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This Is Unexpected

Posted on Sun Apr 26th, 2020 @ 5:00pm by Commander L'Mina & Admiral Chris Barks & Captain Cassandra Quinn & Commander Sean "Shack" Byrnes & Lieutenant Kirara Amanogawa Mrs & Lieutenant Cahban "Kevan" Doolin & Lieutenant Junior Grade Billi

Location: N'Doro colony
Timeline: upon arriving

It was boring, but at least she could do her paperwork. L'Mina had the center seat, but there was not much to do at the moment. They were going to do a mapping of a sector which had a possible M class planet. She wondered why a Galaxy class with an Admiral in command got a mission they could do with a Nova class ship, but on the other hand, a simple mission might be what they needed. After all the stuff with the Tholians they could use a couple of easy ones.

"Coming up to the system now, sir," the flight control officer, an ensign fresh out of the academy who had just transfered, said.
"Okay, slow down," she ordered, "we drop out of warp outside of the system and do a scan before we get in.

=====Holodeck 2=====

Cassandra leaned over the pool table and aimed her cue...sliding it back and forth with slow even strokes. When she was sure of her aim she connected with the cue ball, sending it rolling the full length of the table and connecting with the edge of the 8 ball. The black target rolled sideways and dropped into the corner pocket with a thud. Cassandra straightened up and smirked at Shack. "You were saying?" she chided and started dancing, seductively, around him, displaying the cue stick in front of her and singing an old tune she remembered hearing in a bar she used to frequent while in the Academy, "Can't Touch This".

"It's good to know your vision is precise," he said with a baiting grin. "On an away team together I wouldn't be afraid of you behind me with a phaser." Shack chuckled and waved it off. "Sorry--had to." With his side all healed up he felt much better, in many ways, stepping in to her bubble which caused Cassie to back up with her thighs to the edge of the pool table. After a few long kisses, her tush now parked on the edge of the table, he breathed and slowed his roll, sluicing some saliva from his bottom lip with a thumb. "Any idea what we're doing out here on the edge of nowhere?"


"Computer, call Admiral Barks, Captain Quinn, Commander Byrnes and Lieutenant McChord to the bridge," she said.

Chris was in his quarters resting. He needed a break from the previous mission and all the high stress situations he was in. He wasn't used to that much anymore. He was listening to music when the computer summoned him to the bridge. He grabbed his command tunic and donned it. He was still having a difficult time sleeping. He went to the lift and wondered what was going on. The lift quickly reached the bridge and made his way to the command chair and said, "Commander L'Mina, just give me a brief report, please."

"We've just arrived at our destination, sir," L'Mina said, standing up to give the admiral the chair, "I've stopped outside the system to do a first scan, just to be sure."

"Good thinking, Commander." Chris said. Chris settled in the command chair. He missed it during the last mission.

=====Holdeck 2=====

"It's a mapping mission," Cassie said sitting on the pool table. "The Admiral can handle it." She grabbed Shack by his color and pulled him toward her, wrapping her legs around his waist. "They certainly don't need the head of security up there."

Shack kissed her long and dirty, breaking to say in a husky voice. "I'm secure right where I'm at," his body definitely responding in kind.

Then the familiar warble from the combadges, both of them called to the Bridge. Shack stopped his deep kiss and leaned back. "Figures," he said, his arms still around Cassie. He tapped his badge. "Byrnes here. Quinn and I are on our way. Out."

As his loins settled down he stepped back from his beloved, aiding her with standing. "Shall we?"


L'Mina was walking around the different stations. At the moment she didn't need to take the helm and she used the opportunity to have a look at the different other functions. Her next step would be XO and this was a good opportunity to learn.

"Sir," the ensign behind the science station said, "I'm detecting a warp trail in the system."

Chris turned around and said, "Conduct a scan of the vessel and then the system. Get me a tactical report of the vessel."

"Yes, sir," the science ensign said and while L'Mina watched, she saw the data coming in.
"It looks quite small, sir," came the report, "A bit smaller than an old Oberth class ship. Power output is low compared to us and it has neither weapons nor shields on. I would say low warp capacity. One moment..."
Tapping of buttons on the console.
"... we're being scanned in return," he said, "they have to know we're here."

Cassandra entered the Bridge and went straight over to the secondary Security Console. She, quickly, typed in a command and the screen on the console lit up with an image of the other ship. Beneath the image was a description of it's specs. "It's not an UFoP registered ship nor is it recognized by Starfleet's Db," she said and looked over to the Admiral. "I suggest we treat this as a first contact, Sir."

Chris turned to the tactical station and said, "Hail the vessel, Lieutenant." The young officer typed in some commands and the channel opened Chris said, "This is Admiral Chris Barks of the USS Eclipse with the United Federation of Planets. We are explorers, may I have your name please."

Doolin had stepped onto the Bridge, stopping after two paces onto the command deck. He listened and got himself aligned to current events. He went over to engineering, checking the scans against his own data. "Admiral, if the scans are correct," he stood up tall once more to look at Barks. "That freighter has many similarities to the old Yigantis-class. 342 meters long, 17 decks and roughly 200 souls aboard, Sir."

