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Link to Commonly Used Medications


Pan Far Blocker(developed by Dr. Nicole Beckett in 2383)

  • 2cc Cefobegon
  • 4mg Fexomide
  • IM hypospray injections twice a week for three weeks prior to start of Pan Far cycle.


    Orion Pheromone Blocker (developed by Dr. Scott Stark in 2379)

  • 3mg Dylovene
  • 10cc Hytritium Plant extract
  • IM injection once a day for 4 weeks then once a month thereafter.**NOTE** One missed dose and cycle must begin again from day 1.


    Caitian Cycle Inhibitor - NR2357(developed by Dr. Mikayla O'Dell in 2380)

  • 5cc Alprazolam
  • 7cc Nortriptyline
  • 10mg Selegiline
  • Diluted in juice or water for oral ingestion...twice a day for one week prior to start of cycle and once a day during cycle.