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We're Over Here (Remastered)

Posted on Sat Jun 27th, 2020 @ 4:45pm by Lieutenant Colonel Mike Hatch

Location: =/\= Chera II, Uninhabited Island =/\=
Timeline: Current

Mike sat on a rock just inside the mouth of the cave the Marines had taken up residence in overlooking what seemed like an endless ocean, far removed from the indigenous population. The Marines had been there for nearly 3 months. After their last mission went sideways they had barley escaped and their shuttle had been heavily damaged. The engines and the communication system both had been all but destroyed, leaving the team floating through space for a week before the before they finally dropped out of warp near an M class planet. With engines out he made a decision to land on the planet. Sensors had detected signs of a civilization so they aimed at what appeared to be an uninhabited island with a dense jungle and a fair amount of wildlife.

So, they they kept the crashed shuttle covered with greenery from around the area, had stripped off any rank or other insignia and hunkered down inside a cave high up in a nearby mountain where they could keep out of sight if anyone should stumble on the island. Hatch looked at the sky and took a breath, "I'm still out here, Nikki," he whispered to the sky.

As he looked down to the mountain base he could see Wilson and Anders returning from checking the traps they'd set up. The Marine squad had done decently well, catching what resembled fish and other editable sea life and catching small to medium size mammals. The only issue they had run into was a wolf like creature that hunted them at night. It had gotten them smell of blood from the shuttle and now was locked onto the group, "Wilson! Double time, sunsets coming!" Hatch called as he reached over to grab his pulse rifle and stood up to cover the two enlisted Marines.

Wilson and Anders reached the cave entrance just as the sun started to fall behind the horizon and the light faded. As it did a deep, low growl started from the treeline below. Hatch stepped back, "get the door closed," he ordered and hurried over with four others to push a round rock covering they'd carved out with phasers into place, "Eclipse, we're over here," he said to himself as he stepped back, wishing the ship could actually hear him......


Lieutenant Colonel Mike Hatch
1st Marauders Commander
USS Eclipse


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