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Mr. Thomas

Posted on Mon Jun 22nd, 2020 @ 10:45pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade David van Daam [PNPC - MacClaren]

Location: Sickbay
Timeline: current

OOC: thought of something to do with Dave. If anyone feels like jumping in--feel free.


Dr. Dave van Daam glanced at his PADD to find he was scheduled for an interview with one Tracy L. Thomas, a newly-assigned Transporter Tech. He was a bit surprised to see the request--gender reassignment surgery. "Howdy Ms--uh excuse me--MISTER Thomas..." the big man rumbled. "Pardon th' Gaff--I've never had t' deal with th' 'transgendered' b'fore..."

"If ya live on Earth or a long-established Colony it's not an issue," Thomas replied. She/he (Dave knew the pronouns were going to give him fits) was a stocky, big-breasted individual with short brown hair and green eyes. She would probably have made a handsome man, but Tracy's strong features didn't go well with the female sex. "I'm not from one o' those places..." "he" confessed. "I was born 'n' raised on Blueridge Station. You've probably never heard of it..."

"Actually, I have," the giant told her. "I come from New Texas m'self--further out on th' Frontier than y'r home world. I had t' pass through there on' m' way t' th' Academy. It's a right beautiful planet--what I saw of it anyway--but it's mighty--how c'n I say this delicately? Christian?"

"T' put it mildly!" Tracy agreed. "My homeworld refused t' join th' Federation because they weren't gonna allow 'quares' t' get a foothold on their 'morally-upright' little planet?"


"Gay folk, trans-people like me..." the crewman replied. "You know--'alternate' lifestyles...?"

"Ah yes," Dave agreed. "Yeah, I had m' eyes forcibly opened when I went t' Starfleet Academy! M' roommate was openly Gay; I had to go t' Counselin' t' git over m'self..."

"I imagine that was quite th' jump..." Thomas observed.

"It was," Dave agreed.

"So--can ya do th' surgery or not?"

"It's--doable..." Dave said. "There are certain--ethical questions that 'ud have t' be answered first though..."

"I've been through th' required Counselin'." Tracy told the Doctor. "I've lived as a man th' best I could..." He glanced down at "his" abundant breastworks. "I'm ready--I just need a qualified Surgeon!"

"I'll have t' speak with th' Ship's Counselor 'n' th' CMO b'fore I agree," Dave said. "I'm sorry t' delay ya Mr. Thomas but this is a putty damn monumental request y'r makin'! I don't know how they'll feel about this!"

"Dr. I've dotted every 'i'' an' crossed every 't' Starfleet requires t' get this done!" Tracy said, half angrily. "Damnit Doctor--I want t' live as who I truly feel I need to be!"



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