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Damage Control

Posted on Mon Jun 24th, 2019 @ 6:56pm by Lieutenant Reid Rogers XII

Mission: Search and Rescue - USS Eclipse & USS Sovereign
Location: Sovereign: Engineering
Timeline: current


"Hey Chief--now I understand why you ran us through those damned, endless drills and made us stockpile all those spare parts!"

Lt. Reid Middleton Rogers XII, Chief Engineer aboard the Federation Starship Sovereign gave the goldbrick a smile. "Keep up th' good work ol' son!" he drawled in his distinctive Ozark twang. He'd spent the bulk of his Star Fleet career building and repairing ships at Utopia Planecia on Mars and he'd learned what tended to go wrong in space battles. Back home they'd have called it "horse sense" but Reid knew it was a combination of knowledge and experience backed up by a good amount of preparation. But, since he'd had to good sense to make those preparation maybe it truly was "horse" sense.

"How 'r we operatin'?" he asked a fresh-faced youngster at a console. "We still able t' provide the Bridge th' power they need?"

"Aye Sir!" the youngster replied. Thank the "Twelve Corners" this boy wasn't one of the goldbricks! "Captain Kirk is drawing a lot of power for weapons and shields but we're able to keep up! Lets hope nothing craps out on us though..."

"We're prepared," Reid assured him. "Keep an eye on those readin's 'n' lemmie know if we have any significant drops! Assured that the youngster was doing his job the Chief Engineer turned to make sure the rest of his operation was continuing to up at expected levels. "Damage Control Teams Four, Five 'n' Six--stand by Weapons 'n' Shields! We can't have those go down durin' this fight! Team Eight---head up t' th' Bridge! Cap'n Kirk says they taken damage..."

"Aye Sir!" The two men hot-footed it toward the upper parts of the ship. Reid just hope they didn't embarrass him or themselves in front of the Captain.

Then the Chief Engineer turned his attention to the Transporters. "Riogers to Tuiasatupu! Do we still have transporters?"

"As long as Captain Kirk doesn't divert power!" came back the reply. "Do you need anyone transported out?"

"Not yet," Reid told her. "I'd prefer Medical not hafta sprint 'round the ship durin' a battle iffin' that c'n be avoided!"

"No Sir," Ke'Ta replied. "We're still good up here--at least for now!"

"Lets try 'n' keep it that way Chief Tuiasatupu!" Reid might have said more but there literally was a fire that needed to be put out...



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