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Target practice

Posted on Tue Jun 2nd, 2020 @ 6:19pm by Admiral Chris Barks & Lieutenant Commander Lori Coffee & 2nd Lieutenant Tiffany Willams [PNPC - Barks]

Location: Range
Timeline: Prior to FUGITIVE ON XANUS


Lori had picked up a type 1, type 2, and a type 3 phaser from the armory. She was looking to get some basic target practice in and then she was going to run a simulation in the holodeck where she has to escape from a borg ship, using those weapons. She started the range at level 8 and she had the phaser rifle first. The program would have her change from the rifle to type 1 phaser very quickly. Lori was challenged, but succeeding. Her score was coming up to 80 very quickly after only 5 minutes.

Chris knew that he needed to get to the range to practice with his phaser. He graped his issued one and put the holster on his hip and started to walk to the range. There were several Ensign's that were surprised to see that an Admiral was heading to the range.

The door opened and Lori almost didn't pay attention, and saw that it was Admiral Barks. She was shocked to say the least.

She turned to him stopped and said, "Admiral! How can I be of service?!"

Admiral Barks said, "No, Commander. I need to keep my eye up for if I ever need to draw."

Admiral Barks said, "Computer, reset program to level 9." Lori looked over, she had been operating at level 8.

-5 minutes later-

The computer announced an additional player has entered and will be competing against you. Chris accepted the request. The two officers played and the new challenger put them to the test for sure.

The computer ran the program and the two officers were running the program. The computer ended the program and stated that the mystery player won the game. Once the game was over Lieutenant Williams was reveled as the mystery player.

Tiffany was shocked to see that her competitors were Admiral Barks the ships commanding officer and Lieutenant Commander Lori Coffee the Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer.

Tiffany said, "Admiral, Commander, I'm so sorry."

Chris answered, "Lieutenant, please don't apologize for your excellent skills. How often do you practice?"

Tiffany said, "I practice, four times a week. I'm a Marine I need to be the best and part of that is being skilful with my phaser and all variations of the phaser. You should see my skills with a phaser rifle."

Chris smiled and said, "I'm glad to see that you are this good. I feel more secure already, Lieutenant."

Tiffany returned the smile and said, "Thank you, Sir. I appreciate that."

Chris left the range and headed towards his quarters. He defiantly needed to up his game. He was glad that the Lieutenant was that proficient, he needed to be better.



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