=/\="This is the N'Doro freighter Da'Chumi," came the reply through the comm system, "What brings you to our system?"

"We are on a mapping mission of the area. We are just here to explore the area and its surrounding planets. Are you from this system?" Chris asked

"We are not," came the reply, "but we have a colony here and we claim this system as ours. Where are you from?"

Amonagawa Kirara was summoned and made her way quickly to the bridge. She came on and made her way professionally to where the others were standing. "Admiral, I came as requested." She turned to the screen by habit."Greetings, friend. My name is Lieutenant Amanogawa and I'm the Chief Diplomat, Under Admiral Chris Barks. I am pleased to meet you." She turned to the Admiral to await his further instructions.

Cassandra put the ship on a silent yellow alert (lights only) just in case this went sideways.

Having taken a different route to the Bridge, Shack stepped out from the aft lift. Somewhere along the way he had ran into Billi, so he ordered her to come with him. They moved to Tactical with Billi standing to his left as he got into position. His eyes went over all the data, speed reading to get caught up to the moment.

Billi leaned toward him, speaking very low. "What do you want me to do, Sir?"

"Stand there and look pretty," he responded, just as quietly, adding a wink and grin before his eyes got serious and he returned to duty. "Offer ideas, that sorta thing, Lieutenant. You remember how to do all that?"

Billi harumphed and aided him in going over data and telemetry.

L'Mina was looking at the data from the foreign ship. If this went further, she had to ask to see it. She really wanted to be the first to fly it.

A new voice came onto the comm.

"This is Hironos, Gharunna master of N'Kura," the person said, "our freighter captain said you arrived in system. Who are you and where are you from?"

Chris responded, "We are from the United Federation of Planets. My name is Chris Barks, I command this vessel. We come in peace. We are interested in learning about this area of space." Chris felt since a new voice came on the speaker that he had to make his presence known again.

"And my name is Amanogawa Kirara. As our Admiral has said, we are merely here on a quest for knowledge for knowledge sake and wish no harm nor quarrel with anyone. If anything, we wish to make peaceful gestures to the others we meet upon our travels."

There was a slight pause.
"Very well," Hironos said, "our freighter is landing. If you can land that giant of yours, you can follow the freighter in. The landing field should be large enough even for your ship."

Admiral Barks replied, "We cannot land this vessel, but we can land a smaller craft. We can bring a shuttle to the planet. Would that be acceptable?"

"That is okay with us," Hironos said, "I must admit I'm curious to meet other people."

Cassandra quickly typed "Away Team...Cmdr. L'Mina (shuttle pilot), Dr. Beckett, Ens. Griffin, Cmdr. Coffee, Lt. Amanogawa and myself" and sent it to the Command Chair's monitor for the Admiral's OK.

Chris saw the message and approved it. He then signaled the computer to summon Lieutenant Molk to the bridge.

Chris answered, "Great! We will send down a shuttle craft to meet you. We are very excited to be meeting your people and planet. Out shuttle will launch in 10 minutes and you can escort it down. Any objections?"

"Just come down when you can," the reply came.

Cassandra tapped her combadge. "Lt. Molk to the Bridge. Dr. Beckett, Ens. Griffin and Cmdr. Coffee report to shuttle bay 2 in Diplomatic Dress in 10 minutes," she said and looked over at Shack, giving him a nod to take her place at the console and inconspicuously pinched his behind as she walked passed. At the turbolift door she waited for L'Mina and Kirara and gestured toward the door with a bow as they passed her, then stepped in behind them.

"Do I have to wear diplomatic dress too, sir," L'Mina asked as soon as they were in the turbolift.

Cassandra looked at the Commander and smiled. "Yes, L," she said with the softness of friendship in her tone. "Unless you plan on staying on the shuttle while the rest of us get to know our new friends." She followed up with a wink, "I'll bring you a doggy bag if there's food."

L'Mina growled at the captain, but in a friendly way. She made her way to her quarters, first sending a message to the shuttlebay to have two of the Danubes prepped. She always believed in planning for contingencies and having another runabout ready to go in case it was needed was just a good idea. After changing in her dress uniform, she went to the shuttlebay.

Lori heard the call and made a change to her uniform and also took a type 1 phaser to hide away for concealment. She then made her way to the shuttlebay, she hated the dress uniform, but this was one of the times that she needed to wear it.

Molk heard the call and made his way to the bridge. He was excited to be getting bridge time, but probably nothing was going to happen while he was there.

Exactly 10 minutes from the announcement, Cassandra met the Away Team at the shuttle. "Everyone looks great," she said, approvingly. "Let's remember...this is first contact so let's represent the UFoP and Starfleet by example. That means everyone be on their best behavior." She looked at L'Mina and said, "after you, L."

"Very well," L'Mina said, taking the pilot's position. As soon as everyone was seated, She brought them out of the ship towards the planet and something new.



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