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Never Trust a Flag Bearing Gifts

Posted on Sun May 27th, 2018 @ 12:53pm by Lieutenant Colonel Mike Hatch & Brigadier General John "Razor" Liconie

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: Starbase 55
Timeline: Current

Lieutenant Colonel Mike Hatch walked along the promenade slowly, dressed in his MCU (Marine Combat Uniform) with his jacket open. There were 5 patterns to the uniform, however, the MACO pattern had been deemed the regular wear pattern on most ships and installations. Hatch let out a long sigh as he walked along the deck, looking at the various shops. He wanted to try and get Nikki a gift, something to cheer her up, but he didn't want to seem like he was minimizing what she'd gone through, like some trinket would make everything better. The Marine stopped at a flower shop and looked through the door as the different fragrances filled his nose.

"Is she mad at you or are you just looking to surprise her?" a deep voice said from behind.

Mike turned and instantly snapped to attention, "General," he greeted the elder man and snapped off a quick salute.

"At ease, Colonel," Brigadier General John Liconie, the Marine Division commander, said with a loose waive of his hand, "now, pissed off or surprise?" he asked again with a smile and moved near the shop door.

Hatch relaxed and thought for a second, "surprise, but, it's complicated....she..." he started only to be cut off.

"PTSD," Razor said with a nod then smiled at Mikes confused look, "I read your reports, Colonel, after the situation you pulled her from it wasn't hard to guess," he explained with a chuckle, "roses aren't exactly a fitting gift for that," he said then motioned the younger man to follow him, "when my ex was hit with PTSD after an incident with the Borg I gave her something she could hold on to, keep with her when I wasn't able to be there for her."

Mike nodded as he followed, still unsure why the General had appeared like a ghost, "that's what I wanted to do, sir, but I don't what to get," he explained, deciding to let this play out and see what was going to happen.

The Division Commander led him through the sea of people to the turbolift and called for MTACOPS, "well, I may be able to help. but first, zip up that jacket."

Hatch zipped up his tunic just as the doors opened onto the Division command deck. Mike stepped off the lift and looked around in aww at the size and scope of what he saw, "I've never actually seen an HQ command deck," he said and walked over to a nearby railing.

Liconie chuckled, "from here I see everything Marine in the Quadrant," he replied then motioned Mike into his office. John picked up a blueish pink rock that started making music and handed it to Hatch, "Colonel, this is a singing stone. It's a touristy thing from Trilanus two, but, the song it sings is unique to each person that holds it. I've found it can be soothing and it helped my ex and my son when he was a child. I think this may help your Doctor," he explained with a smile.

Mie took the stone and held it up as it started 'singing', it's song changing to one of softness and love, "th..thank you, sir. I don't know what to say," he said finally and slid the stone into his pocket.

"Not a problem, Colonel. We are trained for combat and everything that comes with it, so, I know it's hard to help someone who doesn't live in combat like that through this," the General replied then grinned "however, I could use your help if you're up to it."

Hatch nodded, "of course, sir," he replied and couldn't help but feel like he'd just gotten shanghai'd.

Razor reached into the drawer of his desk and pulled out a PADD then handed it to the Colonel, "I'd like you to host a seminar on Eclipse for the division Marine commanders and any other tier one team commanders who want to join....pending full approval from the Admirals of course."

Hatch blinked, "sir, I'm not very good at public speaking let alone planning something like this," he said as he read over the focus and outline, "and there's certainly better options out there to lead something like this," he added and looked back up.

"Are you saying you're afraid Marine?" John asked then shrugged, "well, to bad, I'm the General and you're the Lieutenant Colonel," he said with a smirk, "and it's good to be the General."

Hatch groaned inwardly, he'd rather face down a Jem'Hadar Battalion with nothing but his Kabar then do this, "understood, sir. I'll start planning, however, being in charge of the seminar I will make sure you get first chance to speak."

Licoie chuckled, "touche, Colonel. I'll let you know the rest of the details once I get approvals," he said then patted the mans back, "for now, go see your doctor and give her something to smile about," he added.

Mike just nodded and headed back out the door, "never trust flags bearing gifts," he sighed, causing the Major in charge of the deck to laugh knowingly as Hatch stepped on the lift.


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