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Reconnecting & Search

Posted on Fri May 31st, 2019 @ 12:23pm by Commander Nicole "Nikki" Beckett MD & Admiral Chris Barks & Captain Jamie T. Kirk & Commander L'Mina & Commander Sean "Shack" Byrnes & Lieutenant Commander Jennifer DiAugustina & Lieutenant Commander Lori Coffee & Lieutenant Samuel Colt & Lieutenant Taavis & Lieutenant Cahban "Kevan" Doolin & Lieutenant Junior Grade Billi & Lieutenant Molk [PNPC - Barks] & Lieutenant Commander Oliver [PNPC - Barks] & Ensign Aris Lowell

Mission: Search and Rescue - USS Eclipse & USS Sovereign
Location: Sheliak/Federation/Unincorporated Border
Timeline: current



"Prepare for reconnection, Cdr. L'Mina," Hatch said as he stood behind the command chair and gripped its back in preparation for the jolt.

"Will do," L'Mina said. She had been following the communications and knew that the Tholians were coming closer. So reconnecting would have to be fast. On the stardrive everything was ready, she had made sure of that. She just didn't know how the saucer had been doing and what the status of their systems was. And doing a fast reconnect meant an automated one, not a manual one.
"Ready for reconnection," she said as soon as all systems were powered up and ready, "I suggest we do the reconnect with our own systems only, unless we get confirmation from the saucer their systems are online and fully operational."

Shack's voice piped in loud and clear on the speakers. "Nice to see you guys." On the saucer his face was lit up with a smile despite his eyes showing his worry over the Tholian ships. "We've got systems ready for reconnect, Stardrive. do your thing."


Kirk listened to his people go back and forth to get the saucer in the best position for Eclipse to reconnect.

"Saucer is now free and clear to navigate," said Lohki. "Tractor beam has been deactivated, Captain."

That's what Jamie had been ready to hear. "Colt, swing us around and put us broadside to the Tholians with our starboard side. Use us to shield the Stardrive until they are whole. Red alert."

The ship became a buzz of activity.


Sitting in her fighter with Oka as her RIO, Billi checked and rechecked her systems.

L'Mina swung the stardrive around. At least without the saucer it had a lot better maneuverability. She had to do this as quickly as possible, so she stepped on it. As soon as they came close to the saucer, she pushed the stardrive in a short reverse to slow it down right before she hit the saucer. The residual speed pushed them forward just enough to have the magnetic clamps connect and pull them together. With a clank, a bit harder than usual, but within tolerances, they connected with the saucer.
"Connected, sir," she said, "now connecting the turbolifts and power couplings."

Hatch leaned over the back of the chair and tapped the comm on the arm. "Welcome back, Saucer," he said with a smile. "Who's in charge?" Then he released the comm button and said, "good job, L'Mina," then opened the comm again.


Barks felt the jolt of reconnection send a sharp pain through his head. "I want you to take charge of any rescue operation, Colonel and Cdr. Byrnes will have the con," he said, trying not to sound like he was in as much pain as he was. "Good job everyone," he said, a little more weakly. Then he looked at Tookl and nodded. "Ok, champ. You win."

Tookl tapped his combadge and said, "Tookl to Medical. Beam me and Admiral Barks directly to a trauma cubicle. Have Dr. Beckett join us." And a few seconds later both Tookl and Barks disappeared from the Bridge.

Nedrix was surprised how quickly things were happening. He liked it, but he knew that once Lieutenant Oliver arrived on the bridge that he would have to give up the operations station.

Shack looked around, then locked eyes with Nedrix. "Mister Nedrix, make sure all power allocation between Stardrive and Saucer are in order. We don't need brown-outs interfering with duties." Byrnes then stood and looked to Mike. "Colonel Hatch, you've led us this far, Sir. Take the chair once we arrive on the Bridge proper."


"Aye, aye, Admiral," Hatch said and turned to the Bridge crew. "I guess we're out of here. Transfer everything to the Main Bridge and shut this puppy down." He turned to L'Mina. "'s been an honor," he said, then turned to everyone else. "Thank you all. You made my job easy. You're the best Fleeters I have had the pleasure to work with. Now let's go save our people."

With the salutations out of the way, Hatch tapped the comm on the arm of the chair. "Colonel Mike Hatch transferring command to Main Bridge. Security Code 5923 Xray Zulu," he said.

=^=Command transfer successful.=^=

Hatch tapped his combadge and said, "Hatch to's all yours. Hatch to Marauders Rescue to MC Briefing Room." With that he marched off of the Battle Bridge and headed for Marine Country on Deck 38.

