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Terran Battle

Posted on Fri Jun 28th, 2019 @ 10:55am by Admiral Chris Barks

Mission: Things That May Never Be
Location: Terran Empire
Timeline: 2269


The newest battleship of the Terran Empire was the ISS Miranda. She was a new miranda class starship. The second imperial fleet had gathered together to wipeout the Romulain Empire. The newest ship the Miranda was placed in the front and the design was smaller then that of a Constitution class. The miranda class was smaller, heavily armed and faster then its big bother the Constitution Class.

The tactical officer for the ISS Miranda was a Lieutenant Commander Charles Barks. He was a modest officer, who wanted to serve the empire. He didn't plot or scheme his way like that of many of his class mates. It was safer, but it he would be a Captain if he were more ruthless, but he could also be dead if he was as well. He choose to remain alive versus more power hungry.

Captain Renyolds was an aggressive officer who took out several D-7 type battle cruisers. He had Barks target a nacelle and then come around for another pass to take the warp core.

Captain Renyolds walked over to the tactical station and said, "Barks, how many torpedoes do we have left?"

Commander Barks looked over the inventory quickly and said, "We have 10 left, sir."

"Ten?!, that isnt nearly enougth. We need more. Scan the battlefield to see which ships either are hopelessly crippled or the crew is dead." Captain Renyolds ordered

"Captain, the ISS Hood's life support failed and the crew couldn't reactive it and they are all dead. We could transport torpedoes from the Hood to us."

Captain Renyolds ordered that the Miranda move into transporter range. The Miranda got close and lowered their shields, suddenly a Romulian cruiser de-cloaked and opened fire on the ISS Miranda. Charles was able to fire a single torpedo to the Romulian aggressor. Then everything went black.

-2 hours later-

Charles was on the floor and a young Ensign was looking at him and said, "Commander Barks, thank goodness you are alive."

Charles looked around. The bridge was smashed and they were still under the ISS Hood. He then saw the Chief Medical officer who said that both the Captain and first officer were dead. Charles realized in that moment that he was in command.

Charles went over to the Engineering Station, Lieutenant Younts was there and he informed Charles that warp drive was impossible due to the damage. The ship would have to get to space dock and torpedoes were out, some hull breaches, but no majorly severe damage to the ship. Barks asked Younts if he could reactivate the life support of the ISS Hood and it could be done, he also ordered that the energy going to the warp drive be re-routed to the impulse engines and phasers.

The life support the of the ISS Hood restored Lieutenant Commander Barks got a bridge crew together along with most of the engineering teams into main engineering and got the ship battle ready. The ISS Miranda was being commanded by Lieutenant Gons from tactical. The two men had become friendly.

Charles had gotten the hood up and running again. He ordered that the phasers start targeting the Romulain ships. They blasted through and started tearing the enemy ships apart because the Romulians were winning that they original thought that the Hood and the Miranda were adrift. After 6 ships were completely destroyed the remaining Romulain Fleet retreated.

Charles then looked over the damage to the Miranda and they had to go home under impulse power only. The Hood couldn't tow the Miranda at warp speeds and the time to get home would take 3 weeks at those speeds. It was enough time to get bodies of the previous hood crew taken care of, and the weapons and engines finely tuned since they were damaged from the battle.

Charles had to get people assigned to the vital tasks needed for a Constitution Class Starship, which was difficult, but he had the computer augment the empty crew potions. It was alot of work and he didn't even have a first officer to assist him with the work. He liked doing it, but found commanding a starship is different from what he thought it would be, more administrative things, but maybe since he didn't have a yeoman or a first officer he was experiencing something different.

He then received a communication from Starfleet command.



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