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A Busy Little Boy Scout

Posted on Wed Jun 5th, 2019 @ 8:06pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Steven Friday & Lieutenant Junior Grade Cady van der Kellen MD,
Edited on on Tue Jul 2nd, 2019 @ 11:58am

Mission: Things That May Never Be
Location: Somewhere in the "Forgotten Frontier" Aboard the USS Don Quixote
Timeline: current


"I am a little Boy Scout--a busy little Boy Scout! I try to do a good deed--a good deed every day!"

Ensign Steven Friday was singling this silly little song as he typed with shocking speed on a PADD when Cady vander Kellen, Ship's Counselor aboard the USS Don Quixote found him. "What are you working on, Mr. Friday?" the older man wanted to know.

"It took less time to do the write-up on Symbospeech," the younger man replied. "The verbs are all regular and the grammar rules are consistent so I started working out the rules for the Bre'enn language. Their language makes Chinese look like Esperanto!"

"Esperanto?" That wasn't a language the Conselor had heard of before. "Is that one of your currently un-recorded languages?"

"It's a made-up language from Earth's twentieth Century," Friday told him. "It was supposed to bring the various factions of humanity together by giving them an easy-to-learn language so they could communicate better: in the end it became an exercise for linguists and a few Esperanto hobbyists. It didn't survive the Time of Troubles."

Cady nodded. Was this another tidbit the Oblivians had stuffed into his head or was this just another random fact Friday had picked up? In the end there was probably no way to know without asking. "That's interesting Mr. Friday," he commented mildly. "Where did you learn about this--Esperanto?"

"Came across a reference while I was studying Earth History and got curious," the young man replied blithely. "Not that there's that much information in the data banks: I just thought it was fun...." Friday found himself wondering if he'd done something wrong again as the Counselor's face slipped out of it's usual blandness for the slightest moment.

Cady caught Friday's reaction and carefully brought his expression back to neutral. "Mind if I take a look at your work?" he asked.

Friday passed him a PADD and Cady began a quick glance. As usual Friday had done his usual thorough job. Symbospeech seemed simple enough with regular verbs. standard conjugation that followed consistent rules and an easily understood subject/verb/adjective structure. Cady thought he could likely memorize the basics of this language in a fairly short time. "Good work, Mr Friday," he commented. "Star Fleet will find this invaluable should they decide to make contact with the Humanx Commonwealth."

"If the Federation doesn't initiate contact with the Humanx they might find themselves caught flat-footed when they meet the AAnn," Friday told the Counselor. "If the data I retrieved is accurate those little lizards are dangerous! They are smart, adaptable and fast-breeding--and they adapt and share new technology with frightening speed!"

"That's way above our pay grade, boyo!" Cady told him. "All you can do is provide the info and then it's up to bureaucrats up the chain of command to make a decision. All we can do is hope they make the right one..."



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