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What does this do

Posted on Sun Jun 28th, 2020 @ 5:03pm by Commander L'Mina

Location: N'Doro ship
Timeline: after the party

L'Mina walked to the N'Doro ship that was standing on the meadow. It looked big next to the runabout, but it would be small next to the Eclipse. Even if they would park an Intrepid next to it, the latter would be quite a bit bigger. She arrived at the large door where some N'Doro were offloading cargo. She noticed they didn't had, or at least didn't use, antigravity technology.
"Hey," she said, "can I come in?"

The N'Doro looked up and then at each other.
"Sure," one of them said. L'Mina walked onto the ship. The first thing she thought was that it was fairly cramped. Of course, this was the cargo bay and they were still offloading.
"What do you do on your big ship," one of them asked.
"I'm the pilot," L'Mina replied.
"Sounds nice," the guy said, "I'm an engineer."
"Great," L'Mina said, "can I see engineering? I'm always fascinated with other species' ships."

In the end they agreed and they showed her engineering. L'Mina still found it cramped, full with pipes and stuff. She had once been in an old ship on Earth, back when they still had water navies, and this was about the same. More modern of course, but still similar in setup. She asked some questions and got answers, when suddenly an alert sounded.
"Great, that one again," the N'Doro said as he went to a nearby console. L'Mina took out her tricorder and started scanning.

"What is that," the N'Doro asked.
"A scanning device," L'Mina replied, cursing inside that she had shown the thing. Well, there was no going back now. She started scanning the room and quickly found something.
"It looks like that conduit has some micro fractures," she said.
"It looks fine on my scans," came the reply, "although the power flowing through it is fluctuating."
"Well, I show some microfractures," L'Mina replied, "I do admit I'm no engineer, but I know some engineering, mostly on shuttle engines. And those microfractures make it act up at times. And they will get bigger until it breaks. You better fix this bit or if that's not possible, replace it."

The N'Doro wasn't convinced, but there was certainly something there that his equipment couldn't pick up. And given the size of the ship they had up there, he was quite convinced the strangers were more advanced, so probably they could tell.
"Show me," he said. Now it was L'Mina's turn to squirm inside. She had already made a mistake of showing the tricorder, but actually showing him the results wouldn't make things better. On the other hand, having this ship blow up wouldn't either and maybe she could see the rest.
"Okay," she said, showing the display, "you see, here you have some interference and..."
She continued her explanation, interupted by questions from the N'Doro, but in the end he seemed convinced. At least, he would have a crew replace the part the next day and they would take it with them to their main planet where they had better equipment to check.

Then she asked to see the rest of the ship and now he couldn't say now. Soon she had seen the controls, which looked ancient, a bit like those on the Deadalus class ship she had seen in the fleet museum, but then made for a species who could see in a wider spectrum than humans, or at least she thought so, as some of the buttons looked the same to her and that would be confusing. But then she noticed something that looked like a weapon's console.
"You have weapons on this thing," she asked.
"Well, yes," he said, "don't you? I mean, some of you had a weapon tonight, right?"
"Indeed," L'Mina said, "and yes, we have weapons on our ship. Our personal weapons do have stun settings though, so we only render someone unconscious."
"So do ours," the N'Doro said, "and even our ship's weapons don't do much more than short out your electronics systems. We don't kill if we can avoid it."
"So do we," L'Mina said.
"But you're a predator," he objected.
"True," L'Mina said, "but that doesn't mean I kill just to kill. I do take life to feed, that's true, but only as much as I need to survive. And never sentient life."

In fact, most of her meals these days came from a replicator, but she wasn't going to tell them that. One error was enough. And if they had a way to short out electronics, that was interesting. They would have to see if it worked on Starfleet ships, who had passed beyond simple electronics and if it didn't work, they might adapt the system to have it work. It would be good for Starfleet to have a weapon that would disable a ship without blowing it up. Even with specific targeting, accidents happened. She would leave it for now and check with captain Quinn later. It would be up to her and the admiral to decide.

She thanked him for the tour and went back to the shuttle. She noticed that most people had already put themselves down, so she gave a sign to Lori that she was back and then quickly made a short report. Just some notes so she wouldn't forget and she would do the rest the next day. Then she too took her bedroll and went in search for a nice spot to have a good night.


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