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Posted on Wed May 8th, 2019 @ 1:00pm by Commander Nicole "Nikki" Beckett MD & Captain Jamie T. Kirk & Commander L'Mina & Lieutenant Commander Lori Coffee & Lieutenant Lewis McChord & Lieutenant Cahban "Kevan" Doolin & Lieutenant Commander Oliver [PNPC - Barks] & Ensign Aris Lowell

Mission: Search and Rescue - USS Eclipse & USS Sovereign
Location: USS Eclipse Stardrive
Timeline: current


The Eclipse SD had just finished running the grid of the Titus System and was on her way to the top of the Iadara System grid.

Communications Specialist, Ensign Lowell, was just about to turn away from her station to take a break when something in her earpiece caught her attention. It was so faint she had to press the earpiece tighter in her ear and close her eyes to in order to concentrate. The person on the console next to her said something and she held up her hand and said, "shhh!" then leaned over her console to shield herself from the sounds around her. She quickly made a few adjustments in the antenna array and listened again. Slowly the signal became clearer. Without opening her eyes she said, "'re not going to believe this. I'm getting an SOS in Morse Code. It's weak but I'm positive. It's on a continuous loop." She didn't wait for the order and put it on audio for the entire bridge to hear.

=^=Dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot. Dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot. Dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot.....=^=

Oliver heard the alerts and got excited that maybe it was indeed the saucer section. Hopefully, they could reconnect, and get back home and unwind, but he had to be patient.

Hatch sat up in the chair and listened to the signal. "Can you locate it?" he asked.

"Not yet," Lowell said. "It's too weak. But when we swung port it did get a tiny bit stronger."

Hatch got up and walked over to the navigation console. Bringing up a map of the system he put it on screen. "L'Mina....turn us port two degrees," he said.

"Yes, sir," L'Mina said, turning the ship, while trying to ignore the sound. Sensitive ears had advantages and disadvantages.

Hatch looked back at Comms, questioningly.

Lowell shook her head.

"Two more degrees, L'Mina," Hatch said, keeping his eyes on Comms.

"Of course," L'Mina replied, "comms, can you turn it down a bit. I have very sensitive ears and it's starting to give me a headache."

Lowell turned the volume down.

Lowell held up her hand and squinted then nodded.

Hatch looked at the map on the screen. "Slow and steady, L'Mina," he said, softly and looked back at Comms. "Let us know if that signal changes."

"Aye, Sir," Lowell said.

"Slow and steady it is," L'Mina said, although she wanted to go fast and do quick turns.

Oliver had looked over the panel and had been in communications with engineering and they had gotten a good amount of power to the engines and could do warp 9.75 for 6 hours.

Waiting for someone to give her a heading, L'Mina kept an eye out on the sensors as well. She'd rather not be jumped by some Tholians if she could avoid it.

Lewis was monitoring from his station. Lewis sent information from what he gather up to the point when he heard something. Over the course of time, he reviewed information on just about everything that was out there in the void and what was taking place near them.

"Ma'am, I am not detecting anything. Not even those silicon carbon lifeforms I detected some time back" McChord stated leaving out he found several century old earth based probes. he detected their radiation markings and back track the source of the decay. "I was running scans not to long ago of the surrounding of the ship. I've discovered these life forms. I've been scanning for them, just in case, the Tholians might have a cloaking device of some type we are not aware of."

Hatch turned to his CSO and furrowed his brow. "Check those sensors again, Lieutenant," he said. "We have just put Benzar in our rearview and that is an inhabted planet." He pointed to the map on the main viewer. "If we keep on this course we will go right through the Sheliak Corporate sector. Each of these planets in that sector is an industrial hub for the Sheliaks." He looked at CDR Coffee who was manning the Sec/Tac console. "Do you concur, Commander Coffee?"

Lori studied the map and looked it over, leaving Benzar and going the course that the Colonel was suggesting did mean that indeed they would be going through the heart of the system to find their people. They would have to stay alert and be ready.

Commander Coffee said, "I concur, Colonel, we need to be ready for anything. I will alert the security teams and I feel that we should have phasers ready and shields up, we don't want to get caught un-prepared if the Tholains show up again.

"Let's keep our heads in the game, people," Hatch said. "We don't need any surprises." He walked over to the command chair and tapped the comm on the arm. "Bridge to Lt. Doolin....we have detected a faint signal. Can you boost our reception so we can get a location?"

Doolin, down in main engineering, piped up. "Aye, Sir. I'll see what I can do." His brogue was still as Irish as ever, but not as thick. There was also a hint of aggression even in his normal tone. Not knowing how Leah was was taking its toll on his emotions. Tapping keys he reduced the output for the coil emissions temporarily. "Give it a go, Colonel. The chambers coil is in reduced mode for now, Sir."

