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Probing Atlantis

Posted on Sat Jun 22nd, 2019 @ 9:19pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Steven Friday & Lieutenant Junior Grade Cady van der Kellen MD, & Lieutenant Junior Grade Matthieu d'Arlequin
Edited on on Tue Jul 2nd, 2019 @ 10:56am

Mission: Things That May Never Be
Location: Somewhere in the "Forgotten Frontier" Aboard the USS Don Quixote
Timeline: current


"d'Arlequin to Counselor vander Kellen!" Cady responded to the Science Officer's Comm signal. "Hey Doc--have you got a few minutes to drop by the lab? We're starting to get data from the probe we launched toward Atlantis!"

"Captain Knox has booted me off the Bridge, so yes!" the man replied. "Give me a sec' to get down there!" When Cady arrived he found the Science Officer also had Ensign Friday in his lair. "Find anything interesting?"

"Just more unanswered questions!" Matt replied with a wry grin. "All I could scrounge up on this old tub was a single Class One Probe and Ensign Friday had to repair that! I hope you don't mind I brought him in on this..."

"Since the Captain refused to assign him any duties..." Captain Knox had taken it into her head that young Mr. Friday was nothing but trouble--trouble she wanted no part of! She had refused to give him anything to do aboard her ship which left the Ship's Counselor with the unenviable task babysitting the stranger (above and beyond his already-crowded schedule as Chief Medical Officer and Ship's Counselor). "I thought you were in Ops not Engineering..."

"Operations starts with a grounding in Engineering," Friday told him. Then he tapped the side of his head. "The Oblivians filled in the rest! That's how I was able to augment the Escape Pod and add in those random pieces of junk I came across."

"We're going to have to spend some time studying you," Cady commented, "at least once we get somewhere a bit less hostile! We need to figure out what makes you tick--for your sake AND ours!"

Friday nodded. Then: "first reports coming in! It's from the gas giant."

"What have we got?" Cady wanted to know.

"The planet is generating a LOT of power," the young Ensign replied. "The readings are damn near off the scale!"

"Like a proto-star?" Cady asked.

"More like a giant machine," Matt replied. "A machine that could power a hundred Starbases!"

"What would they use something that generates that kind of power be used for?" Cady wondered.

"No way to tell with this wimpy-ass probe," the Science Officer replied. "If I had to guess I'd say it is stabilizing the Class M planet that is orbiting the gas giant! The gravitics and electromagnetic forces of a planet that size would play hell on an earth-like world in its orbit!"

"So--you're sure the planet is Class M?" Cady asked.

"I'll re-direct the probe to the smaller world," Friday offered. "The big planet is way too much for this poor little baby!" Friday made the adjustments and in a few minutes he announced: "results coming in!"

"Definitely a Class M planet!" Matt said. "Gravity .99 Earth-standard, atmosphere comparable to Earth as well. The planet is approximately 70% water--again close to Earth-standard... Ah--here's something that's definitely NOT Earth standard! The planet doesn't have a wide temperature-gradient from the equator to the poles!"

"Could the be due to lack of axial tilt?" Friday suggested.

"Maybe," Matt replied, "but there's no way to tell with this probe!"

"Can you provide any more data on the planet?"

"It seems to have a thriving ecology," the Science Officer replied. "There are signs of intelligent life--power signals and evidence of roads and agriculture on a human scale! We may have discovered a lost colony!"

"But we'll never know 'til Star Fleet sends a 'real' vessel of exploration out this way," Cady said. "Log as much as you can provide as detailed a report as you can. We want to encourage them to send someone out this way."



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