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Dance the night away

Posted on Wed Apr 25th, 2018 @ 7:42pm by Lieutenant Commander Jennifer DiAugustina & Lieutenant Junior Grade Oraxea Zoss [PNPC - L'Mina]

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: Cafe Schönbrunn (SB55)
Timeline: after both ships docked

Oraxea had been looking on the starbase promenade for some interesting stones. She had a nice collection and was always on the lookout for some new ones, but this time the shop she frequented didn't have anything that tickled her fancy. So she had been wandering a bit when she came to a new establishment. It looked like something she had seen a couple of times during her dance lessons, when they were doing classical Earth dances. One of the teachers always wanted to create the correct atmosphere. The name, Schönbrunn, also rang a bell, although she wasn't sure where from.

Going in, she noticed that the waiters were wearing appropriate clothing.
"Good evening, lieutenant," one of them said, "welcome to Cafe Schönbrunn. Do you like something to eat, or are you here for the dance night?"
"First something to eat," Oraxea said, "but that dance night sounds good as well. What kind of dances?"
"A bit of everything," the waiter said, "mostly classical dances of course, but from various species and time periods."
"Sounds good," she said, "I probably won't know them all, but I'm willing to learn."

She was brought to a table and given a menu. After choosing, she quickly got her food and it was quite good, although a bit strange to her taste. About one hour after she got in, they started the dance part. There were a number of people that had entered in the meantime, clearly there for the dance alone. Some also had dressed in the appropriate clothing, but enough were in uniform or modern civilian attire that Oraxea wasn't all that out of place.

After having a quick meal in the mess hall of the ship, Jennifer decided to have a look at the base. Methodical as ever, she had a look over the list of shops, bars and other options the base had to offer. One quickly drew her attention, a pub that had a dance night. She decided to have a look at it. It took her a while to get there as the base was quite big.

After a couple of dances, they started a dance from Bolius from about four centuries ago. A couple of humans seemed to know it, but most stayed on the side. A Bolian chief petty officer came towards her.
"Would you care to dance, lieutenant," he said.
"Sure, chief," she replied, letting him lead her onto the floor. Soon they were dancing away and it was clear that he had done this one before, as it wasn't all that easy to do. Soon they were the only ones on the floor and when the music died away, there was an applause.

Jennifer arrived to see just one couple on the floor, two Bolians. She didn't recognise the music, but that wasn't all that much of a problem. She was always happy to learn something new. Too soon the song had ended and she applauded with the rest of the people. Then she moved towards the female Bolian.
"Good evening," she said as a new song started, "I assume that was a Bolian dance?"
"Indeed, lieutenant," Oraxea said, "it's been a while since I've done that one. I'm Oraxea, helm officer of the Eclipse."
"Jennifer DiAugustina," she replied, "chief science, USS Sovereign."

They chatted a bit about their ships and last missions, when the music changed again, this time to a waltz. Soon two officers came and asked them to dance, which they accepted. The rest of the evening they danced and chatted with each other and other officers.
"I really should come here again," Jennifer said when the evening drew to a close.
"So do I," Oraxea said, "although I found the food a bit strange, at least to me."
"You can also eat here," Jennifer asked.
"I did," Oraxea said, "I'm not sure what again and I could probably not pronounce it anyway, but the desert was some sort of chocelate cake."
"Sachertorte," Jennifer said.
"That's the one," Oraxea replied, "although it did taste a bit strange for chocolate cake."
"If you're not used to it it migth," Jennifer said, "then I really have to come back here. Well, time to head back to my ship."
"Same here," Oraxea said, "I have a training tomorrow morning."
"I only have to do some datapadding," Jennifer said. They headed back, going the same way as the ships were berthed next to each other. Then they said goodbye and went to their own ship.


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