L'Mina didn't close her console. Since they would be going in combat, a pilot would be stationed here anyway. But she planned on going to the main bridge. She quickly took the special turbolift that connected the two bridges and arrived on the main bridge.
"Good to be back, sir," she said to Shack, "although the full ship flies like a brick."

"You're a strong female, L'Mina," stated Byrnes. "If anyone can make this behemoth behave as she wants, it's you. Do as you will on helm, Commander." Hatch had given him command and he intended to do just that. Sovereign would not suffer the brunt of battle.

L'Mina didn't have to be told twice. As soon as she had called up her console configuration, she pulled the ship to its side towards the battle.
"What weapons are working on the saucer, sir," she asked. She had to know how to place the ship depending on which weapons worked.

"Phasers were at minimal," answered Byrnes. "But, now that we're whole that may be corrected with a warp core for energy. None of them were damaged."

"Just let me know when I can face that side of the ship to them... sir," L'Mina said, putting the ship with it's belly and the stardrive weapon systems towards the enemy.


Jennifer activated all the sensors, trying to get as good a picture of the Tholians as possible.
"That one looks to be the leader of the bunch," she said, indicating one of the bigger Tholian ships, "based upon their attack pattern. Let's hit that one first. Eclipse, launch fighters and have them take out those webspinners."

Kirk looked back over her shoulder. "Lohki, once the Tholians are in range you may fire at will. Concentrate fire on the vessel Commander DiAugustina has singled out."

"Aye, Captain." Lohki's hands went to work as he got a manual lock on the vessel Jennifer had designated. He wouldn't use weapons lock through the sensors since it would alert said ship that it had been targeted.

"Eclipse is coming as well, but still no fighters," Jennifer said, "maybe we should get a couple of runabouts out."

Kirk looked at DiAugustina. "Jennifer, this is why I ordered nothing but Delta Fliers." She gave a grin and wink. "Pretty tough small craft, and they can aid in battle. Let's launch two Deltas, then put the ambulance Delta on ready five."

"Tholians in range," announced Lohki. "Commence firing." His fingers tapped the phaser emitter keys in sequence, the lethal filament reaching out to try and touch the Tholians. His fire was spread out but he did tag the ship DiAugustina had pointed out with three hits for every one that the others received. Sovereign began to rumble and shake as the Tholian onslaught began to strike their starboard side. "Shield down to 98%. Continuing to fire, Captain."

Kirk gave orders. "Use the torpedoes sparingly, Lohki. When you have a sure shot then let them wreak havoc. Stay with phasers as the main offensive."

"Aye, Sir."

Colt sat at Flight Control, his anger felt as he contemplated Eclipse. Why the hell hadn't they launched the fighters yet? "Two Deltas are now ready to depart, Captain. Now would be best so they don't get picked off too easily."

"Launch," ordered Kirk.

Reading from his screen Colt shouted back over his shoulder. "Deltas free and clear, turning to engage to enemy."

"Lohki, prepare a full spread of quantum torpedoes," said Kirk as she held onto a hand rail as the ship shuddered and vibrated. "Colt, turn us head on with the enemy and put all power to forward shields."

Both men acknowledged the orders.

"Eclipse is trying to get whole again," offered Taavis. "Still no fighters."


Billi sat in her fighter awaiting orders to launch. It was her and her wing, and another two-fighter element that would go out and provide distraction. Through the bulkheads she could hear the tremendous pounding Sovereign was taking to shield Eclipse while the ship reconnected.

"What is taking them so long?" Asked Oka in the back.

"Fuck if I know," answered Billi, her word choices echoing how she felt about just sitting here.


Taavis arched an eyebrow as she looked up from her laterla scans, taking pressure off of DiAugustina so that the Exec could focus on her First Officer position. "Captain, sensors indicate a foreign vessel out on the perimeter. Not attacking nor defending, just seems to be observing."

Kirk turned to face the Vulcan-Romulan. "Is it significant to this battle, Miss Taavis?"

"No, Captain."

"Then ignore it for now and focus on keeping us alive." Jamie turned back around to face the front. "Any word from Eclipse?"

Lohki shook his head as he answered. "Nothing yet, Captain. They are reconnecting as we speak."

"Drop aft shields and beam our engineers home," ordered Kirk.

Lohki responded. "Orders sent, Captain."


Shack stood before the Captain's chair. "The timing is right. Launch fighters and inform Sovereign there are more small craft to avoid shooting."

Somewhere behind him his orders were acknowledged. Byrnes tapped his combadge. "Byrnes to Doolin. Any time now, would be nice, Mister."

Doolin's voice came through with grunts and sighs of a man working hard. "Aye, Sir. Not like I'm plugging in a bloody wall lamp, Captain. If we don't get it..."

York, a few meters down from Kevan, spoke up. "Mister Doolin, main power restored. We are one!" Several engineers gave whoops of victory.