"Checking again, sir" returned the CSciO as his fingers walked about on the console before him and reviewed the data scrolling in real time

Hearing the Lieutenant's reply, Lowell made some more adjustments on her console. "Signal's stronger, Colonel," she said. She adjusted her scope and said, "it appears to be coming from the southeastern section of the system but it's still to weak to get an exact location."

"Keep an eye on it, Ensign," Hatch said turning back to the screen. Using a control on the arm of his chair, he moved the image of the starmap to the lower corner of the screen so they could now see what was in front of them as well as the map. "We are approaching the Sheliak Corporate sector and, while we do have diplomatic relations with these people they may get curious as to why a Federation Stardrive is crossing their sector so let's make this a quick and painless as possible. Ensign Lowell....send the estimated coordinates of that signal to the helm. Cdr. L'Mina take us through that top portion of the sector at Warp 1."

"Aye, Sir," Lowell said and sent the coordinates to the helm.

L'Mina's ears dropped down when she heard only warp one. She thought Hatch would be a bit more pushy.

"Comms...get the Sovereign on the horn," Hatch said and sat down.

"Channel open, Colonel," Lowell said.

"Captain Kirk. This is Colonel Hatch. We have detected a faint Morse Code SOS coming from somewhere in the southeastern section of the Iadara System. We are currently in that system and on our way to, hopefully, pin down an exact location," Hatch said and waited for the reply.

Kirk, now standing just over and behind Colt's left shoulder. Hearing Hatch she angled her face slightly upward subconsciously. "We read you, Colonel. We're shadowing you at maximum phaser range to your starboard. I have three small craft standing by, if needed."

"Any word on the Saucer?" Hatch asked.

Kirk's face formed a grin. "We've got them on sensors, Colonel Hatch."

The Colonel's face lit up for the first time since this whole nightmare began. "That's excellent news, Captain," he said.

Oliver was surprised to hear this. He then looked over at the Colonel Hatch and said, "Sir, I'm preparing the stardrive for reconnection now. I suggest we do that as soon as possible. We need the space and they need the power."

Hatch turned and looked at the COO. "You're sipping the Tequila before the salt, Lieutenant," he said with a smirk. Making a slow down gesture he said, "we don't even have them in our sensor range yet." Turning back around, he tapped the comm on the arm of the chair and said, "Captain...were their any survivors?"

L'Mina was both looking and not looking forward to the re-connection. It would be easier with a full ship, however the stardrive on its own was more nimble and as pilot she liked nimble. She strained her ears to hear what Kirk had to say about survivors.

Kirk gave a nod. "There are. We have yet to make contact but we're closing on them fast. Sensors indicate there are lifeforms aboard. Humanoid lifeforms, no Tholians."

"I like to remind you, ma'am" Lewis informed as he nodded his head on the sensor readings "that Tholians can alter themselves and their ships via crystal harmonic to be masked their bio-signatures. I'm not detecting that carbon silicon base life form either. So it is safe to say, there isn't any Tholians. At least not what we can see and I'm scanning everything for anything out of place, ma'am, just in case."

Kirk quirked an eyebrow on screen. "I've never heard of such an ability in regards to Tholians." Looking back over her shoulder at her own Bridge personnel, one individual in particular. "Lieutenant Taavis, is that correct?"

Taavis. from memory, answered her Captain as she looked up. "Not that I know of, Captain. Tholians are naturally able to emit various forms of radiation, which they can modulate. They can communicate over short distances in this fashion. I have never heard of this cloaking ability."

Satisfied with one of her own Science officer's input Kirk faced the screen again. "As I said, there are no Tholians aboard and we're bringing them home, Colonel."

Hatch shot a warning glance at Lewis then turned back to the screen and said, "thank you, Captain. Please...let me know as soon as you have the saucer and any of her survivors. Hopefully they will be able to give us a better idea where to search. In the meantime we will continue to make our way through the Sheliak Corporate." Hatch waited for Kirk's nod of acknowledgement then gave the signal to Lowell to close the connection. Looking over the starmap on the lower right hand corner of the main viewer he pointed to the planet at the eastern most side of the Sheliak Corporate and said, "head for that planet, L'Mina. Cdr. Coffee....I know there's a lot of traffic out there but watch for anyone seeming to show us any more than casual interest. Ens. Lowell....concentrate on that signal. That is our only breadcrumb to finding our people." He wanted to counsel the CSO but he figured he would leave it for Barks or Quinn once things were back to normal. Instead he stood and said, "I'll be in Shuttle Bay 2. Cdr. L'Mina has the con," then he left the Bridge to check on his Marines.



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