsman in her cubicle.

"I'm not sure," he replied going to the door and looking out. "Something about a lawnmower."

"In Sickbay?" Cassandra asked, pushing herself up in her bed. "Why would they need a lawnmower in Sickbay?"

"Heck if I know, " the corpsman said with a shrug. "Maybe one of the docs has taken up golf?" he said jokingly.

Cassandra chuckled. "Better watch out for high flying balls then," she said...her laugh sending her into a coughing spell.

Hearing the coughing Josh dashed back in to check on the Captain. "You OK, Sir?" he asked. Still, the expression on his face was distracted and he had a generally-worried air about him.

Cassandra nodded while still laughing through the coughing.

"My bad, Boss," the corpsman said as he handed an oxygen mask to the Captain.

Cassandra waved it away. "I'm OK," she said, regaining control of both the coughing and the laughing. "So what's this about a lawnmower in Sickbay?"

"I just got some--interesting--news..." the Doctor told her. "It seems I've been promoted to Chief Medical Officer aboard the Sovereign. I'm not worried about doing the job since I've done it twice before--but the former CMO is still here--and he still outranks me. To say the least that's going to be an--awkward--situation..."

"Congratulations, Dr. McClaren," Cassandra said. "Now I really feel special. I'm being treated by the big boss."

"Thank you for that..." the man replied. "I guess I'll have to figure it out somehow--that's what we do in Star Fleet, right?" Then: "hey, I don't suppose you'd be open to a Doctor swap...?"

"I would have to leave that up to our CMO," Cassandra said. "Medical is her domain and she is very protective of it."

"Truth to tell I wouldn't wish him on another Medical Department," Josh said. "Oh well--I guess I'll have to figure out something. Sorry to dump this on you Captain..."

" be fair, Doctor....I was dumped on you so its kind of tit for tat," Cassandra said with a chuckle. "Once this whole mess is over we'll have to celebrate your promotion. Drinks at Danny Boys Tavern on the Double Nickle....on me."

"I'd like that!" the Doctor responded. Now his usual "Pacifian" positivity was back. "You my contact info--give me a buzz!"

"Also," he added, "our Lounge has gotten a bit of an upgrade since the arrival of our new Media-Relations Officer. Everyone is raising about what Panda Conn has done to the place and he's even serving guacamole and margaritas! If you haven't tried either I hear they are both worth checking out.

"I look forward to it, Dr. McClaren," Cassandra said. "For now I feel a nap coming on," she concluded and lay back against the pillows, getting comfortable.



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