Seth Ronin, the borrowed engineer from Sovereign, spoke from the other side. "All manifolds connected and power flow is normal, Lieutenant Doolin. This bitch is ready to go the distance."

"Ya heard 'em, Sir." Said Doolin with a smile. "Eclipse is whole and all power is restored. Main phasers will be fully charged in two minutes."

Byrnes gave a grin of his own as he listened. "Message received, Mister Doolin. Bridge, out." The badge warbled as the channel closed. "L'Mina Eclipse is a dreadnought once more. Get us to Klaydia III, best speed. Tactical alert!"

Down in the maintenance corridor Ronin and his two personnel shimmered out in a transporter surge.

Billi got word to launch and launch she did. The two elements left the docking bay with Billi turning left and element two turning right to go around Eclipse. Turning her fighter Billi angled to aid the Sovereign while Eclipse got underway.

L'Mina pulled the ship away from the combat, but she wasn't sure.
"Shouldn't we be helping the Sovereign with this, sir," she asked.

"Yes, L'Mina," answered Byrnes. "Full impulse and angle us towards Klaydia III. Give the Tholians something else to shoot at until we've deterred them from following. Tactical, fire at will and keep an eye out for the small craft. Bring us around Sovereign and get in beside her, forward weapons toward the enemy."

1 hour later


On the main screen, Klaydia III loomed in the distance. Its moon just cresting the horizon. Ens. Lowell leaned into her console and made some adjustments. "Sir," she spoke up. "I have a fix on the SOS. It's coming from a small asteroid in a distal orbit around Klaydia III." She cast the star chart onto the main viewer and highlighted the asteroid, then sent the information to the science station for analysis of the asteroid.

Shack watched the screen/window. "Any detectable defenses?"

Colonel Hatch walked through the turbolift door and onto the Bridge carrying a PADD. "Commander," he said to Byrnes, "have you got a minute?" he asked and lifted the PADD to indicate he had something to show the acting CO.

Byrnes looked to the PADD and then into the Colonel's eyes. "Of course, Hatch. What have you got?"

"Ready Room?" Hatch said with a nod towards the door. As he walked past the nav console he saw the map with the highlighted asteroid. "Is that our destination?" he asked, stopping to get a better look.

"That it is, Colonel." Shack met Mike's gaze, matter-of-fact, with no bullshit. "That's what makes sense, Colonel. Tholians enslave humanoids to reverse engineer our tech. If there was ever a boon for resources, this system has it and that facility accommodates. But, both starships need to be available."

"Just as I thought. That'll work," Hatch said and continued to the Ready Room door. "Based on the information you guys gave us," he began before he was even a few steps across the threshold, "the odds are fairly high that those of our people taken off of the saucer are still alive and rescuable." He stopped in front of the large desk and quirked an eyebrow. "Is that a word?" he asked not waiting for an answer as he activated the PADD and cast an image on the larger screen behind the Admiral's desk. "According to our Intel people, these images were taken from a passing privateer a year ago. They're of an Ameloysite mine run by the Tholians. Ameloysite is an ore that, when refined into a liquid and combined with Rhulcyn...a mineral found in the desert sand on Liatera...can be used as an alternative energy source to Dilithium and Neucleogenics." The images were of a facility built onto the surface of an asteroid. Some of the images, though pixelated, showed structures that appeared to be landing pads and hangars that actually extended beyond the surface. "Since the Tholians would need to function in their restrictive...biosuits for a lack of a better term...they are using Humanoid species as slaves that they have taken from ships that they have encountered or that have ventured into the unincorporated territories like Klaydia II and Daled IV. My guess is they were looking for somewhere to place another intake facility when they came across us on Biatov."

Byrnes nodded. "We're a threat to their resource production. Had they come to the Federation and lodged a complaint I'm sure we wouldn't need to be here."

Hatch nodded and continued on. "I have assembled two teams consisting of my best people." He cast an image of a distal view of the facility so that all structures could be seen. "Being an asteroid I am going to assume that the atmosphere is being controlled by some sort of biodome." He made a circle around the entire facility with his finger. "We beam down my two and here," he points to two locations near landing pads just outside of the circle, "while you guys keep the attention on you...our fighters...whatever. We enter the rock and ditch our suits then make our way inside. Team 1 will look for the main power source and cut power to whatever shields they have and team 2 locates the prisoners and bring them within transport range." He looks at Shack to see if he is following.

Shack followed everything, even the hand gestures towards the holo-mock-up of the combat zone. "A sound plan, Colonel. Keep in mind. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Once the compliment of personnel is aboard Eclipse and Sovereign, we warp out. We are not here for an extended campaign against the Tholian Hegemony."



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