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Who Do? You do. Part THREE

Posted on Mon May 6th, 2019 @ 5:47pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Steven Friday & Lieutenant Junior Grade Cady van der Kellen MD,
Edited on on Wed May 8th, 2019 @ 11:46am

Mission: Things That May Never Be
Location: Somewhere in the "Forgotten Frontier"
Timeline: close to present


"Captain--we're in sight of the Meriweather Lewis Escape Pod. I think..." After several days of traveling at high warp through the vast expanse of the "Forgotten Frontier" the USS Don Quixote had finally come in sight of something that Lt. Wilson Dewey "thought" was their target. There was at least SOME Federation tech in the tiny craft that had been broadcasting to them. "I confirm one life sign aboard Sir."

"Put it on main viewer Mr. Dewey!" the Captain instructed. What greeted them on the screen would never have passed inspection by Star Fleet Engineers but it had gotten young Ensign Friday a goodly distance. "Hail the craft!" she ordered.

"I have a response Captain."

"Put it through then..."

"Hey Donkey!" The now familiar, youthful voice they identified as Ensign Friday came over the speakers. "I've brought myself out of Suspended Animation. Can you transport me over? I'd really like to get out of this 'tin can' and I can't put myself back to sleep!"

"I can lock on to his signal." Ops informed the crew.

"Very good Mr. Dewey," the Captain said. "Transport him over--but I want full security precautions--just in case! Oh, and--bring that, whatever it is--in for examination. I want that thing THOROUGHLY examined!"

"Yes Sir!" Ops said as Captain Knox and Cady left the Bridge bound for Transporter Room One.
"I have a Transporter Lock on--whatever--is over there...." Transporter Chief Nicholas A. Janoropopolous wasn't at all sure that they should bring the stranger onto their ship even with the Captain, a Security Detachment and the Ship's Counselor aboard. "Shall I bring it aboard Sir?"

"His name is Steven Friday," Cady said. His Counselor training had taught him patience but this namby-pamby attitude from his Shipmates was beginning to wear a bit thin. "That's a Federation Citizen and a Star Fleet Officer over there Mr Janoropopolous. We came out here to rescue him so let's get to it. shall we?"

"Today please..." Captain Knox wasn't sure about this but her Counselor was correct: they had made a long trip out and had finally made contact. She just hoped they weren't making a huge mistake!

The transporter beam twinkled and a figure appeared on the pad. He was short, by human standards anyway, and he seemed to have been assembled out of random parts--and those parts hadn't been assembled correctly. Everything worked but the thing on the Transporter Pad moved awkwardly and with a certain pain. This skin was mottled and grayish, his eyes shown an almost luminous silver and had no visible pupil. Only a cascade of golden wavy hair looked truly human.

"What IS that?" The Transporter Chief would have happily sent it back to its point of origin if only the Captain would have allowed it.

"That's not a WHAT," Cady told him. "It's a WHO and his name is Ensign Steven Kirk Friday--lately of the USS Merriweather Lewis."

"Thanks for the rescue!" The voice was human and sounded very youthful. "The Oblivians put me back together but they didn't pay a lot of attention to the models they had to work from so... Hope I didn't scare anybody..."

"Captain--that thing is full of alien tech!" The man heading the Security Team would have happily shot Friday where he stood. "Is--it--Borg--or what...?"

"God with 'or what'..." Friday said, "It'll be easier that way for everybody. Scan me! You won't find any Borg components: I'm not here to assimilate you--or anybody. T he truth is that if I didn't have these implants I couldn't walk: I don't even understand what half of them even do."

The Captain finally came to a decision. "Well--we'll have to see what we can do about figuring out what those implants of yours actually do," she told him. "This is Lieutenant Junior Grade Cady vander Kellen our Ship's Counselor. He can set you up with quarters and we can start figuring you out..."



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